Ducant Diet – Phase

The Pierre Ducane diet is a structured system of weight loss, which caused a lot of positive feedback. The structure of the diet is 4 phase. The guarantee of successful weight loss without harm to the body will be strict adherence to the rules that Dukan's diet establishes. Detailed instructions on the stages of the diet, the set of products for each of them, the restrictions in the menu and physical loads – later in the article.

Essence of the diet Ducane

Pierre Duacan has taught to eat right now millions of people. His technique is successfully used even for the treatment of obesity. The problem with most diets is the rapid return of lost kilograms. The technique of Pierre Ducane is designed not only to lose weight, but also to fix the result.

Duration of the diet – the whole life. But do not let this frighten you. Dukan's diet, stages, recipes, restrictions – just conventions. The main thing in Dukan's technique is communication with the body and understanding what food will be useful to him and which is harmful. At first you will have to strictly adhere to the structure of the diet, until you accustom yourself to eat properly. Ducant Diet, phases, recipes for them – you will learn all about this from the following material.

The Dukan diet complex includes both nutrition and recommendations for exercise. Often this technique is called a protein diet, because the basis of the ration is made up of foods rich in protein. The whole way of losing weight is divided into 4 stages, 2 of which are aimed at burning the fat, 2 subsequent consolidate success. At each stage, to achieve the best results, physical activities are recommended. Another obligatory element is a few spoons of oat bran daily.

Ducane Diet: Stage Attack

The length of the stage varies from 2 to 10 days and depends on the number of kilograms that you wish to discard. With excess weight over 20 kg phase, the attack of the Dukan diet lasts 7-10 days. This is the shortest, but also the most effective period of the diet. Consuming only clean proteins, you can reset 3-5 kg, and with a large initial weight and up to 10 kg.


  • lean meat (that is, pure proteins);
  • by-products;
  • low-fat ham;
  • any fish;
  • seafood and crab sticks;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products 0% fat content;
  • oat bran – 1,5 tbsp. daily;
  • drinking water, soda, tea, coffee, infusions of herbs;
  • seasoning, vinegar, onions, lemon when cooking dishes.

Attack includes only 72 product, which can be eaten in any quantities during the day.


  1. Cook all dishes without adding oil, fat, sour cream, cream, fatty milk.
  2. Mix foods, cook delicious meals from them. Cook, simmer, bake in the oven and grill, cook for a couple.
  3. Clearly regulate the feeling of hunger. Pierre Duccan allows you to eat as much as you need to get enough, but not more.
  4. Observe the diet so that the body does not have the chance to accumulate calories that you do not get with every missed meal.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids.

Exercise stress

Try not to load yourself on the first stage of the diet. However, daily walks for 20 minutes should become the norm for you. Walk fast, as if you are somewhere late.

Ducane Diet: Stage Cruise

Cruise, or Alternating is the main stage that Dukan's diet recommends. Cruise is designed to make your body exactly the way you want it to be. This stage is based on a certain indicator of the ideal weight to which you aspire. Therefore, the cruise will not end until you reach this weight. As a result, this phase is much longer than the Ducane diet Attack. Rotation provides for the loss of 1 kg per week. This is achieved by alternating protein and vegetable days.


  • all 72 product of pure proteins that are allowed at the stage of attack;
  • 28 names of vegetables, among which are also mushrooms;
  • oat bran – 2 tbsp. per day.


  1. The menu of protein days coincides with the protein days of Attack.
  2. On vegetable days, eat vegetables raw or cook a variety of dishes. It is allowed to boil, stew, bake, cook in a double boiler. Oil during cooking is strictly prohibited.
  3. Consume at least 2 liter of liquid per day.

Exercise stress

Do walks for at least half an hour a day, so that the Ducane diet is more effective. The second phase also permits moderate loads and in addition to walking. But fast walking remains an essential element of losing weight.

Ducane Diet: Stage Consolidation

Consolidation, or Fastening – is one of the most difficult stages that the Ducane diet offers. Reviews losing weight about fastening are often negative, because in this phase with your weight there is no change. The ideal form you have reached at the stage of Alternation, The fastening is designed to preserve the results. As practice shows, this motivation is often not enough, so collect the will and do not drop the process of losing weight halfway.

Each dropped kilogram prolongs Consolidation for 10 days. Calculate all the departed kilograms and multiply this number by 10. This is the length of the fastening phase, which consists of two parts.


For the first part of the Assignment:

  • protein-vegetable food from all products that are allowed in the first stages;
  • whole grain or bran bread – 2 slices daily;
  • fruit – 1 large or 2 small daily;
  • several starch-containing vegetables and fruits – once a week;
  • cheese of hard varieties – 40 g per day;
  • meat that was banned (lamb, pork, fatty ham) – twice a week;
  • oat bran – 2 tbsp. daily;
  • feast.

For the second part of the fixing:

  • protein-vegetable food from all products that are allowed in the first stages;
  • all products from the first part of the fastening;
  • several starchy vegetables and fruits – once a week (twice a week);
  • oat bran – 2 tbsp. daily;
  • Feast – additional once a week (total 2).


  1. One day a week, do it with protein, that is, consume only pure proteins.
  2. What is a feast? A feast is one meal a week, when you allow yourself to eat anything. It can be fatty and harmful food, baked goods, chocolate cakes. Please note that the feast is not arranged for the whole day, but for one meal.

Exercise stress

You can practice any sport that you like. The mandatory program includes 25 minutes of fast walking daily.

Ducane Diet: Stage Stabilization

The Stabilization phase lasts your entire life. An organism that has been accustomed to eating properly for many months has not been difficult at this stage. After all, the Stabilization menu includes all the products and all the dishes that you want to eat. It is important to observe only a few simple recommendations.


  • all products that you will only find in the store;
  • oat bran – 3 tbsp. every day without fail.


  1. Choose one day of the week for pure proteins. Let this day be always one, for example, Thursday.
  2. On a protein day, eat also fatty meat. But the consumption of red fish is better limited. Replace it with white fish and a variety of seafood.
  3. Choose dairy products with less lactose.
  4. Reduce salt intake as much as possible.

Exercise stress

Be sure to walk at least 20 minutes a day. If you do not have the desire or opportunity to exercise, you can still increase the burden on your body. Remember that even the slightest load is times better than its absence. So forget about the elevator and go up the stairs. Instead of traveling by bus, take a few stops on foot. Rise and get to the copier instead of rolling into it in the office chair. Be more active!

This is Ducane's diet, the stages of which we tried to describe in detail. With the right motivation to comply with this diet – it's easy. The trump card of Ducane's method is that you simply can not feel hunger, because you eat as much as you want.


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