Dukan Diet fixing: a description of the third fixing phase

Created by the world-famous nutritionist Pierre Dukan, the protein diet quickly flew around the world and became very popular. It consists of several stages.

The first stage of “Attack”, which is a rapid decrease in weight. It is used only foods that are high in protein. Carbohydrates should be reduced to a minimum, and fats are completely excluded. Depending on the number of extra pounds, this stage can last from 2 to 10 days.

The second stage of “alternation” is the alternation of protein and protein-vegetable days. Weight reduction is slow. This stage lasts until the desired results are achieved.

But the third stage of “consolidation” allows you to keep the achieved results. What is this stage of losing weight? How long does it take and what is allowed to eat? Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Dukan diet – “fixing” the result

The Dukan diet is aimed at keeping the achieved results. According to the doctor, before returning to the habitual way of life, the body must get used to the new weight, and for this it needs time. Therefore, the duration of the third stage depends on the number of kilos that have been discarded.

So, every kilogram requires 10 days. That is, if you lost 5 kg during the first two stages of the diet, then the fixing phase should last for you 50 days, if 10 kg is 100 days, 15 kg is 150 days, etc.

This stage, as well as the second “alternation”, has been going on for a very long time. But the achieved results are finally preserved for many years. It should never be missed and put into all the hoes after the second stage. Since you are at risk of recovering lost pounds very quickly.

The third stage of the Dukan diet fixing is maintained much easier than the first two, because already in the diet there are vegetables (at the same time they can be eaten every day), and fruits. Even whole wheat bread is allowed to eat.

The main thing here is the consumption of food in reasonable quantities. That is, you need to eat a little and many times a day (up to 6 times), and not twice and a lot because the body is so much harder to digest food.

In addition, even starch-containing products are allowed at this stage, but they can only be used once a week. Also once or twice a week you can afford to eat your favorite dish, but again a little.

Determine for yourself how long the third stage will last for you. If you dropped 10 kg, then this stage will be 100 days. Divide it into two phases. The first 50 days once a week, eat starch-containing foods and once in a while, you can afford to eat your favorite dish. The subsequent 50 days are the opposite, once a week the favorite dish and once for the entire span of starchy foods.

The most important rule is the use of your favorite dishes without any additives. No sauces, mayonnaise and vegetable oils. These are the main enemies of your figure. Remember this. And so that your weight remains normal and on, exclude these supplements from your diet.

You can not have a feast for a few days and have everything you want. This will cause the entire system to crash.

Another important rule is to observe a protein diet once a week! This rule must be observed. You can eat on this day lean meat (turkey, beef, horse meat), white poultry without skin, fish of various varieties, as well as seafood and sour-milk nonfat products (natural yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, etc.).

Such days the doctor recommends arranging constantly throughout his life, as they help to remove excess fluid from the body and fill it with energy. In addition, protein is the “building material” for our body and after weight reduction helps to quickly tighten the body and make it more attractive. Especially if you use physical exercises. And the doctor also recommends not forgetting them.

In a day you need at least 25 minutes to walk, and it’s better to run. This will not only make the body beautiful but also increase its endurance.

What problems can be encountered at the third fixing stage?

Many, having achieved the desired results, want to relax and return to the usual way of life, but this can not be done in any case, that’s why people often face psychological problems.

There is increased irritability because the goal is achieved, but still, have to infringe on themselves. Because of excessive aggression, there are problems with others, etc.

If you have a similar situation and you will be on the verge of failure, go to the mirror, look at what you have achieved, and remember what difficulties you had to go through. This will help you to pull yourself together and reach the end. After which you yourself say thank you for not failing then, seeing your image in the mirror in a few years.

The fixing stage – what can you eat?

So, several stages behind and the third “fixing” stage have come. What is the diet this time? At this phase of weight loss you can use:

  • vegetables, which were used in the second stage (tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, spinach, eggplant, radish, zucchini);
  • protein products (egg white, fish, white poultry meat, lean meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.);
  • fruit – you can eat only one fruit a day, while you can not eat bananas, grapes, and cherries;
  • whole grain bread (no more than two slices per day);
  • a couple of slices of regular hard cheese (now you do not need to run around the shops in search of low-calorie cheese);
  • roast pork (no more than 1 servings (100 grams) per week);
  • starch products (pasta, potatoes, rice, lentils, etc.).

Remember that starchy food cannot be eaten more than once a week!

What rules should be followed?

To prevent your work from being wasted, you need to adhere to several other rules besides the above. This applies to oat bran intake. They should be taken every morning for two tablespoons, washed down with a lot of water. They satisfy hunger and do not let it escape.

Oatmeal flakes should replace breakfast for you until the end of your days. This is the main rule, which it is absolutely necessary to adhere to. Also, you should not forget about the abundant drink. It normalizes metabolic processes and helps to burn fat deposits, speeding up metabolic processes.

Also, do not forget about physical activity. They are very important. Hiking must be mandatory – a minimum of 25 minutes per day.

Dukan’s diet fixing ends and a new stage “finalizing” begins. It does not last long, but it’s worth it to set yourself up in advance in order to avoid psychological disorders.

And remember, the main thing is faith in yourself and your strength. And if you were able to withstand the first two stages of Dr. Dukan’s protein diet, you have it, which means that you will succeed!


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