Dukan’s diet alternation: principles

Pierre Dukan is a world-famous nutritionist who created a unique nutrition program that helped a lot of people get rid of excess weight. At the same time, the effect that has reached them remains to this day. And all because this nutrition program is aimed not only at rapid weight loss but also for restructuring the body to a “new way”, after which it works a little differently and fat deposits do not accumulate as before.

The Pierre Dukan diet consists of three stages. The first stage is aimed at rapid weight loss and excludes all foods that contain large amounts of fats and carbohydrates. That is, the main emphasis is on protein foods, as well as oat flakes. This stage is called “Attack” and it lasts up to 10 days.

The second stage is called “alternation”. It is about him, we today and talk in more detail since he is very important in this diet. At this stage, a gradual decrease in weight occurs (one week it is possible to reset 1 – 1,5 kg) and it lasts exactly until the desired results are achieved.

What is the second stage of the Dukan diet alternation? And what can you eat during this period, and what not?

The second stage of “Alternating” – features

The first stage of the Dukan diet completely excludes from the diet vegetables and fruits, various cereals and many other food products. In the main diet, there are only boiled meat and fish, egg whites and cottage cheese.

Those substances that are contained in vegetables are necessary for the human body, and therefore at the first stage, their deficit is felt acutely. Therefore, the products of the second phase of the Dukan diet include vegetables. However, their use should not occur on a daily basis. Developing a cube with an owl own hands the master class

Pierre Dukan himself suggests two schemes by which this diet can be conducted. The first is the alternation of a protein day with a protein-vegetable. That is, one day you eat the same foods as in the first stage, and in the other, you add vegetables.

And the second scheme implies under itself the use of protein food for 5 days and after the same time the consumption of protein-vegetable food. However, Pierre himself argues that it is better to use the first scheme since it is much easier to sustain it at the psychological level.

Each person determines the number of days for maintaining the second stage for himself. It all depends on the excess weight that he wants to get rid of. In some cases, you need to maintain a diet of up to 90 – 100 days. And there are no exceptions. Strict observance of the menu is mandatory.

Which foods are allowed to eat?

The Dukan diet alternates with the use of the following foods. On protein days:

  • dietary meat (beef, horse meat, turkey);
  • chicken and beef subducts (liver, heart, kidneys);
  • poultry, but only white chicken without skin;
  • ham with fat content no more than 4%;
  • Any fish, except fried;
  • seafood (mussels, shrimps, crayfish, etc.);
  • boiled eggs (protein every day, yolk no more than twice a week);
  • low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt.

In protein-vegetable days, the above foods can be supplemented with:

  • tomatoes;
  • eggplant;
  • zucchini;
  • black Eyed Peas;
  • cabbage;
  • celery;
  • various greens;
  • cucumbers;
  • spinach;
  • radish;
  • carrots and beets (you can eat, but no more than twice a week).

Also in protein-vegetable days are allowed to eat mushrooms but in very small quantities.

Making different salads from vegetables, it is very important to refill them. In no case can you use vegetable oils or mayonnaise. It is best to use fat-free natural yogurt or balsamic vinegar. They are not high-calorie and improve the taste of the dish.

Also allowed the use of mustard, salt, paprika and other spices. You can drink black and green tea, but without the addition of sugar. And it is better to give your preference to herbal infusions, they allow you to cleanse the intestines and improve the work of the digestive tract as a whole.

What foods are forbidden to eat?

While maintaining a diet, it is very important to abandon food products that negatively affect metabolism and at the same time contribute to the deposition of fat cells. Such products include:

These foods should in no case be eaten with weight loss by the Dukan method. If you fail, you can start all over again, as you will not achieve the desired results.

Principles of cooking vegetables

Dukan diet, the alternation phase allows you to consume vegetables. But how to cook them so that it’s delicious and at the same time to make the most of them? Naturally, raw vegetables are the most useful, since they retain all the vitamins and substances contained in them. But are not you going to eat raw vegetables for a month or two? I want the same variety.

Therefore, so that there is not much pressure on the human psyche, vegetables are allowed to eat in any form, except fried. That is, you can boil them in the water or cook them for a couple, and bake in the oven.

A variety of available vegetables allows you to prepare various dishes. The main thing is to do it right. Let’s say vegetable salads cannot be filled with vegetable oil and any others, because their caloric content increases dramatically. For example, a vegetable salad without dressing contains in itself only 50 – 70 kcal, and if it is refilled with oil (even 1 tbsp), its calorie content will increase dramatically to 200 – 250 kcal. And this is already a lot for a slimming person, given that the eaten may not be 100 gram, but 200.

How many times a day can you eat?

Pierre Dukan argues that to maximize the results in losing weight, a person during a diet should feel comfortable at the psychological level, and therefore, should not starve. That is, a person should eat exactly as much as he wants.

But this does not mean that you can put a basin of vegetables in front of you and eat them at a time. You need to eat in moderation and until the feeling of hunger disappears. To overeat in no event it is impossible. This is fraught with the fact that excess weight will return, and not go away.

Some people note that in the second stage there comes a “fading” of weight, and if he leaves, it happens very slowly. This phenomenon is normal, since in the first stage when the vegetables were completely excluded, all excess liquid was introduced from the body. After returning them to the diet, soft tissues again begin to absorb moisture, which naturally affects the weight.

But do not worry. This period quickly ends, since with proper nutrition, it is already the reduction of fat tissue, rather than water, that allows keeping the achieved results in the future.

Oat bran in the Dukan diet “Alternation”

Oat bran should densely enter your diet and be present in it every day throughout your life. You need to consume them every morning on an empty stomach two tablespoons of water, washing them down with plenty of water.

They will swell in your stomach and for a long time absorbing the feeling of hunger. They can replace breakfast.

Physical exercise and Dukan diet

In any case, physical loads are simply necessary for losing weight. Since they help to tighten the body, make it even more slender and strengthen the cardiovascular system. But besides this, physical activity has a favorable effect on the metabolism of the body, which often slows down in the second stage of the Dukan diet.

If you classes in gyms are very difficult or you simply can not attend them due to their employment, it is recommended that at least 30 minutes walk daily. Replace the morning ride on the subway to the back alley or in the evening from work to home, walk.

If the weight is “stuck” in one place, then you should increase physical activity. For example, instead of walking – jogging.


Most women start to struggle with excess weight during the menopause, because at this stage of their life there is a strong weight gain, as a result of hormonal changes in the body. Some still manage to regain weight with the help of a diet.

Well, those who have not even managed to lose a kilo even at the stage of the “attack”, it is necessary to turn to the gynecologist. He will prescribe hormonal therapy, which will adjust the balance of the hormonal background. It happens that after the treatment the woman herself grows thin, without taking any action.

Therefore, if you have come to menopause and you noticed that you started gaining weight, be sure to visit a doctor.

What’s next?

After the desired results are achieved, do not relax and throw yourself on any food. Weight can return very quickly, so you should proceed to the final stage, which is called the “conclusion.” It allows you to consolidate the result and save the effect for many years.


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