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Dumbbell presses or bench press bars: which is better?

Dumbbell bench press, as well as bench press lying on a horizontal bench, it is not only the most popular, but also the best exercises for pectoral muscles. Most beginners and amateurs are quite enough these two exercises to fully exercise the pectoral muscles and give them an incentive for subsequent growth. At first glance, they are no different, except that one uses dumbbells, and in the second bar. However, this is not quite true. So what is better – a dumbbell bench press or a bench bench press? Let's deal.

Dumbbell presses or bench press bars: which is better?

Absolutely any exercises have their advantages and disadvantages. It would seem that the press of the dumbbell lying down has a large amplitude of motion, additionally involves the work of the muscle stabilizers and involves more muscle fibers. In addition, unlike the bench press, the dumbbell bench press allows you to reduce dumbbells at the top point, as well as to scan or dry the brushes.

You can not argue, the bench press of dumbbells has many advantages. However, the working weight in this exercise is much less than in the bench bench press, as it is much more difficult to maintain control over the dumbbells than over the bar. In addition, the loss of control on dumbbells threatens an athlete with serious injuries. It is worth noting also some inconveniences with which you will encounter when doing bench press with dumbbells. When working with large scales, it's not easy to lift dumbbells and jump over them on the bench for bench press.

Nevertheless, the dumbbell bench presses, thanks to the inclusion of shoulder stabilizers and a variety of other small muscles, is good for increasing the strength in the bench press bench. Therefore, the powerlifters use a dumbbell press as an auxiliary exercise for the bench press lying down, performing the 3-4 approach for 8-10 reps after the barbell press.

The bench press is more convenient to carry out. Above the bar it is easier to maintain control and you can take more weight, which is also facilitated by a smaller amplitude of motion. In addition, the bar of the bar does not allow you to move your hands together in the upper phase of the movement and to breed at the bottom, to pinch or bruise the wrists during the press.

As you can see, there is no sense to find out what is better – dumbbell bench press or bench press. Both these exercises for the breasts perfectly complement each other. Therefore, regardless of whether you want to pump the pectoral muscles or increase the bench press, always use these two exercises. Together they are much more effective than any of them individually.