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Easy diet for a week at home

Find a woman who is happy with 100% own figure, it is very difficult. Most of the fair sex want to improve their body. The most accessible way to do this is to resort to the help of a simple diet for weight loss, which will be adhered to easily at home.

If during the week to eat low-calorie foods and adhere to the basic principles of proper nutrition, then after the diet can be noted minus a few pounds on the scales. Losing weight will not turn into torture, if you do not put yourself in a rigid framework, but simply competently adjust the diet. To do this will help the advice of professional nutritionists, collected in the article.

Easy diet for lazy for a week

How easy and fast to lose weight, not experiencing a constant feeling of hunger and the desire to break with another diet? It is necessary to make a schedule for taking food for weight loss and stick to it exactly. The digestive organs are arranged in such a way that, with irregular meals, they can fail, and then the metabolic process slows down, hindering the process of losing weight. To see the weighed minus a few kilos on the scales, you will have to adhere to the correct diet.

To last all week, should be chosen a light diet, not allowing to break. Home conditions are suitable for compliance with the principles of proper nutrition, where you can reset about minus 3-4 kg for seven days. A typical diet for the lazy, not requiring special restrictions and buying exotic and expensive products for weight loss:

  • all your daily diet should be divided into 5 parts;
  • there is a need in every three hours;
  • one serving should weigh no more than 200 g, and be placed in the palm of your hand;
  • Before every meal, you need to drink a glass of water to lose weight quickly;
  • completely eliminate from the diet of a light diet high-calorie foods with a high percentage of fat (cakes, sweets, buns, cakes);
  • instead of sugar eat natural honey;
  • reduce salt intake;
  • to abandon semi-finished products and prepare food only from fresh products;
  • refuse sausages and smoked products, replacing them with chicken or beef fillets.

Compliance with such rules will result in minus 3 kg after a week. There are other easy diet rules for teenagers for a week:

  • to refuse sweet soda, chips, salted nuts and crackers;
  • drink more pure water, love compotes of fresh fruits and berries;
  • to give up fast food, eat homemade food;
  • be sure to have breakfast in the morning – for example, a sandwich with wholemeal bread with butter, chicken fillet, cucumber and tomato;
  • sweets to eat in the morning;
  • prefer black chocolate, not dairy;
  • include in the diet fresh vegetables.

Compliance with these simple rules will lead to a stable weight loss. Even an easy diet, provided it is accurately performed, will provide minus 3-4 kg on the scales.

Basic principles

Weight loss involves adhering to the basic principles of a diet for lazy people. To ensure you lose weight minus 3-5 kg with a light diet for a week, you should completely abandon some products. The prohibition should be:

  • fried and cooked with a lot of fat dishes;
  • mayonnaise and other similar high-calorie sauces;
  • smoked products and sausages;
  • confectionery, white bread and any buns;
  • sweet soda, sugar in its pure form;
  • sweet fruits (grapes and bananas);
  • starchy vegetables (in the first place – potatoes);
  • macaroni, ground rice and all instant cereals.

To see the long-awaited minus on the scales after a light diet for a week, the diet should include such products for weight loss:

  • fresh seasonal vegetables;
  • seasonal unsweetened fruits and berries;
  • unprocessed cereals (buckwheat, unpolished rice, pearl, wheat, oat);
  • Low-fat meat (beef, rabbit meat) and poultry (except duck and goose);
  • eggs and butter;
  • olive and sunflower oil (unrefined);
  • seeds and nuts.

A simple and effective way to lose weight at home – to make your usual portion less than twice. Remove all sugar from it and give up bread. This is the easiest diet, allowing for a week to get rid of at least minus 2 kg.

Menu for the week

Easy diet for lazy for a week is well tolerated by the body. Before you start losing weight, you need to make an approximate menu for each day, allowing you to reset the minus 2-3 kg.

Menu for a week with a lazy diet:

  • breakfast – a serving of buckwheat porridge with a tomato and hard cheese;
  • dinner – chicken soup, cabbage salad, boiled fillet;
  • mid-morning snack – a glass of yogurt with berries;
  • dinner – hard boiled egg, vegetable salad and yogurt.
  • a portion of oatmeal with milk and an apple;
  • pea puree, cucumber salad and a few slices of low-fat ham;
  • curd casserole with fruit;
  • beef fillet on the grill and vegetables.
  • two sandwiches from fitness loaves, ham and hard cheese;
  • vegetable stew and rice porridge with meat;
  • fruit salad, dressed with yogurt;
  • vegetables and fish cooked on the grill.
  • curd casserole with berries and yogurt;
  • soup with meatballs and cabbage salad;
  • cheese cakes with raisins and honey;
  • stewed rabbit and rice.
  • a portion of pearl barley and an omelet;
  • borscht on chicken broth and baked chicken fillet with vegetables;
  • curd snack with dried apricots;
  • fish cutlets steam and vegetables.
  • sandwiches from fitness loaves with mozzarella and tomatoes;
  • stewed beans with chicken and vegetables;
  • curd casserole and orange;
  • Meatballs from chicken and rice.
  • a portion of oatmeal in milk and yogurt;
  • vegetable stew and light salad of seafood with vegetables;
  • a handful of berries and yogurt;
  • pancakes of oatmeal and grated apple with yogurt.

With strict adherence to this method of nutrition with a light diet, you can easily go to the "minus" for lost kg and noticeably lose weight in a week. It is necessary to show will, and the result will not keep you waiting.

How much can you lose weight?

How much can you lose a week on a light diet? Minus 5 kg per week – how realistic is this weight loss? Is it possible to lose weight by minus 7 kg per week?

Some women decide to limit themselves as much as possible in food, hoping to see on the scales minus 10 kg per week. In fact, no easy diet will not give such results. The maximum that can be counted is the loss of minus 2-3 kg for 7 days, with a fairly strict restriction in food. Lose weight in excess of this figure categorically forbid doctors, since such a weight loss can adversely affect certain functions of the body. Lose weight with comfort, gradually losing weight, then he will not return back after the end of an easy diet. A light diet for lazy for a week is a good way to clean the intestines of slags, remove the stomach a little, lose a few pounds and give the body an incentive for further weight loss.

Easy and effective diet – 15 kg for 2 weeks

Fast weight loss for 2 weeks is possible if you make a very tough diet, and stick to it every day. Excess weight will start to go away at the end of the first week, and after two weeks of a light diet you can see about minus 10-15 kg. on the scales (the exact figure depends on the original weight of the losing weight).

Sample menu of easy diet for 7 days, toI can repeat 2 times in a row:

  • завтрак – a portion of oatmeal on water and low-fat kefir;
  • lunch – a portion of vegetable stew and boiled chicken;
  • afternoon snack – a glass of low-fat kefir;
  • dinner – Greek low-fat yogurt and berries.
  • buckwheat porridge and hard boiled egg;
  • paired fish cutlets and cabbage salad;
  • curd snack with prunes;
  • grilled cod.
  • portion of oatmeal with raisins;
  • stewed beans with tomatoes;
  • grapefruit;
  • a boiled egg and a salad of tomatoes.
  • omelette with tomatoes;
  • pea soup with croutons;
  • a glass of kefir;
  • carp, grilled and vegetables.
  • portion of oatmeal with dried apricots;
  • boiled rice and chicken fillet;
  • an Apple;
  • seafood salad.
  • curd pancakes with berries;
  • chicken broth with a piece of fillet and cabbage salad;
  • grapefruit;
  • fish cutlet steamed with rice.
  • casserole with cheese;
  • vegetable stew with veal;
  • fruit salad dressed with low-fat yogurt;
  • grilled veal with vegetables.

If you use the easy diet menu twice in a row, at the end of two weeks you can see on the scales minus 10 kg, or more.

Weight Loss Results

Any easy diet requires some effort of will and patience. It can not be expected that excess kilograms will evaporate on their own. To quickly lose weight, you will have to greatly reduce the caloric content of the diet. Eating the simplest foods, and eliminating all the harmful components of the easy diet menu, you can cleanse the body of toxins, get rid of excess fluid and lose weight by about 4 kg in one week.