Effect of diet on osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, the symptoms and treatment of which are directly related to the stage of the disease, is essentially a silent illness and is asymptomatic in the initial stages, which complicates its diagnosis and subsequent timely treatment.

Diet for today is one of the most effective methods of prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. In this regard, she needs to pay much attention, especially if the cases of osteoporosis were in the genus, or you have a predisposition.

Preventive maintenance of osteoporosis of bones should be started in childhood, when there is an intensive growth of bone tissue and the formation of its mass. But it's difficult to change something if the skeleton is already formed and the person has already grown. What to do? In the first place, it is necessary to regulate the amount of calcium in the diet. This macronutrient is rich in milk and lactic fermentation products, cheese and cottage cheese, parsley, dill and green vegetables. The most rich in calcium are low-fat or low-fat dairy products. Thus, a third of the daily dose of the mineral is contained in 200 g skimmed yogurt, and the rate of consumption per day – 1000 mg.

Using green cocktails, you can completely saturate the body with calcium. Food should be supplemented with the use of legumes, fatty fish, various nuts and seeds.

The largest quantity of calcium is found in broccoli cabbage and green salad greens, most of it is found in fish in salmon. In addition, it has a lot of cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) and vitamin D. The champion in the content of calcium among vegetable oils is sesame. In total 1 a teaspoon covers the entire daily requirement for this important element.

To prevent osteoporosis, along with calcium it is necessary to monitor the level of magnesium in the diet, as it participates in its metabolism. When there is a lack of magnesium, calcium does not enter bone tissue, but drops out in the form of salts in various organs. In this case, there may be a phenomenon of hypercalcemia, although the body will need an element. It is necessary to take calcium and magnesium supplements at different times, given their competitive absorption.

Also it is necessary to bear in mind the nuances given below.

For the good absorption of magnesium, you need to take vitamins – pyridoxine, cholecalciferol and retinol (A, D, E), fats. In the required amount must be allocated hydrochloric acid and bile. Calcium absorption decreases with alcohol intake, excessive coffee consumption and hypodynamia. Prevents the intake of calcium in the tissues of sweet and fat-free food.

The course of osteoporosis is complicated by excess weight, because the body can not cope with excessive workload. Therefore, you need to lose weight. But it should not be done abruptly, but gradually. It will be best to lose 1-2 kg of body weight per month.


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