Effective and versatile Chinese diet for weight loss on 7 days


Eastern views on life, food, medicine have long surprised Europeans, and the special tradition of the cult of life philosophy still leaves more questions than answers. Today we will try to open the curtain of one of the most effective and universal diets, namely:

Chinese rice diet. Essence and principles of nutrition.

The first question of all who want to quickly and qualitatively return to his body harmony and smartness.

What is the Chinese diet? Who is its creator?

It is a special food system, during which you must unquestioningly adhere to a special diet of these products. They create a special microflora for a significant change in metabolism, resulting in extra pounds melting like snow under the sun. This is a fairly strict and rigid diet, it is impossible to break down in any cases. A lot of the usual products will have to be abandoned, but about sweet and bakery products should be forgotten at all.

Despite all this, there are a lot of adherents of the Chinese diet, all this is explained by stable and highly effective results, the weight loss is not returned for five years, and if you continue to adhere to a healthy way of eating and living, you can forget about extra inches at the waist for life and hips.

Its creator is considered simple Asian girls who returned to the world a lot of those who wanted to lose weight and become even more beautiful and slimmer. With the help of this diet can be reset for the week before 10 kg or more, it all depends on the initial weight of the "patient".

Effective and versatile Chinese diet for weight loss on 7 days

Advantages and disadvantages of the Chinese diet for weight loss

First, let's talk about the advantages of the power system of eastern beauties.

  1. This diet is completely without salt and without sugar. The diet excludes all sweets, smoked products, semi-finished products, fast foods, fatty dishes. This significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the body, cleansing of toxins and other harmful bacteria.
  2. A strict system of eating foods helps restore the old harmony in a short time, remaining in the normal weight category for a long time, up to 4-5 years.
  3. Vegetables, fruits, various cereals contain a huge amount of fiber, which helps to normalize digestion, relieve a person from constipation and other malfunctions of the intestinal tract.
  4. Abundant drink and green tea during the week will "wash" the body, saving it from slagging and intoxication.

As for the minuses, it's strictness and the inability to add to the diet other foodstuffs, which the body has already got used to, as well as hard three meals a day.

Proceeding from this, DO NOT use the Chinese diet for 7 days:

  • Pregnant
  • Nursing
  • To teenagers and children
  • Having intestinal diseases
  • Suffering high blood pressure or heart disorders
  • If there are contraindications according to a dietician's advice.

Strong menu of Chinese diet for 7 days

A full complex of necessary products, minerals and vitamins is calculated strictly for a week by leading experts of this industry. At breakfast you need to eat one slice of the day before yesterday's bread, not fresh, then hard-boiled egg. A lot of liquid to drink during the day, it can be mors, green tea, clear water, mineral water without gases.

Snack should contain the presence of low-fat cream cheese, 100 gr. canned peas, and for lunch you can prepare a gram of 50 low-fat meat, cooked on the grill, cabbage salad and fruit. Dinner is very modest, a glass of warm, low-fat milk an hour before bedtime.

Effective and versatile Chinese diet for weight loss on 7 days

Detailed Chinese salt-free diet menu for 7 days

It is advisable to start the diet on Monday, so it's better to adjust yourself psychologically and morally.

We start, on Monday schedule of the day.

  • Lunch black coffee without sugar, preferably natural.
  • For lunch we prepare a cabbage salad, boil two eggs hard and drink a glass of tomato juice.
  • Have dinner Also, as we have dinner, only the juice is replaced with ordinary water without gases.
  • Before bedtime drink a glass of low-fat kefir.
  • Sukharika and a cup of coffee, again without sweets.
  • Lunch boiled fish and cabbage salad.
  • We serve a piece of beef on dinner, washed down with low-fat milk.

Our body is already slowly getting used to such nutrition and will not mind to taste on Wednesday:

  • For breakfast black coffee.
  • Lunch salad from carrots, cooked and grated through a grater, add one raw egg.
  • Dinner will enjoy an unlimited number of raw apples.

That's the equator, half the way done, the body is already much thinner and slimmer. There are very few left.

  • Unsweetened coffee for breakfast.
  • Fried parsnip without butter, a little green apples for lunch.
  • 200 gr. boiled beef, cabbage salad and 2 hard boiled eggs for dinner.

Before bedtime you can drink a glass of skim milk.

Uh, already Friday. We start the morning differently than all the previous days.

  • Eat a raw carrot, seasoned with vegetable oil, wash down with a glass of water.
  • 500 gr. fried sea fish and a glass of tomato juice for lunch.
  • Also fish and vegetable salad for dinner, wash down with water.

Yes, it's hard. But you still need to hold out for two days, and the figure will be simply irresistible.

Saturday begins with a cup of coffee in bed)

  • For lunch 500 gr. chicken, carrot or cabbage salad.
  • As the supper it will be useful to eat two boiled eggs and a cabbage salad, washed down with green tea without sugar.

The last day is a little different from the previous ones.

  • Unhealthy green or black tea.
  • Lunch You can unlimited fruit, 200 gr. veal or beef.
  • Have dinner beef and fruit.
  • Before bedtime you can drink a glass of skim milk.

Such variant of a food very complex and severe for an organism, is strong, for a week leaves up to 10 kg. If you did not break through and went all the way to the end, then you are a strong and courageous person. Worship and respect for patience and will power. Hunger is not a woman, she will not run away to the forest, but how do you want to be slim and attractive!

Effective and versatile Chinese diet for weight loss on 7 days

The correct way out of their diet and fixing the result

For those who have already overcome such a strict path in seven days, one has to be able to correctly get out of their diets. You can not immediately attack the food, gradually introduce other foods into the diet, it is advisable not to eat sweet, spicy, smoked, and even more so to give up semi-finished products and other harmful foods. Just like the adaptation process, the period of fixing the result will last for 10-12 days, the body will be able to get used to such nutrition and will not experience stress during the period of weight loss.

Need to continue to drink plenty of liquid, drink a complex of vitamin preparations, try not to overeat, eat small portions five or six times a day, until the body feels vivacity and the former strength returns.

Without preparation, the body can not be loaded, or the spent forces will be useless and harmful to the body of the slimming one.

Chinese diet for weight loss user reviews

Let's listen to the opinions of those who have tried the Chinese diet and can provide real indicators of "Before" and "After".

Effective and versatile Chinese diet for weight loss on 7 days

As practice shows, the efficiency of such a power system is very high. More than 8 kg it turns out to be thrown off for a week, but here opinions concerning utility and an opportunity to sustain this strict "therapy for growing thin" are very various.

According to the statistics, only 20% go all the way from beginning to end, 40% – throw the diet halfway and can not stand the low-calorie diet, 30% – feel weak and unwell, sharply attack food after seven days of "hunger strike" and gain even more weight, than was, and deplorable 10% finish a diet on a hospital bed.

It is necessary with caution to approach this form of food intake during 7 days, carefully watching the reaction of the body.

"No matter how much I try to eat, Chinese has become for me an excellent solution for the realization of my dreams. And even though it is tasteless and complex, I was able to overcome my desires and to endure everything to the end. I was able to lose weight on 8 kg. Two years have already passed, and I'm as slim and smart as I am after a diet. I sometimes spend special preventive days, based on the basic principles of this diet, everything is fine. I am very pleased."

"I'm on this diet very often, because I'm overweight from an early age. I am satisfied with the fact that during it slags are removed from the body, and willpower is brought up. And this is very important in the modern world. Recently, I weighed 115 kg, and in two weeks of a strict diet, she threw off 15 kg. For me, this is a very good result. Unfortunately, I often eat junk food, and the pounds return, but I do not despond and continue to go to the goal – 80 kg. Still ahead. I am doing my best. The main thing is that my family and friends support me in such serious trials. "

Katerina, 20 years old.

"I could not stand it for three days, the body lost its strength and desire to fight further for a slender body. Later, I began to suffer pain in the stomach, and I went to the hospital. The next two weeks I spent in a hospital bed. These are my lamentable results. "

Any diet requires consultation with a doctor and a high WILL POWER. No one can make us lose weight, only our own desire and no contraindications will give the desired result and a wonderful mood!

Reviews on the Chinese diet for 7 days

For such a diet, willpower is really needed, and if it is not, then it is better not to take, since that kilogram or two, will return doubled for the effect of "yo-yo."

And somehow I do not like Saturday lunch – 500 gram of chicken? And not too much?

But if there is willpower – then the diet is definitely good. A lot of fiber, fruits and vegetables – avitaminosis certainly does not shine.

And I've tried to sit on it, but after 2 days I could not go on – it's too hard for me personally .

Who does not understand: I'm talking about the Chinese diet)))

After the birth, I was terribly fat. Became a fool. I suffered terribly from this. All my relatives, relatives, and just acquaintances tried to pin me in every possible way at the expense of my weight. House and I constantly because of this roared. Even my husband told me insulting and terse words. What I just did not try, but the weight did not go away. And by chance I stumbled upon a Chinese diet for 7 days. For the first week I dropped 4 kg. A month later – 18 kg. Now I started doing physical exercises, in order to put in order the body. So the girls – go ahead!

I sit down on the Chinese diet before the onset of the beach season. I do not have willpower, and during the winter period I type extra 10-12 kg. But after last year I first tried this diet, in the winter I eat my sides from the heart. Rice diet is not for people with weak nerves. After all, not everyone can get used to eating without salt and sugar. But believe me, it's worth it!

It's banal, but I quit smoking. Smoked 15 years. And then, with relief in the lungs, in parallel the weight crawled upward. I was looking for a diet at random – basically, because of my favorite seafood, I stopped at Chinese. Acted strictly according to the scheme. The result – for a month – minus 5 kg! For me this is a huge result.

Of course, everything needs to be tried. I personally approached the Chinese diet in everything – from the diet, to the hours of eating. Hunger almost did not feel, and most importantly, that it works. BUT! Listening to the body is a must. And the willpower is simply huge.

The most correct diet in my opinion, no sugar, no salt, no sweets – so it is necessary! I saw a menu of the Chinese diet – I immediately realized that we must act! I sat for a week on a Chinese diet, hard, well, it's not customary without salt, but the first three days I suffered more. And the result I liked – 4 kg per week, effectively! More water should be drunk, you can with lemon, I did it, well, green tea saved.

The diet at first glance of course seems terrible. But if there is a desire and an incentive – why not. I liked the prom dress on the prom, less than 2. I had to do something urgently. I sat down on the above-described diet. Lasted 2 weeks. I wanted to roar beluga, but the result was a spur. – 8 kg. I think that a decent result. In the dress climbed. So I advise.

To "sit down" on the universal Chinese diet for weight loss for 7 days, you need very, very much

want to lose weight. And most importantly – tune in to what will not easily be. I

tuned and decided to act like a stoic. I want to share the fact that very much

it was hard for me only the first two days. The third is easier. But the result

stunning. I dropped 9 and a half kilograms. And I do not need more than that

It was. Now I keep myself in shape.

Over the winter she recovered very much. There were many stressful situations, which I eat with delicious buns and chocolate.

And now it's summer . And I, standing at the mirror, was in shock. It was necessary to lose weight urgently!

Time for sports is not enough. I can only jump at home in front of the laptop screen for some video.

I sat down on the Chinese diet. It's hard, I'll tell you. But I think a fairly effective and useful diet.

For 15 days I dropped 7 kg. For me this is a very good indicator.

Girls can congratulate me. I feel like a heroine. The fifth day I'm sitting on a Chinese diet, I thought it would be morally worse. I have problems with the knee, arthrosis, it hurt to walk. The doctor said you need to lose weight, otherwise it will continue to hurt. About the Chinese diet has heard a long time ago, it seemed unrealistic that rice can be so dumped. I for my five days of the Chinese diet has already dropped almost 3 kilograms. Surely the eggs are boiled, fish, I love them. Well, tomorrow I have a lot of chicken for dinner, so tomorrow I'm feasting. It is interesting that the knee is a little less sore. So I continue to observe.

You know what kind of diet I did not try, but after trying to sit on the Chinese diet 3 day, immediately chose. I agree that sitting on a diet, you need to have great willpower, but knowing how this diet helped my mom (she threw off 20 extra pounds on a Chinese diet), I did not hesitate a bit. And after a week, I became thinner on 4 kg! You can not imagine how great it is. I feel great! So let's have lovely ladies, make a diet and go ahead!

Never before did not hear about the "Chinese diet". What I just did not do was look on the Internet, ask my girlfriends, go to a consultation with a nutritionist – but until yesterday, there was no point. Here is one girlfriend advised the same diet, and immediately warned, it is "rough" – not everyone will stand it. But there as it turned out and many advantages: it is tasty, lots of vitamins and minerals, quick perception of the body. I decided to take it, I did not regret it, I already dropped 4 kg, I think it is still necessary to reach the desired 58.

Never had the earliest heard of a "Chinese diet for losing weight for seven days." What I just did not do was search the internet, ask my girlfriends, go to a consultation with a nutritionist. Here is one girlfriend advised the same diet, and immediately warned, it is "rough" – not everyone will stand it. But there as it turned out and many advantages: it is tasty, lots of vitamins and minerals, fast perception of the body. I decided to take it, I did not regret it, I already dropped 5 kg, I think it is still necessary to reach the desired 56.

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