Effective diet for slimming belly and sides for a week

Slender waistline and lack of cellulite in the abdomen, sides and hips are a desire of many people who have faced the problem of excess weight. Modern stereotypes of beauty today are more than ever imposed on people through the media, fashion and other sources that actively influence the consciousness of mankind. But the lack of excess weight is not only the basis of man's attractiveness, but also positively affects health. Therefore, today there are a lot of different methods of losing weight, offering to apply a small amount of effort, as well as a small cost of time and money.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of extra pounds is a properly chosen diet. Not every way to lose weight is suitable for fighting the abdominal zone and the sides of the waist. Some types of diets can inefficiently cope with the fat layer in the right place and will lead to quite different results, which do not always become an adornment for the abdomen. Therefore, it is important to choose a special diet that will direct all efforts to a specific problem place. In combination with Thai diet pills and exercise, the diet will help not only to get rid of fat, but also to get a slender waist with a tightened skin.

Features of the diet for the stomach and sides

Before you start to lose weight actively with the help of diet, it is important to pay attention to the area of ​​health. If possible, you should completely abandon the use of alcohol and smoking tobacco products, as contrary to common misconceptions they do not help to lose weight, but on the contrary negatively affect the metabolism in the body, which slows the metabolism and promotes the deposition of fat in the abdominal cavity.

The main principle of the diet for the stomach and sides is to reduce the amount of food consumed and the frequency of eating a day. It is necessary to evenly distribute food and dishes in such a way that they can be eaten throughout the day with the frequency of 5 – 6 times. Such fractional food will allow you to better absorb the food, which will reduce the percentage of adipose tissue in the subcutaneous parts of the abdomen. This approach will help to narrow the stomach by gradually reducing the amount of food taken at a time.

Selection of products and dishes

To ensure that the diet has brought the maximum benefit, it is required to almost completely exclude from the diet food that contains cholesterol or adversely affects the metabolic process in the body. It includes the following products:

  • Smoked products and dishes that not only contain a huge number of calories, but also negatively affect human health, especially when consumed in large quantities;
  • various semi-finished products, canned food and fast food products should be completely excluded from the diet, since they contain absolutely no useful elements;
  • reduction in consumption of flour products and sweets, which most quickly contribute to the deposition of calories in the fat layer;
  • you should try to reduce the level of fried foods, as well as various fast food dishes, containing many harmful chemical additives that contribute to the development of obesity.

To get the maximum result from a diet, a menu for one day should look like the following example:

  • for breakfast is taken one boiled egg and a small piece of bread. You can replace the option with yoghurt and a small amount of fruit;
  • lunch consists of low-fat soup with vegetables, low-fat turkey or chicken meat with a total mass of 200 grams, as well as vegetable salad;
  • for dinner, a small amount of fruit or sour-milk products of low fat content is best.

Such a diet will help in the shortest time to get a flat stomach and slender sides.


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