Effective diet on seeds

Paradoxically, you can lose weight by eating sunflower seeds. This is an unusual way to lose weight is quite effective. Diet on sunflower seeds gets every day the greatest popularity among the fair sex.

Seeds love everyone, but few know about their ability to fight extra pounds. How to achieve the desired result in the process of losing weight, using only sunflower seeds? – To do this, you need to know how to properly use them and what to observe the diet.

What is useful for seeds for weight loss?

Diet is a restriction in nutrition to one component. The diet is designed for 3 days, not more. Since this can damage the body.

The mechanism of weight loss is as follows: together with the process of cleavage in the body fat reduces the thickness of the fat layer on the hips, abdomen, buttocks and other problem areas of the body. This is what the slimming woman wants to achieve.

Seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, fried or dried, have many useful properties.

The product contains protein, enriched with amino acids, and the following vitamins:

  • vitamin E rejuvenates;
  • vitamins A and D improve vision, skin and bone condition;
  • vitamin B is able to raise a good mood.
  • perfectly satisfy the feeling of hunger,
  • increase immunity,
  • serve as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Plus the proposed scheme – availability. Do not need to look for overseas delicacies, observe complex schemes. Sachets are sold in any grocery store at a modest price of 30-50 rubles. The price depends on the volume.

How to lose weight with a diet on the seeds? Simple conditions should be observed:

  1. For weight loss you need drink enough fluids, not less than 2 liters per day. The water is suitable purified: mineral or well. Soda, juices, sweet drinks, alcohol are prohibited.

The liquid is drunk for 30 minutes before meals or after meals.

  • The sunflower does not contain carbohydrates, so you need to organize your meals in a laconic way: for breakfast to eat exactly carbohydrates. Without them, the full functioning of human life is impossible. They are contained in greater quantities in fruits, cereals and fermented milk products, for example kefir.
  • With a diet you need to go smoothly. A sharp transition at all will ruin all efforts to lose weight. In the first week after severe restrictions in food, one vegetable should be added daily. From 6 days in the diet you can enter berries. Only on 10 day is allowed to eat meat or fish. Preferred products boil, stew, but do not fry.

    Adherence to the diet guarantees success in the process of losing weight.

  • Sample menu for a diet

    There are several types of diets on sunflower seeds.

    On the day it is allowed to eat 150 – 200 grams of sunflower, be sure to drink abundantly. The daily diet is proposed to be divided into 3 meals: breakfast lunch dinner.

    Diet on sunflower seeds – menu:

    The proposed version of a tight restriction in eating is difficult to accomplish, but beauty requires sacrifice.

    It is supposed to use carbohydrates for breakfast – a combination of pumpkin seeds and sunflower in the diet.

    Duration of the diet – three days. Must use carbohydrates in the morning. The ration consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    1. millet porridge, yoghurt.
    2. 100 gr. sunflower seeds.
    3. 100 gr. pumpkin seed.

    In between meals, you can drink water.

    Three-day weight loss on seeds and yogurt

    To such a diet in the diet is added yogurt. The strict limitation period in food is three days. The daily ration is also divided into 3 meals.

    1. 150 gr. seeds, kefir.
    2. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.
    3. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.
    1. 150 gr. the main component, kefir.
    2. 150 gr. the main ingredient, kefir.
    3. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.
    1. 150 gr. component, kefir.
    2. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.
    3. 150 gr. ingredient, kefir.

    All presented schemes of weight loss proved to be the best way. For three days of strict compliance with the rules, you can reset to 3-4 kg. This "strict", but effective weight loss will achieve maximum results.

    Diet on pumpkin seeds

    Losing weight on pumpkin seeds assumes the use of pumpkin seeds 2 times a day. Losing weight is three days.

    1. millet porridge.
    2. 150 gr. pumpkin seed.
    3. 150 gr. the main ingredient.
    1. rice porrige.
    2. 150 gr. pumpkin seed.
    3. 150 gr. the main ingredient.

    All proposed schemes of weight loss are capable of to get rid of extra pounds in the shortest possible time – three days. Patience and perseverance will help to easily put on a beautiful dress. Being slim and beautiful is easy! Be in great shape!


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