Effective diets with excess weight

The faster the technical progress is, the sharper the question of excess weight. Excess fat in the body is not only a defect in appearance, but also a serious load on the bones, ligaments, joints, internal organs. As a result of excess weight, people acquire chronic diseases, get old early, live less. If you are concerned about the problem of fat deposits, get rid of them so as not to harm the body even more.

The problem of excess weight and diets

The most common causes of obesity and obesity are malnutrition and unhealthy lifestyle. Under the healthy way of life they understand sufficient motor activity, full sleep, positive mood, frequent walks in the fresh air, good rest. Proper nutrition is a special food regime, when you eat only fresh and natural products and only in the amount that your body needs for normal functioning.

How to lose weight? Diets – the most frequent response among Russian slimming. Dietitians are categorically against any methods that force them to eat the same products, and cut back the caloric content to 500-1000 calories.

Doctors ask to pay attention that when losing weight, first of all you need to take care not about external harmony, but about how to rid your body of sediments that hamper its work.

The danger of express diets is as follows.

  • Reducing or completely eliminating lipids from the menu leads to a deficiency of vitamins A, D, E, K.
  • Removing fruits from the diet because of the sugar content in them, you run the risk of depriving yourself of vitamins C and B6.
  • On low-carbohydrate diets that exclude bread, pasta, cereals, rice, there is a possibility of earning a shortage of B vitamins and magnesia.

  • Reducing the amount of meat consumed because of its caloric content, you leave yourself without vitamins D, A, B12, zinc and biotin.
  • Laxatives and diuretics, which are often recommended by Internet diets, can cause disruptions in the digestive system, which will make the body less able to absorb nutrients and vitamins.

Remember that no nutritionist will ask you to completely abandon the group of any products. Your task is not to limit yourself, but to learn to eat right, not only to lose weight, but also to keep the result.

Diet for people with excess weight

There is no single program for slimming all people. Each organism is individual, and it is best to contact a nutritionist. The doctor will make up for you a nutrition plan based on a medical examination and your lifestyle. There are only general recommendations that will help you rebuild your body and embark on the path of a uniform and healthy weight loss.

  • Overclock your metabolism. To do this, increase your physical activity or use a special diet for metabolism.
  • Refuse from alcohol. Alcohol itself is quite caloric, and in intoxication a person, as a rule, does not control the amount of food eaten.
  • Count the calories. You should consume fewer calories than you consume. For this, you do not have to walk every day to the gym. If you spend the whole day in the office, just count how many calories you will consume with sedentary work and eat less on 300-500.

  • Prepare food from fresh foods instead of eating in canteens, cafes and buying semi-finished products.
  • If you decide to go in for sports, take care of the correct training program, which will not only be intense, but also diverse.
  • Take the right diet with excess weight. The menu of such a diet will be balanced and will not make you hunger. Try vegetarian, paleo-diet, raw food.
  • Do not use any diet pills and questionable dietary supplements. Dumping more than 1 kg per week, you run the risk of causing a variety of disorders in the body, including slowing metabolism, and this is fraught with a set of even greater weight.

There are certain categories of people for whom special dietary rules are required. These are people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, obesity, diabetes, etc. Also here are pregnant women and women after childbirth, small children, adolescents.

Diet for pregnant women with excess weight – menu

  • In the morning after a glass of pure water, drink natural fruit or vegetable juice. In sour juices, add a spoonful of honey.
  • In addition to the usual dishes, include in your diet whole foods, for example, fruits and vegetables with peel and sunflower seeds.
  • Limit the consumption of meat. Obtain protein from seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, nuts, beans.
  • Gradually reduce the amount of salt in the dishes.
  • Cook the food for a couple, grill, boil, or even better – if possible, eat the food raw. From fried foods and dishes with vegetable oil, refuse.

Diet for a child with excess weight

To put a child on a rigid diet can not be in any case, because a growing organism must receive all the substances in abundance for proper development.

When losing weight in the diet of a teenager must be: meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, bread, cereals. Make a five-time meal for the child, in which 10-20% of food will be for breakfast, about 50% for lunch, 20% for dinner and the remaining 10-20% for 1 or 2 useful snacks.

Approximate menu for slimming a child on 1 day:


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