Effective Fast Diet for Men

For those who love such an elastic and inflated body, we will reveal one secret: ALL IS POSSIBLE. And with the right and balanced diet and a set of individual physical exercises, this result can be achieved in a few . years, NO – months! Do not believe me? Begin.

Several postulates about the male diet

Yes, they say that men are less inclined to fullness than women, but someone did not cancel the "beer" tummy.

  • Unfavorable Ecology
  • Passive way of life
  • Incorrect diet

Causes a surge in male obesity! Many gentlemen believe that hiking in gyms will help them get rid of extra pounds, and do not worry about healthy food, that's why the result is unstable and short-term.

Promising diet for slimming men

During dietary nutrition, men should not feel fatigue, loss of strength, dizziness, severe attack of hunger, etc. Nutrition must be diversified with various low-calorie foods, be sure to add meat and fish of low-fat varieties to the diet.

Seafood can give the body the right amount of vitamins and minerals, without additional weight gain.

During a diet for men, you must give up alcohol, strong coffee and tea. It is necessary to exclude bread from the diet, because it contains empty calories, which only cause a feeling of hunger.

To saturate the body, the daily dose of calories per day is – 1600ed.

  • Overeating is forbidden
  • Must drink abundantly
  • A huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Less salt, it is desirable to replace it with lemon juice
  • About mayonnaise during a diet you need to forget
  • All drinks should not contain sugar

Sample version breakfast for the male diet

  • Fresh fruit, 200 g oat bran, tea without sugar
  • Toast from bread with bran, 2 tsp. honey, a glass of yogurt
  • Salad of fresh vegetables, toast with apples, 25 g low-fat pork, 50 g chicken without skin, 25 g cheese of low-fat varieties.

Sample version lunch for the male diet

  • 200 g of potatoes in a uniform, 75 g of low-fat meat and 25 g cheese
  • 100 g beef liver, vegetable salad, mushrooms and tomatoes
  • 50 g spaghetti with tomato sauce, 100 g low-fat ground beef, herbs, onions, garlic.

Sample menu supper male diet

  • 125 g cooked beans, toast of bread with bran, 90 g of tuna canned
  • 150 g of any fish, half a grapefruit or orange
  • A bowl of vegetable soup, a slice of coarse bread, a cup of green tea without sugar.

Try to eat differently, introducing into the diet other no less useful products. So the diet will be your joy and benefit. Light physical exercises will help to achieve the required result faster.

Body Drying Diet for Men

Drying of the muscles of the body involves a transition to a non-carbohydrate diet, very tough and at the same time quite effective.

The essence of the nutrition system is as follows – the process of splitting of the subcutaneous cells begins more actively when the body receives less than the required amount of carbohydrates. When there is a shortage of glucose, the consumption of muscle glycogen begins. Knowing about this mechanism, athletes set themselves 4 tasks:

  1. Save the muscles
  2. Activate subcutaneous cells
  3. Avoid dehydration
  4. Carry out this procedure with a minimum of harm to health.

To achieve all these tasks, you need to radically reorganize the system of nutrition and training, but without the strict recommendations of a specialist to carry out the drying system is not desirable.

Sport drying lasts 6-8 weeks, possibly the first results achieved in 5 weeks, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body losing weight.

To avoid side effects, experts recommend switching to a low-carbohydrate diet after undergoing a medical examination.

You can alternate carbohydrate days with protein.

List of allowed products:

  1. Eggs cooked in any way
  2. Low-fat varieties of meat and fish
  3. Dairy products
  4. Squid and other boiled seafood
  5. Fresh cucumbers, greens, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, carrots
  6. Meat broth
  7. Mineral water, green tea without sugar.

The first week of drying the body is designed for consumption per day 2 g of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight, the recommended frequency of food intake is not less than 5-6 once a day. It is allowed to eat parboiled rice, buckwheat, skim cottage cheese, egg whites, chicken breast serves as a meat, you can enter a large quantity of greens, vegetables, unsweetened fruits in your diet, but flour, fatty, smoked, baked and sweet foods under strict prohibition.

The second week is more strict and tough. The norm of carbohydrates is already at the limit of 1 g for 1 kg of weight. Porridge is allowed in the morning, each meal should not exceed 120-130 g. Abundant drink, low-fat dairy products, green tea, herbal decoctions.

The third week excludes cheeses and fruits from the diet, carbohydrates are reduced to the rate of 0,5g / 1 kg. Strengthened training and various physical exertions will contribute to the fast consolidation of the final result.

The fourth week is even tougher and sometimes unbearable. Portion of porridge is reduced to 6 st. l. per day, preferably in the morning. It is forbidden to eat radish, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, Jerusalem artichoke and other root crops. Abundant drink. If there is a disturbance in the balance of microflora, a disorder of the stool, feelings of fatigue, apathy, depression, dry mouth, unpleasant and even painful sensations in the digestive tract – testify to the oxidation of blood. So you need to increase the dose of carbohydrates and try to normalize the food until the body is fully restored. Continue the diet can not be further. And if everything is in order and there are forces for further procedures, then:

Fifth week. Necessarily need to eat a huge amount of greenery, fresh vegetables, saturating the body with plant fiber. Kashi is no longer consumed.

The sixth week is extremely poor and limited. Do not use sour-milk products and vegetable fats. Ample drinking and vegetable salads, seasoned with lemon juice.

The seventh week is a way out of the diet. Seafood is allowed and a gradual increase in carbohydrates. More vegetables and fruits, salads of their celery and greens.

The eighth week and the following begin to duplicate 4, 3, 2, and 1. Carbohydrates and proteins increase. The menu is enriched and the list of allowed products is increasing.

The effect of the ideal body, cubes as in the picture, is fully achieved. Everything is just wonderful, the diet is restored, the dosage of food is increased. Regular training allows me to keep the result for a long time.

Numerous men's reviews of a low-carb diet

"I am a former athlete, an athlete. But very early off the track, began to lead a wrong way of life, harmful foods, alcohol, smoking made their bad deed. The weight increased several times, the "beer" belly grew, I looked at the photo of my heroic glory and wondered if it really was me. And one fine day I decided for myself why I should ruin myself and poison the body with harmful substances. I turned to a friend of a nutritionist who helped me individually prepare a diet plan for weight loss and muscle building. After 4 weeks, someone did not recognize me, I went further, a balanced low-carb diet, trainings in the gym brought me back to my old life. I became more confident in myself, the figure acquired features of athletic build, even the complexion changed. Everything was fine, my ex-wife returned to me, which left through numerous scoldings and drunken debauches. I got a job in high-paying jobs. Life has completely changed. And all this thanks to a special diet for men, which helps not only to lose extra pounds, but also to pump up the muscles of the press. "

"I really wanted to have a slender, tight body. Subtracted the basic rules and recommendations on the Internet, and began to lose weight. Perhaps my mistake at the initial stage was that I did not consult a specialist, and therefore it was very difficult to transfer not only the diet period but also for a long time after. I always wanted to eat, constant dizziness and fatigue were simply exhausting for me. Depression, apathy did not allow me to do anything, so I abandoned physical activity, lay on the couch and dreamed of overseas food and delicacies. But I did not dare to give up my diet until I lost consciousness and the doctor with a quick sensation on me and forced me to take up my mind. Anyway, during this period I lost about 6 kg, a long rehabilitation could not keep them in place, so what was left, and soon returned. This is my story, learn from my mistakes and do not do such stupid things. "

"I really love sports, and therefore spend my whole life on a bar or I run on the sports ground. I have never suffered from obesity and did not have an extra kilogram, but a little "dry" the body and make it more attractive and athletic would be excellent. So I decided to sit on a low-carb diet, in advance consulting with a nutritionist. They calculated the power supply system for 4 weeks, which I sustained with dignity. The result is completely satisfied, lost weight on 5 kg, pumped up the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Now at least a picture! Now I have corrected the menu, I eat only healthy food, I added new exercises to the complex of exercises, which help me to keep the body in the required weight category. My children are engaged with me, and are very proud of their dad! "


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