Effective summer diets on 10 and 7 days

Summer time for every woman is the most awaited time of the year. After all, you can brightly and beautifully dress, showing your individuality and exquisite taste. But what to do if the perfection of forms is far from the images on the covers of glossy magazines, and the process of losing weight in the winter and in the spring did not bring the desired results? Do not despair and panic. There is an excellent solution to this problem. This is a summer diet.

How correctly to organize a food system in the summer?

Everyone knows that in the summer we are not so hungry to eat and you can get by with less food compared to the cold periods. This feature of the body has long been used by nutritionists around the world in the development of diets. After all, in such cases, you can easily achieve good results in getting rid of excess kilograms.

For the benefit of losing weight in the warm season, affordable and low-calorie foods in the form of seasonal berries, vegetables and fruits. They are especially valuable fresh and have a minimum caloric content, the maximum content of vitamins and beneficial microelements, as well as fiber, allowing a long time to stay full and lose weight.

There is nothing easier than to lose weight and get better in the summer. Nature itself creates all conditions for this. But, as in any other case, the use of diet in the summer should be reasonable and comply with certain rules, so as not to harm the health.

It is best to develop a certain system of healthy nutrition, which can be used every day, with slight changes, after the main course of losing weight. Here are important principles that should be taken into account when organizing meals in the summer to get rid of excess weight and lead a normal lifestyle without special restrictions:

  • every day to drink at least 2.5 l of water;
  • before each meal for half an hour to drink a glass of water;
  • Eat at least 0.5 kg of vegetables and 0.5 kg of fruit;
  • not later than 19.00;
  • Do not drink alcohol during the diet and restrict its use after finishing it;
  • adhere to the daily calorie content in 1200 kcal;
  • as protein food, use legumes, low-fat fish, various seafood and poultry;
  • more to move and engage in active outdoor activities (swimming, sports, hiking);
  • Do not eat pickles, smoked food and marinades;
  • refuse or minimize the consumption of sweet, flour and confectionery.

Adhering to these principles, you can lose weight on 3-4 kg per month stably. If you need more rapid results, then you should choose more severe diets. But it must be remembered that their use requires the evaluation of specialists to determine the effectiveness in your particular case.

Menu options for summer diets on 7, 10 and 5 days

There are many varieties of effective summer diets. Below are the most common and proven in practice.

Diet summer for 10 days (minus 10 kg)

This summer diet minus 10 kg is calculated for 10 days, in each of which you can lose over 1 kg of excess weight. This course is pretty tough and it's worth it to take responsibility for it. You should clearly follow the menu for each day.

Menu of the summer diet for 10 days

  • The first day is protein and during its food are boiled, preferably in a "pouch" of eggs. In this form, all the beneficial substances of the yolk are optimally absorbed by our body.
  • Second day makes boiled not very fatty fish.
  • On the third day you need to eat low-fat cottage cheese with honey.
  • Fourth day consists of boiled chicken meat. Before preparing the dish, remove the peel, you can add spices and herbs.
  • Fifth day is potatoes in uniforms.
  • During the the sixth day eaten boiled beef.
  • On seventh day you can eat fiber-rich vegetables – cabbage, celery, carrots, beets in the form of salads with lemon juice, tomatoes and cucumbers.
  • Eighth day – Fruity. You can eat any fruits and berries that are not saturated with sugars.
  • Ninth day is carried out on kefir.
  • For of the tenth day you should only drink. As a drink should be used to boil the dogrose.

All foods and drinks can be consumed in any quantity, but each serving should be eaten slowly for half an hour, and drink in small sips.

Reviews of the summer diet for 10 days say the following:

  • the effect exceeds all expectations;
  • it is quite easy to cope with the feeling of hunger because of an unregulated diet;
  • overeat permissible products does not arise desire;
  • it is difficult psychologically to limit the variety of food in the first three days, until the body is rebuilt;
  • sometimes there is dizziness and "midges" before the eyes;
  • The last three days are hard to fight the desire to finish the course faster.

Summer diet for 7 days

The summer diet for 7 days is very simple and is available to use. It is based on the use on every day of the week of one type of food, chosen in accordance with their own food priorities.

  • Thus, in Monday, it is recommended to eat only one type of favorite vegetables. For example, it's tomatoes. Of these, you can prepare a fresh salad with lemon juice, but without salt with ½ h of a spoonful of oil per 200 g of product.
  • Tuesday should be a fruit day, during which only one type of such products is used. For example, it could be apples. They can be in unlimited quantities. At the onset of an attack of severe hunger, it is allowed to drink a cup of yogurt or 100 g yogurt.
  • В Wednesday we eat berries. They can be any. It is advisable to prepare a berry mix. This replenishes the body with a good composition of vitamins, pectins, fiber and minerals.
  • Thursday should be carried out on fermented milk products. This is cottage cheese and yogurt. The use of such products in the middle of the diet is associated with their composition, in which there is a sufficient proportion of protein, Ca and digestible fats, in which the body is very needed by this period. In addition to these components, sour-milk products are rich in useful bacteria that normalize the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Friday is again a vegetable day. This time a vegetable is selected that has not been used for a week. For example, a cucumber. From it you can prepare a salad without salt, eat as a whole or make okroshka on kefir. Also on Friday follows the day to drink two glasses of mineral water.
  • Saturday The day is again conducted on berries in the form of simple desserts, mixes, cocktails or whole foods. You can drink kefir drinks based on berries.
  • Sunday is the completion of the entire course and during it you can drink only fruit juices without sugar. For their preparation, any fruit or a combination thereof is used.

An important point of the diet for 7 days is drinking regimen. It should be in the form of water at least 2.5 l. Also between meals is allowed to drink a cup of green tea or a decoction of their herbs.

This course should not be used for diseases of the stomach, pancreas and intestines, tk. a large number of fruit acids can provoke an exacerbation of diseases. Also, it is not recommended to apply a diet to people with blood and vascular diseases and who have recently undergone surgical interventions.

Reviews of the summer diet can be called polar, but all users note that for each day you can lose up to 1-1.5 kg of excess weight. In the process of losing weight, there are two difficult periods:

  • The first two days often cause a feeling of hunger;
  • in the last two days there are psychological difficulties associated with the desire to quickly move to a normal diet.

Summer diet for 5 days

A five-day diet can be recognized as the best summer diet. For several reasons:

  • short term of the course;
  • the balance of the diet;
  • comfortable diet for the body;
  • not a strong decrease in calorie content during the day.

Menu of the summer diet for 5 days

The sample menu is as follows:

  • Alternating porridge (100 g) from buckwheat, oatmeal and rice, soaked for 12 hours and boiled 15 minutes plus green tea and 100 g of any fruit or berries.
  • Vegetable soup – 150 g;
  • Vegetable salad with butter or vegetable rag 150 -200 g plus 100 g of any protein food (fish, seafood, meat, eggs).
  • Fruit is not very sweet compote.
  • Curd dessert with berries 100 g or a glass of fruit juice.
  • You can alternate days with the use of fruit or vegetable salads with sour cream or cream (1 st.lozhka), casseroles or ragout of vegetables with meat. It is necessary to drink a glass of yogurt.

Three hours before bedtime, you can eat a portion of any protein food that was consumed during the day. In addition to juices and drinks, you need to drink 2 l of water.

During the period of such a diet, you can lose weight by 5-3 kg for 4 days.

This method can be used and, as a long-term food system, increasing portions and daily calorie content by a quarter. As a result of this approach, you can lose 4 kg per month in the fight against excess weight.

Everyone who has tried a five-day summer diet or began to apply a long-term variant of it, says that the process of losing weight is physically and psychologically easy, without relapse of breakdown, and gradually turns into the habit of eating properly and healthy. Also note the general strengthening and improving effect of the course.

After analyzing the information on the possible methods of losing weight in the summer, set out in the article, you can choose the most suitable for yourself and, of course, applying a certain perseverance and preliminary training, get rid of harmful kilograms forever.

In conclusion, I want to remind all women a valuable advice to psychologists regarding the use of diets: "Any method of losing weight should be approached with confidence in your health, the success of the case, and with a high degree of aggression."

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Reviews of summer diets

I love summer diets, they always have an abundance of greenery, vegetables and fruits. The diets you offer are good because they are "short" :), so it will be just a pleasure to sit on them.

Summer is always easier to cope with the feeling of hunger. Because of the heat, there is often no appetite, and if there is – to eat a useful fruit or drink a glass of water is enough.

for the winter I gained a few extra pounds with all these holidays and evening cakes, now I really want to lose weight by the summer and have a beautiful figure for the beach season. I really liked this option mono-diet, I'm going to buy all the necessary products and forward, to fight with hated kilograms! and of course add sports, walking and contrast showers in the mornings for greater efficiency

I was interested in the summer diet for 5 days. Not too hard, but hopefully effective. In the summer, you can not hide in baggy sweaters, you want to be slim. It remains to wait for fresh fruits and vegetables!

Strongly recovered after the second birth. Already a year, how can I not lose 7 kilogram. Now my weight is 66, although for me the norm is 58-59 kg. I need various diets, sort of like dropping, but after a month the weight returns! Who tried Summer a diet for 10 days? Respond! What results? Stable effect? ​​I really want to start faster, because they write that on the Summer diet can be reset by 1 kg per day!

After quitting smoking, I gained 15 kg extra. I stumbled upon summer diets. They are just great. Not only that the body is enriched with vitamins, so it gets rid of excess kilograms and slag.

I sat for seven days. Do not strain – eat all day, one thing. Or we drink. And every day something different. Diversity. In addition, it is hot, especially there is something and do not want to drink more. Yes, and almost the whole day you can walk, if you do not need to work. That is, the refrigerator is outside the access zone (which is sometimes very important). I threw away a kilogram of one and a half, very easily felt myself.

Summer diets are simply awesome, firstly they are useful, the body receives a lot of vitamins instead of calories, and secondly they really help to lose weight. Personally, I'm delighted!

Well, the girls are summer just around the corner, and so let's consider the proposed diet. So, yes, drinking water 2,5l is a great option, plus before eating, we drink a daily rate and do not forget that we sweat, move and burn fats afterwards-this time. At the expense of vegetables and fruits fully support. Further, at the expense of time after 19 00, it can be argued that each individual has a genetic predisposition to food intake – this is a separate topic will not focus. Yes, alcohol is very high in calories, follow this, 1g of vodka contains 7 / cal. Bear in mind, if you "tapped" a bit, all of your beginnings are zero. And do not blame the authors of the article)). They drank a glass and counted . Count your calories, it's not so difficult. Certainly fish and seafood, it's great, this is 3D omega acid, our body loves them very much. In general, the diet is developed perfectly. -Tak.chto operate. Time is very short .

I want to sit on the 2 diet for 10 days. Girls, tell me, is it not bad? Just really need to lose weight – the beloved comes))))

To me, this diet is very

approached. I used to sit on the Kremlin diet, in the US, and in the

English, the results were excellent. But the weight quickly returned.

Now I tried the diet described above and am very happy! I lost almost

10 kg and weight keeps on the same indicator for about three months.

I recommend to join the "Summer

diet "to everyone who wants to lose weight.


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