Effective weight loss with brown rice

The main rule of effective weight loss is the use of low-calorie foods, which have in their composition all the necessary substances for the normal functioning of the body. They are a huge variety – vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy and sour-milk products. But the greatest popularity among the "ever losing weight" people got brown rice for weight loss. Its unique composition and amazing taste allows you to get rid of extra pounds without the constant presence of hunger, and most importantly – without harm to health!

Useful properties of brown rice

Brown rice is a whole grain, which is covered with a shell. It is from him that white rice is made, which we use most often when preparing various dishes. Grains undergo multistage treatments, during which they are removed from the shell and polished. But all this leads to a simultaneous loss of more than 70% of useful substances. It is for this reason that it is believed that brown rice for weight loss is much more useful than white, because it allows you to provide the body with everything you need.

When maintaining rigid diets (for example, cabbage-beetroot), the human diet is sharply limited. Not only does the body experience stress during this period, which negatively affects its functionality, it also begins to experience an acute shortage of vitamins and minerals. The diet on brown rice does not allow a deficiency of nutrients and at the same time gives quick positive results.

As part of brown rice, there are many dietary fiber, which contribute to the rapid dulling of hunger. In addition, this product has a low glycemic index. That is, it contains very few carbohydrates, therefore, rice does not cause jumps in blood sugar, which provoke an increased appetite, and also digests for a long time, resulting in a feeling of hunger does not return for a long time.

Considering the fact that brown rice has a low calorie content, all these properties make it possible to successfully use it for weight loss. And how to use it, we now talk.

How to take brown rice?

Rice diet is very useful, in this we have already made sure. And that it gave the best results, you must follow certain rules:

  1. The rice should be consumed 3 times a day. That is, they should completely replace breakfast and dinner, and for lunch a serving of rice should be combined with any soup, for example, vegetarian or onion.
  2. During the maintenance of the diet should adhere to the drinking regime. In a day you need to drink up to 2 liters of fluid. You can use not only water, but also various herbal teas and kissels (especially useful in losing weight is oatmeal kissel).
  3. Since the diet on brown rice does not imply strict restrictions on nutrition, you should exercise regularly. If you do not have time to visit the gym, then replace the ride on the transport on foot. This will also give good results.

You can cook brown rice in several ways. It can be boiled like ordinary white rice. But it should be borne in mind that when exposed to high temperatures, most of the useful substances are destroyed. Therefore, it is best to cook rice without using hot water. To do this, you need to fill it with cool water and put it overnight for swelling. After that, it can be slightly salted and heated in a microwave oven, but not too much.

Remember that brown rice contains a lot of natural oils, which significantly reduce the shelf life of this product. Store it only in an airtight container and not more than 5-6 months. Before preparing rice, it should be thoroughly rinsed under running water and dried.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to replace completely your food with brown rice. Abuse of this product can lead to disruption of the intestine, since it contains a lot of starch. As a result, constipation may occur, which will be accompanied by abdominal pain and increased gas production.

There is a possibility of headaches and nausea, so it's best to consult a doctor before you sit down on a rice diet.

The use of brown rice for weight loss in large quantities is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. It is also not recommended for chronic constipation and intestinal obstruction.


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