Efficient diet for cereals – menu and diet

Modern people are so used to eating stuffed with all sorts of chemical additives that they practically forgot how to appreciate simple food. At all times, the most Useful food was considered porridge, which not only provided satiety, but also supplied the body with many useful vitamins and microelements.

The correct diet on the porridge for weight loss

Дithe on porridges – this is an excellent tool for weight loss, which not only reduces weight, but also has the most beneficial effect on health.

The diet of each person must include all sorts of cereals – this way of nutrition will help cleanse the intestines from toxins and toxins, accelerate metabolism, regulate metabolism and improve overall health.

Diet on cereals sparingly affects the body and Provides rapid saturation, permanently satisfying hunger. Everyone can be able to lose weight with this method of nutrition without disruption, even without physical exertion.

Benefits of cereals

Nutritionists confirm that the diet on porridges for weight loss is not only fast way to a slender figure, it's also a great way to clean your intestines from the accumulated slag in it. The use of such a method of nutrition is difficult to overestimate.

  1. Whole grains contain fiber in large quantities, which favorably affects the work of the digestive tract and prevents the development of cancer in the intestines.
  2. The use of cereals helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, thus, the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. The whole grain provides fast saturation, it eliminates the feeling of hunger, and at the same time prevents the absorption of calories from fatty foods, thus ensuring a stable weight loss.
  4. Getting into the body, the cereals start acting like "brushes", absorbing all the harmful substances, while filling the body with energy and strength.

Influence of different cereals on the human body:

Oatmeal – Such a diet on cereals can provide effective and rapid weight loss due to the high content of coarse fiber mixed with soft dietary fiber. If you eat such porridge for breakfast every day, then in a week you can feel in the body a pleasant ease and note the disappearance of several kilograms. It is recommended to prepare it on water, without salt. You can just buy "Hercules" fast food – it does not even require cooking, just pour the flakes with boiling water and leave the minutes for 15. But more useful is unprocessed oatmeal raw croup, which should be cooked.

Buckwheat grain – this product helps to quickly establish in the body metabolic processes, while burning fat naturally occurs faster. Even the crout on the water for a long time provides a feeling of satiety, fills with energy and health. If the entire week to eat mostly buckwheat, you can easily lose about 5 kilogram. This rapid weight loss is due to the withdrawal of excess fluid and slags from the body.

Rice groats – For better weight, use unpolished rice. Such a diet on the porridge will completely clear the intestines from accumulated toxins in it, and also help get rid of harmful cholesterol.

Dieticians recommend using black, red and brown rice to cook them. Such cereals not only help to lose weight, but also stabilize the work of the cardiovascular system, and also have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora. Since rice is heavy enough for assimilation by cereal, it is best to cook it with vegetables.

Pearl barley – this diet quickly leads to normal carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It is better to cook it on water without salt. Porridges on milk are more hearty and tasty, but at the same time more caloric, which is not very good at losing weight.

Manka – perhaps, the only croup, not conducive to weight loss. Regular use of manga often leads to a set of excess weight, so this rump is not recommended for cooking dietary dishes.

Menu for the week

An effective diet for slimming on cereals for 7 days is able to fully establish metabolic processes in the body, cleanse the intestines from slags and simultaneously save from several kilograms.

To adhere to such a diet for a week and not break, it is recommended to pre-compile a menu on 7 days and strictly follow it. Approximate diet menu for cereals for a week (breakfast, lunch, dinner):

Monday – there are only wheat cereals.

  1. wheat, supplemented with stewed cabbage.
  2. to wheaten – add a glass of chicken broth.
  3. to wheat – add a glass of yogurt.

Tuesday – there is during the day only buckwheat.

  1. add the buckwheat fresh cucumber.
  2. buckwheat and broth with herbs.
  3. a serving of buckwheat and a bit of low-fat cottage cheese.

Wednesday – all day there is porridge.

  1. a portion of oatmeal stewed on the water, and a handful of dried fruits.
  2. a portion of oatmeal and a glass of apple juice.
  3. low-fat yogurt.

Thursday – all day there is rice.

  1. a serving of rice and a glass of carrot juice.
  2. a serving of rice and one tomato.
  3. a glass of low-fat kefir.

Friday – all day there is a barley porridge.

  1. barley porridge and boiled cauliflower.
  2. barley porridge and a piece of boiled fish.
  3. barley with cottage cheese.

Saturday – all day there is a pearl barley.

  1. add a salad of beetroots to a serving of pearl barley.
  2. pearl barley and fresh cabbage salad.
  3. pearl barley and a glass of low-fat yogurt.

Sunday – all day there are different cereals mixed in equal proportions.

  1. a portion of a mixture of cooked cereals and one apple.
  2. a mixture of boiled cereals and baked fish.
  3. a steamed mixture of different cereals and low-fat kefir.

If you are interested in a diet for cereals – the menu for a week should be adhered to strictly, as it correctly calculates the amount of necessary carbohydrates for the body.

Ration and approximate menu for a month

To achieve the maximum effect for weight loss, the diet on porridges should be stretched for a whole month. It is best to make a detailed menu in advance and paint in detail the whole scheme of cereal use for weight loss.

The diet should be quite diverse, so it is worth it include fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as greens and berries. From eating meat for a month is better to abstain, but sometimes in the diet you can add fish – Baked or boiled.

To ensure that this method of nutrition is not boring from the first days, grains must need to alternate. Do not eat all the buckwheat for a whole week, then the second week for rice, and the third for the pearl barley, and so on.

Every day for a month it is recommended to cook another cereal, then the menu will be varied and the principles of proper nutrition will be much easier to adhere to. To give the dishes a special taste, it is worth using spices and spices during cooking, as well as light sauces with a low calorie content.

All cereals for weight loss should be cooked on water, and it is advisable to use a minimum of salt. Reviews of many people who lose weight testify that salt-free diets on cereals are most effective.

  • Also during the entire period of weight loss drink a lot of plain water without additives – it will help to quickly remove toxins from the intestine.
  • For 3 hours before sleep is not.
  • Power fractional in 3-5 times a day.

  1. Monday – only wheat porridge with vegetables.
  2. Tuesday – only buckwheat with the addition of vegetables and cottage cheese.
  3. Wednesday – only oatmeal, dried fruits and yogurt.
  4. Thursday is just rice with vegetables.
  5. Friday – just a barley, vegetable salad and yogurt.
  6. Saturday – only barley and fish.
  7. Sunday – prepare cereals from a mixture of several cereals, also eat vegetables.
  1. Monday is just buckwheat with vegetables.
  2. Tuesday – only rice with fruit.
  3. Wednesday – only oatmeal with honey.
  4. Thursday is just a pearl barley with beets.
  5. Friday – only barley, with greens.
  6. Saturday – only wheat porridge and yogurt.
  7. Sunday is a mixture of all cereals and a salad dressed with yoghurt.
  1. Monday is rice porridge and 1 yogurt.
  2. Tuesday – only buckwheat with the addition of vegetables and cottage cheese.
  3. Wednesday is just a pearl barley and kefir.
  4. Thursday is just buckwheat with vegetables.
  5. Friday – only oatmeal, vegetable salad and yogurt.
  6. Saturday – only barley porridge and fish.
  7. Sunday – prepare cereals from a mixture of several cereals, also eat vegetables.
  1. Monday is oatmeal and yogurt.
  2. Tuesday – only rice with vegetables and cottage cheese.
  3. Wednesday – buckwheat with vegetables.
  4. Thursday – pearl barley and kefir.
  5. Friday is rice, vegetable salad and yogurt.
  6. Saturday – only barley porridge and fish.
  7. Sunday – prepare cereals from a mixture of several cereals, also eat vegetables.

As practice shows, the diet on porridges is very effective. With the help of cereals to people can get rid of excess kilograms in problem areas, as well as to improve health and significantly improve health.

After the end of the diet, weight does not come back, and the acquired physical form remains for a long time. The main thing is to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, not to abuse sweets and fatty foods, and to include all sorts of cereals in your diet.


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