Egg Diet for 4 Weeks for Weight Loss

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Attractiveness and beauty require slenderness, which means getting rid of extra pounds. There are many dietary programs for losing unnecessary weight, but they are not often correctly balanced and do not always guarantee success. The best results of losing weight shows the egg diet, for a period of four weeks, the authorship of the American dietician Osama Hamdiy.

The most important feature of the menu is the stability of the weight achieved.

Egg Diet for 4 of the Week

The egg diet, lasting 4 a week, is a highly effective low-carbohydrate diet with a minimum of fat, a significant amount of protein and plant products. Protein food with a deficit of incoming fat is required to assimilate the burning of body fat. The initial couple of weeks, an effective egg diet will allow you to lose most of your excess weight. The third week results are fixed. The menu of the fourth week organizes a smooth exit, allowing you to record success.

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Photos of those who lose weight clearly demonstrate the excellent results of the egg diet. Maximum possible to lose weight by 28 kg. The results achieved are higher with a greater initial weight and if you also include physical exertion.

There is a cottage cheese option, but the technique with eggs is more popular. The initial 2 weeks are the fat burning time. The main protein component of the menu is chicken eggs. They determine breakfast, often used for lunch or dinner. They contain twelve percent of proteins, very little fat, a minimum of carbohydrates, lots of vitamins. There are in their composition a variety of microelements, including magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium. Their protein saturates the body for a long time, improves the skin, hair, nails.

Until recently, nutritionists advised to limit their amount in the menu due to cholesterol. Recent research not only rehabilitated cholesterol, but also proved its usefulness. And eggs are the best source of necessary cholesterol. When choosing them, pay attention to the freshness, purity, integrity of the shell.

The egg diet should be calculated for 4 weeks. It gives excellent results in strict compliance with the rules:

  • it is necessary to drink one and a half, two liters of water per day;
  • fatty foods, butter are excluded from the menu;
  • vegetables, meat are boiled on the water;
  • admissible additives are a bulb, salt, spices, garlic, a variety of types of pepper;
  • when cooking chicken skin is removed;
  • minimum time between meals – two hours;
  • After a couple of hours after a meal, it is allowed to eat cucumbers, green salads, carrots when you feel hungry;
  • any changes in the diet, quantity, or sequence of meals are unacceptable;
  • if the weight of the products is not specified, then you should eat until you feel full;
  • do not overeat;
  • Suspension of the program and power failure require a repetition of the diet from the beginning.

Although the fourth week is preparing to exit the egg diet, you can not go back to the usual food for a person. It is necessary to prepare the body, gradually increasing the caloric content of foods. Combine food in small portions with increased physical activity. Eat until full, but no more. Drink a lot. Before going to bed, drink kefir fat-free. The diet requires vegetable dishes, a lot of fruit. It is necessary to limit the use of sweet, baking, alcohol, consumed salt, spices.

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A woman should know that the contra-indication of an egg diet is lactation and pregnancy. The egg diet, for a period of 4 weeks, is contraindicated for those who want to lose weight: with allergies to eggs or citrus fruits, with kidney and liver diseases.

What can you eat?

What you can eat on a four-week egg diet? The egg diet lasting 4 weeks includes in the diet of the initial fourteen days the following products:

  • chicken eggs are steep;
  • chicken protein in the form of fillets, chicken breast, chicken meat;
  • Frozen veal, beef lean, turkey meat;
  • a variety of fruits, except dates, grapes, bananas, figs, mangoes;
  • Of the fruit most shown grapefruit, oranges, apples, pineapples, pears;
  • various vegetables, excluding potatoes;
  • the most attention in the menu is assigned to beans, eggplant, peas green, patissoni, zucchini, zucchini, carrots;
  • good results will give low-fat cottage cheese, cheese with fat content up to 17%.

The key products of the initial couple of weeks in which fat is burned are eggs of chicken, grapefruits, oranges. From meat it is necessary to exclude lamb, pork. The menu should be a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The third week is designed to consolidate the results. The basis of the menu – fruits vegetables. From them prepare salads, extinguish, boil, eat raw. In the diet include boiled fish, lean meat. In addition to oil, alcohol, fats, sweets, baked products:

The egg diet in the fourth week exits the food system. To the set of products of the third week add cottage cheese, kefir, toast, tuna. In food, the eggs are returned steep. According to a set of products, the egg diet at 4 of the week is reminiscent of Maggie’s famous nutrition plan, but is more strict in compliance.

Menu on 4 of the week

Egg diet on 4 weeks detailed menu in the table.

Week 1. The first stage of fat burning. Detailed menu of the egg diet:

Fruits and vegetables for lunch can be replaced with other ones allowed from the list.

Week 2. The second stage of fat burning. Detailed menu:

Week 3. The stage of fixing the result. Detailed diet menu:

Week 4. Diet egg, the stage of preparation for the exit. Detailed menu:

It is necessary to adhere to the quantity, type of products. The time of eating is not regulated.

Recipes for the egg diet

The article will demonstrate the best recipes of the egg diet:

Hard boiled egg

Rinse thoroughly. Put in cold water. After boiling, wait a minute, reduce heat, finish 2-3 minutes. We merge boiling water and put it in cold water. Then we clean it.

A useful recipe for an egg diet for an 4 week – boiled chicken breast

Boiled chicken breast

We clean onions, celery, carrots. Cut them large and fill with 2 l. water in the pan. We put vegetables, boil 1 / 6 hours after boiling. We lay green, breast, spices. After boiling, remove the foam, bring the fire to a minimum, cook for twenty minutes on low heat. We sustain the breast 1 / 6 hours in broth.

A good recipe for an egg diet – boiled pollock

Boiled pollock

Mine, we clean, we cut pollock. Clean, my, we cut carrots and onions. We boil a liter of water in a saucepan, lay vegetables, salt. We cook 1 / 12 hours, add pollock, spices. We cook for seven or ten minutes.

An interesting recipe – fruit salad pizza

Fruit salad pizza

Cut the watermelon washer thickness of 20 mm., Cut it into large pieces, like pizza. We rub the peeled melon, using it instead of sprinkling with cheese. We clean, cut the fruit, lay it on pieces of watermelon. Fruit pizza is ready.

A beautiful recipe for an egg diet for an 4 week – fruit salad in orange

Fruit salad in an orange

Cut the orange in two, clean the halves. We clean, cut fruit, for example, kiwi, pears, peaches, apples. We put the pieces in a salad bowl from an orange.

Boiled beef

  • beef paddle flesh – 1 kg;
  • bulb, carrot – 2 pcs .;
  • half a pepper of Bulgarian;
  • pepper fragrant – seven peas;
  • salt – three teaspoons;
  • basil, parsley, dill, three leaves of laurel.

We boil in a pan three liters. water, lay the washed meat, peeled vegetables. After boiling, cover with a lid, leaving a gap, we reduce the fire. We cook for two hours, add salt, greens, spices. We cook half an hour with a small fire, with the lid uncovered.

What can be the results?

The reviews show that the egg diet is quite effective. Effective results of the egg diet at 4 week show photos of those who have lost weight. A full four-week course allows you to lose up to twenty-eight pounds. More often the egg diet gives results within nine, twenty kg. The basic rule of success, which emphasizes everyone who lost weight – strict compliance with the requirements. The reviews point out that the egg diet for 4 weeks rarely causes a hard-to-eat hunger. The food is tasty enough, affordable, prepared simply, easily.

The peculiarity of the diet for 4 weeks is a significant amount of protein. Such an unbalanced diet can lead to migraines, bad smell from the mouth. The egg diet for a period of 4 weeks should not be repeated more than once a year.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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