Egg diet for the week

Egg diet is one of the popular modern diets. To adhere to such a diet is not difficult, because eggs create a feeling of satiety. Also, the egg diet allows the consumption of low-fat varieties of meat, fillet of ocean fish, a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Egg Weekly Diet

There are many variations of the egg diet. Some people believe that eating only yolks is necessary. However, recent studies have shown that the use of both yolk and protein allows the body to receive all the necessary amino acids, trace elements, vitamins contained in the egg. Like all diets that exclude from the diet a lot of the usual products, the egg diet is designed for one week. Prolonged diet can entail not only irreversible changes in the endocrine system, but also disruption of the internal organs, anemia and the formation of stones. In this matter, we must listen to the opinion of doctors, because we play with our own health. One week such a diet will be enough. Through 3 month, you can repeat a weekly diet. In order to break between diets not to gain weight again, we must remember the rules of healthy eating:

  1. Remember that there are six main product groups and they are all important for human health.
  2. Eat five times a day, that is, every 3 – 4 hours.
  3. One serving should not exceed 300.

Egg Diet for 3 days

Diet, which lasts three days, it will be more correct to call unloading days. There is a strict diet option and a more sparing option. In the first variant, it is proposed to divide into three meals 1 grapefruit and 3 hard-boiled eggs. The second option suggests dividing 1 grapefruit and 5 eggs into three receptions, you can also eat a piece of black bread for breakfast.

Egg Diet for 5 Days

The diet, calculated for five days, includes much more diverse products.

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs or omelette plus grapefruit or orange.
  • Lunch: 1 egg, 200 grams of boiled chicken fillet or fillet of lean fish, grapefruit or orange, low-fat cottage cheese, salad.
  • Dinner: 2 eggs can be eaten with a vegetable salad, or replaced with a grapefruit salad.

Egg Diet for 7 Days

Do you remember how the hero of Frunzik Mkrtchyan handed his wife back, preparing him fried eggs from morning till night? In order to not feel the same desperation by the end of a week's diet as the character of the movie "Lonely provides a hostel," eggs need to be cooked in different ways, and the diet includes a sufficient number of different products.

Egg diet for a week, menu:

  • Breakfast: 1 – 2 eggs, grapefruit or orange. Homemade eggs are best to drink raw, they contain as much as possible all the valuable microelements and amino acids.
  • Lunch: Eggs poached, baked with vegetables or stuffed eggs, 200 grams of boiled low-fat meat or fish fillets, salad or casserole from vegetables.
  • Dinner: 1 – 2 eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, grapefruit.

Egg Diet 7 days, reviews

The Internet is full of laudatory responses about this or that diet. It should be remembered, however, that the diet should be chosen based on their own taste preferences. If the diet becomes violence over the body, then nothing good it will not end. In order to control your own weight, you need to eat according to the rules of healthy eating, listen to common sense and do not forget about fitness, running and stuff.


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