Egg diet for weight loss – everything about eggs and a beautiful figure!

Maria from the city of M. writes: "I and my friend always stood out in magnificent forms, and here she loses weight on 15 kg. I was very surprised and let's ask her how she achieved such a result. It turns out that this result was obtained after the application of the egg diet for 4 weeks. I could not stand it and also joined the number of women who were losing weight in the country. I'm waiting for the result, but for now I'll tell you all the useful properties of this food system. "

How to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Hearty egg diet

Diet, which contains a large number of egg white and yolk, is saturated with vitamin H, biotin. It is he who gives such an excellent result, a week before 6-8 kg. Biotin allows faster burning of fat cells in the body and eliminates toxins and toxins, normalizing the work of the intestines. Vitamin H has a beneficial effect on the walls of the intestine, does not allow it to stretch, thereby reducing the feeling of hunger during a dietary diet. It also promotes the acceleration of carbohydrate metabolism, as a result of which fats are not deposited in the subcutaneous layer.

Many nutritionists support the egg diet, which is low-carbohydrate, and promotes rapid weight loss.

In addition to dietary properties, egg dishes are saturated with vitamins A, D, B, folic acid, iron, calcium, iodine, proteins, bioregulators and much more.

The features of the egg diet is that you need to strictly follow all the recommendations of nutritionists, and then the whole result will come to naught.

  • During the day, drink more water, at least 2 per day
  • Vegetables must be prepared on water, without meat broths, spices, salt, pepper, sauces and preserves
  • Dishes from the daily ration can not be flavored with oil, salt, and others with rights
  • It is allowed to drink non-strong black coffee, tea, without the addition of sugar and other sweeteners
  • You can add fresh vegetables and fruits to the diet. When there is a feeling of hunger, it is allowed to eat carrots or cabbage salad, only not later than seven in the evening
  • Before going to bed you need to walk a bit in the fresh air, do light exercise
  • You can do yoga or swimming
  • Weigh in the morning, after going to the toilet
  • If you broke during the diet, then you should not continue it. We eat normally for several days, and after we start the system of losing weight first
  • After the completion of the diet, it is necessary to eat small portions, not to overeat, to introduce into the diet other high-calorie foods gradually, making unloading days on kefir or vegetables
  • To improve the result, you can sit on the egg diet for two weeks in a row, repeating the diet
  • If the diet is not indicated, how many grams to eat the product, then you need to eat it until the body is full
  • During the egg diet, there is no need to take an additional pharmacy vitamin complex.

There are several egg diets

  1. A hearty egg diet: a combination of eggs and grapefruit gives an excellent result. First, there is no feeling of hunger. When the egg gets into the stomach, it starts to be digested right away and therefore you are provided with three to four hours. A citrus prolongs the feeling of unity. Grapefruit has a positive effect on weight loss. That in a week you just do not know-minus 10 kg provided. Every day you need to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, two boiled eggs and three slices of grapefruit. You can drink green tea, coffee without sugar and cream, juices, herbal drinks.
  2. There are egg-orange diet and egg-grapefruit diet, it's almost the same, only the types of fruits that are used to enhance the effect of losing weight. One orange per day burns to 500 g excess weight.
  3. The diet of Osama Hamdi egg is minus 20 kg per month and this is not the limit. Some managed to throw down and up to 30 kg, but this will require willpower, perseverance, patience and strict observance of all rules and recommendations of such a power system.

Do you want to lose weight that way too? Then shake your head and note!

The diet is very strict, you can not change days and food, and eat something superfluous and vice versa. All according to the plan of the diet.

First week. Lunch 1-2 eggs and half a citrus. Lunch fruit in unlimited quantities, you can cook chicken without skin for a couple, add 100 g of green peas or cabbage salad. We have dinner with boiled vegetables on the water, 100 g of low-fat beef, a small slice of bread is allowed and again citrus.

All week long we paint the menu according to our desire, the main thing is more than other products, and especially sweet, sharp, smoked, fried and fat not to use. Also you can not eat bakery and confectionery.

We drink during each day an abundant amount of liquid, up to 2 l of pure water, tea without sugar and honey.

Second week. Breakfast is the same – a few boiled eggs and half a citrus, orange or grapefruit. For lunch, you can prepare lean beef or poultry meat, a green salad of vegetables without salt, boiled fish and do not forget about the remaining half of citrus. We dine with an unlimited amount of vegetables or fruits, except bananas, avocados, grapes, melons and potatoes. Add two hard-boiled eggs.

This week will give a very high result, the body will be completely cleared of harmful slags, an unnecessary liquid will be removed and fat cells will begin to burn.

The third week. All seven days we eat unlimited quantities of fruits and vegetables, unforgettable about forbidden foods. Also any lean meat, except lamb. You can make a salad of cabbage, fresh cucumbers, there is steamed fish.

The fourth week is the strictest. Given a certain set and the number of products that can be eaten throughout the day.

  • Monday: 4 pcs. cucumber, tomato, one grapefruit, boiled chicken, canned tuna without oil.
  • Tuesday: 4 pcs. cucumber, tomato, one grapefruit, boiled chicken, a slice of melon, a slice of rye bread.
  • Saturday: vegetables in limited quantities, one grapefruit, boiled chicken, a tablespoon of fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Thursday: 1 cucumber, 3 tomato, one grapefruit, half boiled chicken, fruit.
  • Friday: 3 eggs, 2 tomatoes, one grapefruit, a lettuce leaf.
  • Saturday: 1 cucumber, 3 tomato, one grapefruit, half boiled chicken, 120 g curd 0%.
  • Sunday: 2 cucumber and tomato, some vegetables, curd 100 g, canned tuna without oil, a slice of bread and an orange.

Did you achieve the same result?

Exit from the egg diet should be correct.

– Gradually, without violating the diet, meals are eaten in small portions and without fanaticism.

– Partial use of products that were part of the diet, such as citrus fruits, eggs, cottage cheese, salads from fresh vegetables, canned tuna.

– Continue to play sports, do not be lazy doing evening or morning jogs.

This is the only way to effectively fix the result and allow the body to retain the favorite parameters for a long time.

Egg Diet Reviews and Results

Tatyana from Rostov on the Don.

"It's hard to realize your years, especially when it's far behind 40, but there's nothing wrong with that. Just a little positive and pleasant thinking. The only negative is the extra pounds collected for all the time! Somehow you give it less importance, pregnancy, childbirth, education of 4 children did not give free time for reflection. Now the children went to school, almost independently, the eldest daughter for 16 years. Oh, how fast everything flew. I looked in the mirror and decided to change something in myself. I started with losing weight. On my height 170 cm, weight a month ago was 90 kg. I can not say that this is so critical, but to lose weight, so lose weight. I wrote out a menu and put it on the fridge. The children laughed, saying why you need it, but I confidently went ahead. Yes, I do not have a husband, for some reason I did not get on with them. But, about this in another story.

So, after 4 weeks, I stood on the scales and gasped – 72 kg. This is a miracle in the middle of the sky, of course, I understood that I lost weight, because all the things have become small, and now I'm already convinced for sure. What an effective egg diet.

All my family marked my weight loss, and I continued to play sports. And then an angel from heaven gave me a meeting with Michael. It turns out that the neighbor from the neighboring entrance runs every morning, and I began to take joint walks with him. Today I'm not alone, a loving husband and already have five children with me. Life is a fairy tale, only you need to believe a little bit of good and open your eyes wide, in order to see the one who is always with you! "

The diet does not have bad weather and negative results, it all depends on the initial weight and the desire to be slim and fit.

Egg diet is so healthy and tasty that you do not need to doubt and refuse such a gift. A complex of vitamins and minerals will allow your body to increase immunity, forget about viral diseases and live full breast.

The principle of nutrition relies on chemical reactions that occur in the body, especially with the addition of citrus fruits. This diet is suitable for all ages, and has no special restrictions. Of course. It is necessary to closely monitor the health status during pregnancy and lactation, but there are no strict contraindications on this matter.

Egg diet Usam Hamdi allows you to eat in an unlimited amount of fruit, except for high-calorie. You can eat apples, pears, pineapples, peaches, plums, oranges, grapefruits. Be sure to include in the diet of low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

The diet is highly effective, kilograms do not return and for a long time a full-fledged set of vitamins and microelements in the body of a losing one is preserved.

This system has gained for all time the existence of a million number of approving reviews. And we advise you.

Video about the egg diet

Reviews about the diet on eggs

Quit smoking and in three months I gained 6 kilogram! It was necessary to do something urgently! Has found on the Internet an egg diet Usam Hamdiy. I liked very much that you can eat unlimited amounts of fruit (exclude high-calorie) and eat skim milk products: cottage cheese, yogurt. For two weeks, I returned my former weight (minus six!) And the next two more 4! The result is very satisfied! Now I eat only a little bit. Weight does not come back!

Over the past year I recruited 10 kg, got fired from work, began to sit at home all day and almost did not move, but I wanted to lose weight by the summer. I began to look for diets on the Internet, chose the egg diet of Usam Hamdiy, since I liked that you can drink coffee. The feeling of hunger in the first week was almost gone, did not break and threw off six kg, I can not believe it! For the second week still minus three. I'm very happy, thank you for the article.

You are a great fellow! Could collect all the will into a fist and lose weight by the summer, despite all the difficulties and stressful situations. You are just an example for imitation of Cool, now I also wanted to try this egg diet)) Especially, I love eggs and grapefruits)

8 months ago I discovered an egg-grapefruit diet Usam Hamdiy. Frankly, I have not sat on diets before, and do not have much to compare, so I'll just tell you about my results. I gained excess weight (as much as 15 kg) after taking oral contraceptives. Has typed sharply and for a long time – in "not own" weight there was 2 of year. Everything was too lazy to take care of itself. I will say right away that the declared 20 kg. I personally could not be discarded – my personal record minus 10 kg. But, I did not torture myself – I love eggs and grapefruits, especially grapefruits. During the whole diet I attended the gym, but also without fanaticism. Soon I'm thinking of repeating my experience – I need to throw off another 5-10 kg, I do not plan to stick to 20.

After two pregnancies that were at a small interval, and breastfeeding babies, to look at myself in the mirror without tears could not – superfluous 20 kg simply depressed all the desire to appear in public. Has started to grow thin, has tried many various diets, choosing that which would ideally approach or suit me, since. The diet should turn into a style of nutrition, a way of life. The described egg diet also tried, I can say that it is very effective, but it will be difficult for those who do not like to eat eggs or have health problems. Such a diet, as it is correctly written in the article, can be used for a short period of time, then you can earn nerves, because there is a meager list of foods that you can eat. But you really want. So personally I repeat this diet once in 3 months a week, I can not stay any longer, but in the rest of the time I just try to eat in a balanced way, I have already thrown off excess pounds, so you can often not sit on strict diets, which I personally take as egg.

I just love to eat eggs in any form! I did not know about the existence of such a diet, I will definitely try it! Egg diet for weight loss – it's for me! Moreover, I enjoy grapefruit with pleasure. I'm a little worried by the tight restriction on some days, I'm afraid to stay hungry and fail, but beauty requires sacrifice. Impressive result in the photo!

Excellent diet, it helped me a lot. I generally always weighed 60-65 kg. and when she became pregnant she gained 30kg. for pregnancy, she could not take it off for two years. What kind of diet I have not tried, right up to the fact that for a week I ate only kefir and apples – it did not help, I throw off a maximum to 85 and that's it. And on this diet sat 3 months plus physical activity (fitness) and now I weigh 76kg.

Alina, that's it, with me was also. I was very upset that nothing helps me lose weight, and the child also needs vitamins and minerals. Therefore, many diets simply disappeared by themselves. I tried to lose weight this way and I did it! And of course, there is nowhere without sports. My result is 74 kg

I support this topic with all hands and feet. In general, if you consider not only the diet but also the chicken eggs in general, then I want to tell them one benefit only! Unless of course they do not overeat? but to do so in moderation, then there will be good results not only in the diet, but in general in life. Somewhere I remember writing that after eating eggs, a person has a tonus and mood. In principle, it is logical, well-digested protein is still that joy. In general, all that is written in this thread I advise everyone!

The diet is good, I agree. I began to use the egg-orange (just grapefruit well, I really do not like) a diet, strictly kept it almost three weeks. The result, in principle, was already beginning to be noticeable and a feeling of lightness was somehow. And then we went on a visit to my aunt, she made cakes, cooked, cooked everything. I refused, but my aunt was very upset . In general, I fell through. But I want to start again in a month. I will try not to go to visit.

by the summer everyone is losing weight, and I, on the contrary, grew fat, a pancake . Has typed or collected 15 kg, the appetite became irrepressible. I really do not like eggs, I just can not stand it. But what can not be done, for the sake of the figure. I have a question for you, but an abrupt transition is possible? I know a friend of this diet, I said that it's good, (and it's clear from her, to be honest). Is it possible to somehow overcome the hatred of the eggs?)) And I need support .. Well, who with me on a diet?))

At me a similar problem – that it is necessary to lead myself in the form, has recollected all for a month before summer. Extra pounds I have about ten, so, after reading positive reviews of the egg diet, rushed into the fight). I can say that the result pleased me very much. 3 kg managed to fold in the first week, 2,5 in the second, and a kilogram in the last two weeks of May. Total for a month – 7,5 kg of excess weight off, which is impressive. And as for hatred for such a food, as eggs – perhaps it's just a matter of habit)) Start a diet, and most likely you will very much like the result))

Egg diet and I advise my girlfriends, it dropped 10 kg per month, and you can much more if you meet all the requirements!

I have a full figure, more than 80 kg. Excess weight greatly interfered. After the egg diet began to weigh much less.

The menu should be easy and useful.

I was approached with the egg diet of Usama Hamdiy. The only thing to remember is that eggs can cause allergies if you are allergic to eggs.

After I gave birth, and I was cesarean, I tried to lose weight and tried various methods and methods. And so I came across an egg diet. I immediately liked it, as drinking eggs I do not harm the child, ah yes, I still feed. For a month I dropped – 7 kg – it's fantastic. For pregnancy, I gained 28 kg. I will continue to drop more.

Egg diet and I advise my girlfriends, it dropped 10 kg per month, and you can much more if you meet all the requirements! I have a full figure, more than 80 kg. Excess weight greatly interfered. I tried different diets, but the result did not suit me. After the egg diet began to weigh much less. The menu should be easy and useful. I was approached by the egg diet of Osama Hamdiy.

I began to apply the egg-orange (I just do not like grapefruit at all) diet, I kept it strictly for almost three weeks. The result, in principle, was already beginning to be noticeable and a feeling of lightness was somehow. And then we went on a visit to my aunt, she made cakes, cooked, cooked everything. I refused, but my aunt was very upset . In general, I fell through.

But I want to start again in a month. I will try not to go to visit.

After the illness I gained 6 kg, with my growth it was just a disaster. When I came across this diet, I was afraid that it was too rigid, just stress for the body. BUT, apparently it depends on the body, I suffered all the days well, very easily, though I threw off only 3 kilograms and that was noticeable only on the scales! I can not say that she helped me.

To throw off 3 kilograms is an achievement! It seems to me, if you continued, the result would be even better. At me too in the beginning the weight did not leave, but after a while the kilograms simply began to disappear!


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