Egg Diet Maggi – hello harmony and beauty!

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Every woman wants to look attractive. At all times, the charming half of the population in all ways tried to achieve the main goal – to become the owner of a slender figure.

Most diets today help to lose weight, which in a very short time again becomes an unexpected, unwanted guest.

For many years, the popular egg diet of Maggie remains a reliable way. This wonderful name was given to the diet when the public learned that Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, used this diet.

One of the most famous women of the last century, throughout her life, kept a diet plan in her notes. This inspires confidence.

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The Maggi diet is an egg method of nutrition. It is based on the idea that the frequent use of proteins and the reduction of carbohydrates in food helps to lose a lot of extra pounds for a long time.

In addition, while sitting on this diet, a person rarely feels hungry, since a sufficient number of different vegetables, some fruits, meat and eggs are included in the diet of permissible products.

The duration of the Maggi diet is 4 weeks. There is a painted menu and for 2 weeks, but remember, time affects the result.

Adhering to this proven diet, you can lose about 10, 20 extra pounds for a month. Sometimes even more than 20 kilogram.

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There is one more positive moment. When a person consumes less food for a long time, then a much smaller portion is required to saturate the body. This helps to preserve the results of losing weight for a long time.

The ration is designed so that the sequence and amount of consumption of the products lead to special processes in the body, up to the processes at the chemical level. These processes contribute to the burning of fats.

Also, these foods help to remove toxins from the body and promote purification. This leads to ease and well-being.

The main product in this diet are eggs. In itself, the egg is a unique protein product.

Simply boiled egg brings in the body no more than 100 kcal. Although the calorie content is very small, eating this amazing product can very quickly feel a sense of saturation.

This useful product brings to the body such essential substances as potassium, zinc, iron and calcium. Also vitamins A, E and D.

When you follow this diet, you can not be tempted by sweets. The combination of such carbohydrates with protein food will not achieve the desired result.

There are some tips and tips.

  • do not eat at night;
  • it is important to drink enough simple water, about 2 liters;
  • allowed some natural spices (salt, pepper, garlic);
  • add oil to food is not recommended;
  • vegetables cook simply on the water;
  • You can pamper yourself at any time with a cup of tea, coffee (milk and sugar are forbidden);
  • Do not confuse dinner with dinner, it is important to strictly adhere to a clear diet and the number of products indicated there;
  • if there is not a certain amount of a single product, you can eat it as long as you want;
  • a small physical load can increase the result.

In addition, if the diet has been stopped, then after a while it can not continue from the last day of compliance. You can not, so to speak, put the egg diet on pause.

We need to start again. Only accurate adherence to the developed menu will bring the desired result.

The list of contraindications for this diet is very short. It should be guarded only if a person has an allergic reaction to the products offered in the menu or intolerance to the main product – eggs.

The opinion of a nutritionist about the Maggi diet can be learned from the video.

This unique diet has the most accurately painted menu. Do not think about what and how much to eat, you just need to follow the already compiled diet.

So, every morning begins with breakfast. Egg diet starts its morning with 2 boiled eggs and halves of orange or grapefruit (you can interchange these two fruits).

This is breakfast for the first two weeks.

All about low-fat cheese find out on our website.

How useful lentils with losing weight can be found in the article. What is lentil, how to choose it and what dishes can be cooked.

Feedback about using hulahop is here.

  • for lunch you can eat one kind of fruit, for example, apples, watermelon, apricots and so on. You determine the quantity yourself;
  • for dinner, meat without fat. Remember, a bird is a bird, meat is meat. Do not confuse!
  • dinner: cooked chicken, peel must be removed. You can cook, you can fry;
  • Dinner: 2 eggs, salad, using cucumbers and tomatoes, 1 toast and 1 orange.
  • for dinner we eat low-fat cheese, better fat-free, tomatoes and 1 toast;
  • dinner, as on Monday.

  • fruit for as long as you want for dinner (oranges, apples, apricots);
  • dinner is repeated, vegetable salad is added.
  • for lunch 2 eggs and vegetables that are cooked for a couple (carrots or zucchini, can beans);
  • dinner: again 200g meat and salad.
  • dinner: any fruit;
  • dinner is the same. You can replace meat with minced meat.
  • for dinner a little chicken, tomatoes and boiled vegetables. Can grapefruit;
  • cooked vegetables for dinner. To diversify, you can either boiled or steamed.

The first week has come to an end. Is not it, delicious diet ?!

  • breakfast is unchanged;
  • lunch will please with a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots, as well as lean meat;
  • Dinner: whole orange, 2 eggs and salad, both at lunch.
  • lunch is repeated;
  • Dinner: whole orange or grapefruit, boiled meat.
  • in the afternoon – cucumbers and a small piece of meat;
  • for dinner 2 eggs and 1 orange.
  • in the afternoon – 2 hard-boiled eggs, low-fat cheese and steamed vegetables (carrots, green peas);
  • dinner consists of two eggs.
  • at lunch you can please yourself with fish. Eat as much as the soul desires;
  • dinner, as on Thursday.
  • lunch: meat, tomatoes and fruit;
  • dinner: fruit salad. Use different fruits.
  • lunch: steamed vegetables, chicken without skin, orange or grapefruit;
  • dinner: tomatoes in any quantity, boiled vegetables and chicken. Also orange.
  • any fruit in the desired amount.

  • fruits and any boiled vegetables. Avoid potatoes.
  • at any time fruit, fresh salads and steamed vegetables.
  • boiled lean fish, cabbage salad and cooked vegetables.
  • low-fat cooked meat about 200g, can be replaced with a bird. Also boiled vegetables.
  • chicken without skin, a can of tuna without oil, cucumbers, 3 tomato, toast and grapefruit.
  • 200 g cooked or roasted meat, tomatoes and cucumbers. Some fruit to choose from.
  • cottage cheese in small quantities, 200 g cheese, cooked vegetables, toast, cucumber and tomatoes, one orange and grapefruit.
  • half a hen, 3 a tomato and a cucumber, a toast and an orange.
  • 2 eggs, 3 tomatoes, lettuce and grapefruit.
  • 2 chicken breasts, 100 g brynza, cucumber salad and tomato, toast, grapefruit or orange.
  • cottage cheese, tuna fish, cucumbers and tomatoes, toast, boiled vegetables and grapefruit.

There is also a cottage cheese version of the Maggi diet.

Approximately 2 large tablespoons of cottage cheese.

To the result was finally fixed, you do not need to increase portions and continue to consume a large number of proteins.

Do not immediately put on sweets and sweets.

Most people are enthusiastic about the egg diet, as they personally tested its effectiveness. Women of different ages tell how they managed to lose 16 kilogram in four weeks.

It was not easy the first week. But the result is just wonderful. I lost 11 kilograms for the entire diet time. I feel fine.

I was able to lose about 10 extra pounds, after sitting on a diet Maggi. Only I applied the curd option. I feel incredible lightness and I’m glad that I can wear my tight-fitting dresses again. Husband, girlfriend and colleagues are delighted.

Why not experience real ease and comfort by trying this proven, effective diet?

Beauty and health await you.

Egg Diet Maggi – this is a real way to say goodbye to annoying kilograms, to feel the fullness of life and rejoice at every moment!

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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