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The essence of a four-week egg diet

Egg diet is gaining more and more new fans around the world. Eggs – a fairly low-calorie product (one egg contains about 80-100 kilocalories), but they give a feeling of satiety. Recent researches of scientists show that if a person received the same amount of energy, for example, from sandwiches, then the feeling of hunger would come much earlier. Eggs are absorbed by the body at 98%, therefore, practically no different waste remains. For faster and better assimilation they should be cooked soft.

Also worth noting that eggs have a large set of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. They contain zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A, E, D, K. The presence of lecithin improves brain nutrition. The disadvantages of the egg diet include the so-called "bad" cholesterol in the blood, although egg cholesterol enters the human body together with lecithin and is therefore considered the least harmful.

Plus egg diet – the consumption of fruits and vegetables containing vegetable fiber and natural antioxidants. Egg four-week diet is considered very effective. During its compliance, you can reset from 10 to 20 kilograms – this depends on the initial amount of excess weight. This diet is based on the chemical reactions taking place inside the body, and therefore it is very important to adhere to the regime. If you did not comply with the menu and used any prohibited foods, then the diet should be stopped.

Sample menu for a four-week egg diet

All breakfasts in the first week should consist of halves of grapefruit (if desired, you can replace it with orange) and a couple of boiled eggs.

Lunches of the first week consist of the following products: Monday – allowed fruit in any quantity, Tuesday – cooked without salt chicken fillet, Wednesday – slightly brynza, 2 tomato, bread toast (whole-grain). Thursday – unrestricted fruit (as much as necessary), Friday – vegetable salad and two boiled eggs, Saturday – again fruits, Sunday – salad of fresh vegetables, boiled chicken fillet.

Dinners in the first week the following: Monday – boiled lean meat, Tuesday – vegetable salad and two boiled eggs, Wednesday – meat (boiled), Thursday – vegetable salad and grilled meat. Dinner on Friday – two tomatoes, fish for a couple or grilling, in an hour you can eat a whole grapefruit, on Saturday – vegetable salad (preferably from green vegetables) and grilled lean meat. Sunday dinner includes boiled vegetables (except potatoes).

Breakfast of the second week are similar to breakfasts of the first week.

Lunches of the second week: Monday – vegetable salad, two boiled eggs, Tuesday and Wednesday – lettuce and fish or grilled meat, Thursday – a little boiled vegetables, a small slice of cheese, two boiled eggs, Friday – seafood or fish (boiled or grilled). Saturday – leaf salad and lean meat, cooked on the grill, an hour later, one grapefruit, Sunday – a couple of fresh tomatoes, boiled chicken fillets, an hour later grapefruit.

Dinners in the second week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – one grapefruit and two boiled eggs, Thursday and Friday – two boiled eggs, Saturday – fruit. Sunday dinner should consist of two tomatoes, boiled chicken fillet and one grapefruit, eaten in an hour.

Third week diet is a very monodetic days. On Monday, you can eat only fruit, all Tuesday should eat fresh vegetables, on Wednesday you need to eat or boiled vegetables or fruits (one of two to choose from). The ration of Thursday is a fish and a salad of vegetables (preferably green). On Friday, you can eat only boiled chicken fillets, on Saturday and Sunday are allowed to eat one type of fruit to choose from, such as kiwi or apples.

The fourth week diet is given the following set of products that can be consumed at any time.

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Monday – 200 g boiled chicken fillet, 1 grapefruit and orange, 200 g fish (boiled), fresh vegetable salad.

Tuesday – 2 bread toast (whole grains), 4 fruit to choose from, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Wednesday – 2 toast, 2 grapefruit and orange, skim curd – 100 g, cooked vegetables – 200 g, 2 tomato.

Thursday – boiled chicken fillet, salad from 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers, 1 grapefruit and orange.

Friday – vegetable salad from tomatoes, leafy vegetables and cucumbers, 2 boiled eggs, grapefruit.

Saturday – toast wholemeal bread, 100 g brynza or low-fat cottage cheese, 1 cucumber, 200 g chicken boiled fillet.

Sunday – 2 tomato, 1 grapefruit and orange, vegetable – 200 g, boiled fish – 150 g, 1 toast bread (whole-grain).

For the egg diet, there are several recommendations: a day should drink about 2-liters of water, eggs, if they are bored, can be replaced with fat-free cottage cheese, you must start the diet from the menu on Monday, if constipation can increase the number of fresh vegetables, you can not eat mangoes, grapes, bananas, dates. After you leave the diet, you should limit your diet to foods containing refined sugar.

Egg diet is contraindicated in people with allergies to eggs, as well as with diseases of the vessels, kidneys and heart. Before starting a diet, you need a doctor's consultation.

The essence of the protein diet is reflected in its name. Deciding to lose weight with this technique, a woman should tune in to what she will have to take exclusively protein foods. These are meat products, fish, milk, kefir, etc. They are all quite nutritious and allow you not to feel hungry for a long time.

The protein diet has long been recognized as one of the most effective methods of weight loss, which allow you to lose weight. However, the protein diet is more suitable for those women and men who are used to living an active lifestyle, including with regular physical activity.

Protein diet involves eating certain foods, which will effectively lose weight: Meat is an indispensable component of the daily menu. However, it should not be bold. A great option will be chicken meat. Low-fat fish varieties are also a priority.

A simple protein diet is a great way to solve a lot of problems: lose weight, put in order a figure, muscular, and not fat mass during training, and finally start eating right. And special efforts to the person to apply it is not necessary, the main thing to learn some basic principles of the given technique of growing thin.

The testimonies of people who have tried the protein diet on their own show that an instant result will not be obtained. During the first two days, no negative feelings of the person do not bother, however, from the third day can begin to pursue constipation. You can get rid of it, but for this you need to drink as much as possible.

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