Egg-orange, curd and honey diet

In our time, not everyone can eat right. Modern life is going on in a very energetic rhythm, which makes people resort to fast food establishments, and this inevitably leads to a set of extra pounds. To eliminate such unwanted consequences, a large number of diets have been developed, and one of the most common of these is the egg diet.

Quite a long time, experts argued about the harm and benefit of eggs for human health. Opponents of the egg diet have focused on the high cholesterol content in this product, but recent studies have shown that eggs are very beneficial to the body and have a lot of valuable properties. The cholesterol contained in them is not as harmful to health as previously thought. In eggs, vitamin K and vitamins of groups A, E, D and B are found, besides iron, calcium and other useful minerals. It is also worth mentioning the content of lecithin in them, which contributes to good brain function and memory improvement.

Eggs have another very important property that allows them to be used in diets – they have low caloric content. One egg contains only about 100 kilocalories. Recent studies have shown that you can significantly reduce your appetite throughout the day if you eat eggs in the morning. There are many variations of the egg diet. The simplest of them – the use of any number of eggs for three days, if you want, you can also add a few fruits or vegetable salads in the menu.

Fats, flour products and any sweets with such a diet are excluded, and coffee and tea are replaced with water. The egg diet is quite easy to transfer, but its long use can lead to a worsening of mood and muscle weakness, which is typical for almost all low-carbohydrate diets. Therefore, its duration should not exceed 3-4 days, for which you can lose weight by 4 kilograms.

Egg Diet of Professor Usama Hamdiy

This method of weight loss is not based on low caloric content of food and not on starvation, it relies on the chemical reactions taking place in the human body. It should be remembered that this is a very strict diet, in which it is strictly forbidden to change products in places or replace them.

It also provides for a number of rules: the use of fats and oils is excluded, tea and coffee must be drunk without the addition of sugar, and not more than one jar of a diet drink is allowed to drink on a day. The interval between meals should be two hours (with a strong hunger you can have a bite with carrots or cucumbers). Vegetables are cooked exclusively in water without adding meat to the broth. Drink at the same time should be at least 2,5 liters of clean water per day, additional vitamins are not required, any fruits are allowed, except for dates, bananas, grapes, figs, mangoes.

Physical exercises will promote weight loss and speed up the process. The diet of Osama Hamdi is designed for four weeks, and the menu for each of them has its own characteristics.

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit day

a set of products per day – 200 g boiled chicken fillet, 1 grapefruit and orange, 200 g fish (boiled), fresh vegetable salad

allowed fruits in any quantity

boiled eggs – 2 pcs. + vegetable salad

boiled lean meat

Boiled eggs 2 pcs. + 1 grapefruit

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – vegetable day (fresh vegetables)

a set of products per day – 2 toast from whole grain bread, 4 fruit to choose from, salad of cucumbers and tomatoes

cooked without salt chicken fillet

leaf salad, fish or grilled meat

Boiled eggs 2 pcs. + vegetable salad

Boiled eggs 2 pcs. + 1 grapefruit

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit or vegetable day (vegetables boiled)

a set of products per day – 2 toast, 2 grapefruit and orange, skim curd – 100g, cooked vegetables 200 g, 2 tomato

2 tomato, toast from whole grain bread, a little brynza

leaf salad, fish or grilled meat

Boiled eggs 2 pcs. + 1 grapefruit

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

fish day + salad from leafy vegetables

a set of products per day – boiled chicken fillet, salad from 2 tomatoes and 2 cucumbers, 1 grapefruit and orange

not forbidden fruit (any number)

boiled eggs (2 pcs.) and vegetables, a slice of brynza

vegetable salad and grilled meat

two boiled eggs

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – boiled chicken meat

a set of products per day – vegetable salad from tomatoes, leafy vegetables and cucumbers, 2 boiled eggs, grapefruit

vegetable salad and two boiled eggs

Fish or seafood (boiled or grilled)

two tomatoes, fish for steaming or grilling, grapefruit (an hour after eating)

two boiled eggs

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit day (one kind of fruit to choose from)

a set of products per day – a toast of whole grain bread, 100 g brynza or low-fat cottage cheese, 1 cucumber, 200 g chicken boiled fillet

allowed fruits in any quantity

leaf salad, lean meat on the grill, grapefruit (an hour after eating)

vegetable salad from leafy vegetables and lean meat on the grill

any permitted fruit

half a grapefruit or orange, 2 boiled eggs

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., half a grapefruit or orange

mono-diet – fruit day (one kind of fruit to choose from)

a set of products per day -2 tomato, 1 grapefruit and orange, vegetables – 200 g, boiled fish – 150 g, 1 toast from whole grain bread

salad with fresh vegetables, boiled chicken fillet

two fresh tomatoes, chicken fillet boiled, grapefruit (an hour after eating)

any boiled vegetables, except potatoes

Using this diet, you can easily lose up to ten kilograms of excess weight. In this case, you will fully restore the reserves of minerals and vitamins washed out of the body. The egg will help improve all metabolic processes in the body and create a feeling of satiety. The use of citrus fruits in the diet will prolong this feeling for a long time and will allow less to eat.

boiled eggs – 2 pcs., 1 grapefruit, green tea – 1 glass

150 g cooked chicken fillet with salt, boiled egg – 1 pcs., Orange – 1 pcs.

200 g cooked chicken fillet with salt (without skin), a glass of yogurt

1 a glass of citrus juice, 2 boiled eggs

150 g stewed or boiled chicken fillet with salt (without peel), 2 oranges, a glass of clean water

A glass of milk, 2 boiled eggs, grapefruit

Boiled egg, a glass of water with a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

200 g cooked meat (veal or beef), grapefruit

A glass of mineral water, 2 boiled eggs

Omelette of three eggs with herbs and salt (parsley, dill, green onions) – the amount of greenery is unlimited

Stewed or boiled chicken legs (without skin) with salt weighing no more than 150 g. Lettuce

A glass of pure water, boiled egg, 2 grapefruit

Salad of two boiled eggs, boiled carrots of small size, a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream. Egg and carrots cut, add greens, salt.

A glass of orange juice, 2 fresh carrots

100 g stew or boiled sea fish, spooned with a teaspoon of lemon juice, a glass of mineral water, boiled egg

150 g cottage cheese (low-fat), a glass of citrus juice

Two boiled eggs, 2 grapefruit

Mineral water in any quantity

Two boiled eggs, half a small grapefruit,

1 orange, 200 g cooked meat (veal or beef)

Mineral water (unlimited)

During the observance of the egg seven-day diet, it is recommended to drink alkaline mineral water. Alkaline can neutralize the excess acid in the stomach, accumulated as a result of consuming a large amount of citrus. Sports are also encouraged. To get out of the egg diet is best gradually, that is, continue to consume oranges, grapefruits, cottage cheese, but in a smaller amount. This will help significantly reduce stress for the body and keep the results achieved longer.

The main component of the menu of this diet are eggs, although grapefruits play an important role. They are able to break down fats in the body and thus cause a high rate of weight loss. A two-week egg diet requires three meals a day. It is strictly forbidden to eat any food in between the main meals. A supper is served in this diet for the second breakfast. It should be remembered that after 19.00 is forbidden, and since dinner is not provided, then it should not be later than this time.

Black coffee, two eggs, grapefruit

Tomato, tea (herbal), two eggs

Vinaigrette without oil, 2 eggs, herbal tea or grapefruit

Black coffee, two eggs, grapefruit

Two eggs, grapefruit

Tomato, cucumber, celery, lettuce, lean meat

Black coffee, grapefruit, two eggs

Tea, spinach, two eggs

Cabbage, cottage cheese, herbal tea, two eggs, beets

Two eggs, black coffee, grapefruit

Spinach, coffee, two eggs

Vinaigrette, fish, coffee

Black coffee, two eggs, grapefruit

Coffee, 2 eggs, spinach

Fish, vinaigrette, cabbage, coffee

Black coffee, two eggs, grapefruit

Celery, steak, salad, cucumber, tomato, coffee

Black coffee, two eggs, grapefruit

Tomato, grapefruit, cold chicken

Cabbage, carrot, tomato, chicken

The second week is no different from the first. Adhering to a two-week egg diet, you will feel satiety, but there may be some troubles in the form of rapid fatigue, irritability, weakness, which is typical for many low carbohydrate diets. More than two weeks to observe such a diet is not recommended. Not earlier than three months it can be repeated.

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Many experts advise an egg-orange diet for people with overweight and impaired metabolism. Its basis, as you might guess, is oranges, filled with vitamin C and many useful minerals, and eggs, which are easily assimilated and low-calorie. In addition, oranges contain pectin, promoting proper digestion and suppressing the processes of putrefaction in the intestine.

This diet earned its reputation in those far days when oranges were a big deficit in Europe. Now there are no problems with them, and many people use this method of losing weight, including celebrities. Eggs with oranges perfectly complement each other, and the combination of micronutrients contained in them allows to achieve excellent results.

During the egg-orange diet, you need to eat five times a day, consuming one and a half orange and two hard-boiled eggs at each meal. It is desirable to drink pure and non-carbonated water. In the second week of a diet, you must add fiber-rich vegetables and fresh fruit to the diet. The number of oranges eaten per day should not exceed one kilogram.

Continue the egg-orange diet for more than two weeks can not, in this case, the body will lack animal proteins. Instead of fatty deposits, muscle mass will start to go away, and this will have a bad effect on health. After a month of nutrition, you can repeat the diet. To get out of it you need to gradually, including in the diet of juices, fruit purees, boiled chicken.

Since the menu of the egg-curd diet includes honey, it is great for people who do not imagine their lives without sweet. However, this is a fairly strict diet, which is recommended not to exceed three days, for which you can lose about three kilograms of excess weight. Breakfast of the first day should consist of a cup of coffee or tea, as well as a cocktail made from two chicken eggs and a small spoonful of honey. The cocktail is shaken with a mixer.

For lunch, you can eat a small low-fat piece of cheese and drink a cup of tea with honey. Bread toast, favorite fruit and vegetable lean soup will make up dinner. Breakfast of the second day is absolutely the same as the first. Lunch should include a small portion of low-fat cottage cheese, a cup of tea without sugar and a cocktail of eggs and honey. For dinner, you should use lean meat or fish, dressed with vegetable oil, vegetable salad and drink a cup of tea.

On the third day, breakfast will consist of the following dishes: a cup of black coffee, a fresh green apple, a cocktail of honey and eggs. Dinner lunch includes a piece of low-fat cheese, toast from bran bread and vegetable salad, dressed with vegetable oil. In salad it is also recommended to add a little lemon juice. At dinner, eat stewed vegetables, boiled egg and drink a cup of tea.

Before applying the egg-curd diet, you should consult a doctor or a nutritionist. It is contraindicated for people with problems of the gastrointestinal tract and some other diseases. Tiring sports also should be postponed for this time, it is better to replace them with walks and light jogs.

A mixture of honey with egg yolk contains a significant amount of minerals and vitamins, as well as useful carbohydrates and proteins. Also, with the egg-honey diet it is useful to eat a day a half a lemon, which will provide the body with additional energy and accelerate the burning of fats. This diet is not much different from many diets with a very low daily set of kilocalories.

The menu for the first day is as follows: breakfast – coffee with lemon or tea, beaten with a mixer of a pair of egg yolks with a teaspoon of honey; dinner – coffee with honey or tea, 90 g cheese; dinner – an apple, black bread, a cup of broth. At night drink tea with lemon. The second day diet includes such dishes: breakfast – tea with lemon or coffee, a mixture of honey and egg; dinner – honey with egg, a little cottage cheese, coffee or tea with lemon; dinner – tea with lemon, fresh vegetable salad, 150 g of poultry or fish.

The menu of the third day: breakfast – tea with lemon, apple, honey and egg; dinner – rye bread, a little cheese (50 g), lemon juice-poured salad (200 g). Dinner – tea with honey, egg, 300 g of boiled vegetables (only non-starchy). Observance of the egg-honey diet will allow you to lose up to 4 kilograms.

Reviews and results of the egg diet

Nutritionists agree that it is not possible to stick to the egg diet for a long time, because with excessive consumption of proteins, the liver and kidneys are heavily loaded. Among other things, there is a clear lack of fat in such a diet. If you strictly follow all the terms, you can achieve good results. In addition, eggs have a large number of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, necessary for the full functioning of the human body.

Anna: for three days on the egg diet, she threw off as many as four kilograms, she herself did not believe at first!

Yuliya: a few years ago before the holiday I tried the egg diet, for four weeks I lost eight kilograms, after losing the diet, I lost another 4 kg.

Albina: for some reason I'm afraid to get back on this diet, the last time I threw off a few kilograms, but then I quickly got them.

The essence of the protein diet is reflected in its name. Deciding to lose weight with this technique, a woman should tune in to what she will have to take exclusively protein foods. These are meat products, fish, milk, kefir, etc. They are all quite nutritious and allow you not to feel hungry for a long time.

The protein diet has long been recognized as one of the most effective methods of weight loss, which allow you to lose weight. However, the protein diet is more suitable for those women and men who are used to living an active lifestyle, including with regular physical activity.

Protein diet involves eating certain foods, which will effectively lose weight: Meat is an indispensable component of the daily menu. However, it should not be bold. A great option will be chicken meat. Low-fat fish varieties are also a priority.

A simple protein diet is a great way to solve a lot of problems: lose weight, put in order a figure, muscular, and not fat mass during training, and finally start eating right. And special efforts to the person to apply it is not necessary, the main thing to learn some basic principles of the given technique of growing thin.

The testimonies of people who have tried the protein diet on their own show that an instant result will not be obtained. During the first two days, no negative feelings of the person do not bother, however, from the third day can begin to pursue constipation. You can get rid of it, but for this you need to drink as much as possible.

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