Egg white in bodybuilding

Egg white Is one of the most high-quality and inexpensive sources of protein. He found wide application in powerlifting and bodybuilding. Chicken egg consists of protein, the basis of which is almost 100% albumin (ovalbumin) and yolk, containing 7 important for bodybuilders components: coalmine, ovoglobulin, ovomycin, avidin, coalmin, albumin and lysozin. Whole egg white is considered a reference protein from all other proteins, since it has the highest degree of digestibility.

A large number of raw chicken eggs are not recommended for consumption, as they contain a special substance – an inhibitor, which slows down the process of digesting foods. In addition, avidin, which is contained in egg white, has the property of joining biotin (vitamin H), forming a strong complex, which is not digested and not digested by the human body. That's why physicians recommend eating heat-treated chicken eggs (at 70-degree temperature, the inhibitor is destroyed, and at 80 ° C, biotin is released from the complex).

Taiwanese and Japanese scientists have found out the influence of egg white on the human body. To participate in the experiment, three groups of women were invited: all of them were healthy, if we did not take into account the high cholesterol content in the blood. For the volunteers, a dietary menu was compiled based on 1750 calories per day, which included 70 g protein. Fat in the menu was only 20% of the total number of calories. The first group of women received 30% protein from egg white, the second – from soy cheese and the third – from ordinary cheese. Daily exercise and body weight in the subjects remained unchanged throughout the experiment. The results of the studies were striking: in the groups that received protein from soy cheese and egg protein, the total cholesterol level in the blood decreased. In this case, the first group, in addition, increased the level of useful lipoproteins. But the third group, which was fed with sour milk, the level of cholesterol increased.

Another curious study, published in 1996 in the Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, showed that eating eggs throughout the day lowers the level of low-density lipoproteins. So, eggs lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevent the development of an unpleasant disease – atherosclerosis. And let at first glance it may seem that chicken eggs are not the most useful product, with a detailed examination there is a simple solution. The negative effect caused by the consumption of chicken eggs is associated with oxidation, which can be favored by the use of whole eggs, which contain a large number of polyunsaturated fats. Such fats are prone to oxidation, including Omega-3, which are found in flaxseed oil and fish. However, you can easily reduce the oxidation of fats by using antioxidants. Antioxidants include selenium, vitamins E, C, PP and beta-carotene. These natural ingredients prevent oxidation, stabilizing polyunsaturated fats.

Of course, all this is only theoretical information, but what about the situation in practice? 90% of bodybuilders are 30-year-old young people, devoid of problems with high cholesterol content, and therefore these factors practically completely exclude the possibility of pathological changes in the body. Moreover, cholesterol is an integral part of the cell membrane, which means that in a growing organism the lack of this substance is fraught with various problems, including inhibition in physical development. And since in bodybuilding the main thing is the growth of muscle mass, it is logical that the consumption of cholesterol should be higher than for an ordinary person. It is also important to consume extra vitamins and minerals. As mentioned above, vitamins A, E and C are antioxidants, which means that you can almost completely fearlessly include a large number of chicken eggs in your diet. As for fats, you can be calm: when typing the mass, their number will not affect the achievements, because their content in the eggs is not large. However, remember that the egg yolk contains many vitamins, bioactive substances and trace elements.

Thus, it becomes obvious that the inclusion of chicken eggs in the constant diet of the bodybuilder is not only safe, but also necessary for the collection of muscle mass. If, on the contrary, you are pursuing the goal of reducing body weight, then you need to give up the use of yolks, but certainly include protein in the diet.

Bodybuilders can eat eggs, cooked soft-boiled or hard-boiled, cook an omelet, calmly add them to any food. But do not forget that with a strong heat treatment, the beneficial properties of chicken eggs are lost, and the cooked yolk is digested only for 3 hours. For bodybuilders, the best way to cook chicken eggs is a soft-boiled dish. So from it practically all useful substances will be acquired, and it will be digested in the stomach in just 1,5 hours.

In the production of food additives use separately egg albumin and whole egg white. Produced on the basis of egg whites, sports nutrition is deprived of all the shortcomings of the whole egg, while it contains all their useful qualities. Slow absorption of eggs makes it possible to consume proteins with a decrease in body weight.

Thus, a chicken egg is one of the most useful products for a bodybuilder menu. If you are aiming for high results, try to use only thermally processed eggs, which will allow the body to quickly absorb them, and the risk of salmonellosis will reduce to a minimum. Doctors recommend a healthy bodybuilder to eat at least 6-8 eggs a day without risk to health. But, if you have elevated cholesterol levels in the blood, then it is better to give up yolks.

/ protein avidin, which is contained in the egg yolk /

– Avidin is found in raw egg whites, and not in yolk


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