English diet – strictly, but effectively

Excess weight is a scourge of modern times. The majority of the population of our planet are dissatisfied with the way they look and their mass. Therefore, weight loss is an urgent issue.

To drop the extra pounds can be various ways, each of which has two sides of the coin.

At the presentation of England, first of all, there are enough nourishing meals and menus. However, the diet has nothing to do with this.

This diet is intended for a well-organized person who has set himself a clear goal to lose as much as a kilogram.

First of all, when for the first time you see the diet and the schedule of a diet, the idea of ​​a lack of balance immediately pops up. And this is really so: it practically lacks useful acids, proteins.

Thus, a person who leads an active lifestyle will face some problems:

  1. First of all, he will be hungry. Due to the lack of protein elements in the diet, the feeling of hunger will persist constantly.
  2. Decreased muscle mass. This can be both a positive and a negative side.

This will happen due to a change in the usual diet, as a result of which it will be difficult to maintain the body in normal form over time.

Even with a cut diet, fat deposits will gradually be deposited and at the same time there will be practically no muscle mass.

  • Another consequence of limiting the intake of protein in the body is a decrease in its protective functions.

    There is even such a term as a dietary cold.

    The first side effect of a lack of protein is a decrease in immunity.

  • The lack of a balance of carbohydrates makes the diet impossible for people who attend training or any activities.

    At best, people sitting on such a diet, enough for a walk, stretching or a couple of static exercises.

    Even if you do not do any exercises, you should understand that if you lose weight in some places, the skin without training will just hang.

  • In fairness, it's worth noting that this food complex is incredibly effective. Observing its basic principles and diet, you can quickly drop the extra centimeters.

    Also, this method of losing weight is recommended to people who overweight not only hinders, but also threatens life.

    It is also worth noting that the diet is not allowed to be repeated often. The best option is two times a year.

    If you have chronic illnesses, you should consult with your doctor before beginning to follow this diet.

    The main covenants of this diet:

    1. Required liquid during the day – about 1,5-2 hours.

    But unlike most diets, it can be not only ordinary water, but also green or herbal tea.

  • It is necessary to follow the time.

    Last meal not later than 7 evenings.

  • All meals should be done in one time every day.
  • Seasonings are allowed to use, however only those in which there is no salt.
  • Also there are foods and dishes that are not even allowed to be watched:

      • all products of the bakery industry, except those made with flour from coarse grinding or rye bread;

    • Any goodies containing sugar or products that can replace it;
    • alcohol;
    • sweet fizzy drinks;
    • Marinated, salted foods and meals;
    • any kind of fried and smoked food.

    Three weeks on an English diet

    Starts the process of losing weight seriously: the first couple of days will have to unaccustomed to suffer, because they are unloading. All this is aimed at making your stomach a little smaller.

    Therefore, it is so important not only to follow the diet exactly, but also not to increase portions or take water during the meal. Water and tea (green or herbal) can be consumed during the day, however not earlier than in half an hour.

    So, the first two days we try to reduce the stomach.

    This is quite hard and hunger will most likely be tormented all the time.

    1. In the morning, a glass of milk with a low fat content, a slice of rye bread or fasting is allowed, but without the addition of butter or jam.
    2. Lunch: a glass of milk.
    3. On the evening meal it is recommended to use a glass of milk with a low fat content, a piece of bread from rye or coarse flour grind.
    4. The second dinner is a glass of tomato juice.

    Such a menu will have to endure in the first two days of the English diet.

    The following couple of days are recommended to adhere to the following diet:

      1. On the morning meal it is recommended to use a piece of rye bread or a toast, a spoonful of honey, coffee with milk without sugar, a spoon of butter.

    1. For lunch, you can eat up to 200 ml of meat broth, 200 g of boiled meat, as well as 50-70 g of green peas and, already traditional, rye bread (30 g).
    2. Afternoon snack: skimmed milk (allowed to add a little honey).
    3. On the evening meal, you can choose one of the options: a pair of cooked eggs or 50 g cheese of a hard grade, or 150 g cottage cheese and a glass of yogurt.

    On the 5 and 6 days we adhere to the following menu:

    1. Morning meal: a choice of a couple of oranges, grapefruit or a couple of apples.
    2. Lunch 200 g salad Vinaigrette, vegetable soup or a non-meat broth, a piece of bread.

    It is allowed to alternate the salad with stewed vegetables.

    However, fried foods are in no case impossible.

  • At noon you can eat one of the fruits: an apple, an orange or a pear.
  • In the evening we eat vegetable salad and drink tea with honey.
  • Next we alternate 3-4 days and 5-6. Thus, with such a diet you need to hold out for three weeks.

    Then you can leave the diet, focusing on food low-calorie products.

    The schedule for 7 days and on 21 day is not much different, except for deadlines. The first and second day is also necessary to artificially reduce the stomach.

    The third and fourth day corresponds to a three-week schedule. Similarly, the fifth and sixth: repeat the menu 21-day schedule.

    The only difference in the seventh day is that if in a three-week schedule on the seventh day there is a repetition of the third, then in a weekly diet on this day, unloading on skim milk is again arranged.

    The results of the first week of the English diet can be learned from the video.

    Before you start to sit on the English diet, you need to prepare. After all, in addition to simple products like skimmed milk and rye bread, it is necessary to think about what low-calorie dishes can be cooked for 3-it, 4, 5 and 6-days.

    Since on the third and fourth day you can eat meat, it is recommended to cook the following dish.

    Fried food is not allowed, so we advise you to do everything for a couple or to put out.

    Stewed chicken fillet in kefir is prepared from the following products:

    • 0,4 kg of breast;
    • kefir with a low percentage of fat content – a quarter of a glass;
    • quite a bit of black ground pepper;
    • parsley;
    • onion (red) – 1 pcs.

    First of all kefir must be diluted with water in the same ratio. That is, the output should be about half a glass of liquid.

    Grudka rubbed with pepper, greens and onions chop. Then cut the breast into small pieces, put it in a bowl, pour the diluted kefir.

    We leave for a couple of hours in a cold place.

    After the allotted time we take out and stew on a small comfort.

    Also allowed to eat broth on the basis of meat. It is very useful this dish with the addition of celery, herbs and onions and besides it is harvested without any hassle.

    • 0,3-0,4 kg of beef;
    • celery – 200 gr;
    • onion – 1 pcs .;
    • black pepper in peas – a few things;
    • greens.

    All ingredients (except peas) should be crushed. Beef boil with celery and onions, add pepper and greens at the end.

    A big problem for many people is the rejection of ham and sausages during weight loss. However, you can prepare a low-calorie dish, which is suitable for use when observing an English diet.

    Low-calorie ham (from a bird) is prepared from such products:

    • breast of chicken – about a kilogram;
    • 100-120 ml freshly squeezed beet juice;
    • half a pack of gelatin;
    • protein – 4 pcs .;
    • spices: muscat, black pepper on the tip of the knife.

    First of all, cook the breast, then cut it and grind it in a blender or meat grinder. Gelatine should swell in warm water.

    Beat the blender or mixer of protein, gradually adding a little bit of beet juice. In the resulting mass we put the crushed boiled breast, mix it, after which it must be assembled and wrapped in paper or foil.

    We put in the refrigerator for at least 5-6 hours.

    On a low-carb diet can be found on our website.

    About the recipes of a healthy diet for weight loss can be read in the article. Sample menu, recommended products and rules and problems of switching to a healthy diet.

    Reviews are thin from using the ginger root here.

    It is recommended to leave the English diet for three weeks. In the first you need to arrange a fasting day for skim milk on Tuesday and Saturday (this is if you finished the menu on Sunday).

    The second week assumes a one-off day – Tuesday, and the rest of the week this week involves meals on the menu of 3-it and 4-day, plus a piece of cheese for lunch and a vegetable salad for an evening meal.

    The last week of the release involves a one-off day (Saturday) and meals according to the schedule of 3-it and 5-days, alternating with each other.

    In addition, after your English diet is over, alcoholic beverages are banned for at least another 4 a week.

    Reviews and results of those who lose weight

    The diet was hard enough, because after the usual ration the first days of unloading were given very hard. But, for 21 day, she threw off almost 10 kg at the initial weight of 84 kg. I hope that after half a year I will repeat this experience.

    It so happened that there is no opportunity and health to attend training sessions. But the English diet was able to withstand all three weeks. During this time I can boast of results in minus 8 kg with an initial weight of 77 kg.

    Interesting details about the English diet can be learned from the video.

    Sometimes the stomach starts to produce an excessive amount of acid, which leads to damage to the mucosa.

    All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

    I could not stand it on one water. Tried a diet, but I was only up until the evening. Although feel.

    Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets From the summer I.


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