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Excess weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy and weight gain are inextricably linked. When the inside of the womb grows and develops a new person, there is nothing surprising in the fact that its mass is summed up with the weight of the mother and makes the arrow of the scales move forward. What is the rate of increase and can I influence my figure during pregnancy?

Excess weight during pregnancy is the norm or cause for concern?

Normal weight gain for the entire pregnancy period varies within 8-12 kg. But it's better not to equal these figures, but to discuss your specific case with a gynecologist. After all, extra pounds during pregnancy are a very delicate matter. Their number depends on your age, body weight before conception, the state of the baby and many more individual indicators. Independently you can calculate your rate by the formula: your weight in kilograms / (growth in meters x 2).

The additional weight appears unevenly: 40% of the total increase you get in the first half of the gestation, another 60% – in the remaining 20 weeks. When the gestation period passes for 20 weeks, the expectant mother on average becomes heavier at 300 g per day.

If a woman gained excess weight during pregnancy, which is beyond the norm, then it falls into the risk group of a variety of diseases. Complications are possible not only for the mother, but also for her child. Excess body weight during pregnancy is fraught with the following ailments:

Extra pounds create an additional burden on the bones, ligaments, joints, which need to be strained to support the child. Back pain, shortness of breath, fatigue can be associated with excess weight.

How to lose weight during pregnancy?

  • Balanced diet. Even if you are worried that you gained weight, do not allow yourself to be on a diet. Your diet should still include all the nutrients and vitamins necessary for the healthy development of the baby. Make a menu of cereals, whole grains, fish, lean meat and poultry, fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fat (nuts, dairy products, vegetable oils). Fried, salted food, flour dishes, carbonated drinks, fast food, semi-finished products on the contrary for the time of gestation exclude.
  • Drink at least 1,5 l of water, if the doctor does not prohibit this.
  • Moderate loads. If you were engaged in sports before pregnancy, it will be easier for you to maintain your shape after conception. But even if you do not have any sports experience, go swimming, fitness, aerobics for pregnant women. In case of contraindications, walk daily on foot.
  • A full rest, a deep and prolonged sleep.

How not to gain weight during pregnancy? It is best to listen carefully to your doctor, do not be afraid to ask him questions and follow all his recommendations.

Grandmother's advice "to eat for two during pregnancy" has long become irrelevant. Healthy food, lack of stress, regular sleep, normal physical activity – this is the guarantee that during pregnancy you will not have problems of excess weight. And after giving birth back to the old form you will be much easier.