Exercise at home: 2 circular training for women

Primary goal: weight loss

A type: the whole body

Level of training: RЅR ° C ‡ ‰ ReRЅR ° SЋS PEP number

Duration of the program: 12 weeks

Duration of training: 30-60 minutes

Number of workouts per week: 3

Necessary equipment: crossbeam

No time to go to the gym or not want to buy a subscription? These 2 circular workouts are exactly what you are looking for to bring the body into shape!

The proposed circular training is two elegant programs for girls and women who are just starting their way in fitness or simply do not have the time or resources to go to the gym and lift weights.

If you are taking the first steps in fitness, we would recommend starting with the first program.

Do not rush when doing the exercises. This is a circular training, so when you move from exercise to exercise, rest should be minimal, but you must consider your abilities and level of preparation.

After completing the first round from any program, rest up to one and a half minutes before the start of the next round.

Pursuing the proposed programs, arrange for yourself one day of rest between training sessions. Ideally, you will be engaged in one of two complexes 3-4 times a week.

Use rest days for physical activity with low intensity, for example, walking or jogging around.

If you want to increase the consumption of calories even more, you can also add VIIT (high-intensity interval training), for example, a sprint, during the days of basic circular training.

How to progress in circular training?

At each workout, try to add one repetition in each exercise throughout the three circles. When you can go through all the 3 circles, by doing 15 repetitions, add another circle and repeat the process. When you can overcome 6 circles in 15 repetitions, go to the 2 complex and complicate the workouts in a similar way.

The second complex can be used to increase the level of complexity and / or as an alternative to the first, depending on your level of preparation. For example, if you are in the process of mastering the 2 program (or tried the first program and realized that it is too easy), you can study one day on the first set, and the next – on the second, until you feel that you can master the second complex in each of the training days.

As soon as you can perform 6 circles on 15 repetitions in each exercise of the second complex, you must either go to the gym, or look for new, more complex gymnastic training programs that you can perform at home.

If you have any questions about the proposed programs, or if you tried to train and want to share the results, please write comments. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you make one more step towards achieving your goals.

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