Exercises for smooth and beautiful posture

Correct posture is not only beautiful, but also useful for health, because visible spinal disorders lead to serious problems. The solution to the problem and its prevention, fortunately, are simple physical exercises that can be performed at home. Give only a few minutes to the complex of exercises, the effect of which will be of great benefit to the body.

The spine is divided into four sections: the sacrococcygeal, lumbar, thoracic and cervical. The spine keeps the muscles. It is their dysfunction that leads to impaired posture. The following happens: if one of the muscles loses its tone in the muscular corset, and the other one, on the contrary, comes into hypertonia, then the curvature of the spine occurs.

For example, strong muscles of the waist are trying to hold back and take all the load on themselves, and relaxed abdominal muscles, as if falling forward, rounding the stomach, provoke an increase in lordosis (lumbar flexure).

So it happens with other departments. Clamped pectoral muscles form a crumbled chest and sloping shoulders, and weak back muscles, unable to cope with the load, lead to the appearance of "pterygoid" scapula. Each region is subject to a certain load and with an incorrect position of the axis of the spine in space, you can cause a number of negative consequences:

  • with violations in the pelvic region, the pelvic organs suffer: intestines, urinary tract, there is a weakening of the muscular wall of the perineum, the prolapse of the uterus and rectum is possible. Can lead to infertility in both sexes;
  • with violations in the lumbar part of the abdominal cavity: liver, biliary tract, stomach, pancreas, intestine;
  • at a curvature of a backbone in a thoracal department – respiratory organs (bronchi, lungs), digestion (an esophagus), heart, nervous plexuses, spinal nerves can be pinched;
  • disorders of the cervical region lead to problems of the larynx, trachea, thyroid gland. Headaches may appear, as the nerve plexuses become jammed.

Our gait, the habit of sitting, sleeping – this is all a motor stereotype. If the spine is twisted when sitting, habit should be eradicated, otherwise the exercises will lose their meaning and the curvature will not go away. Therefore, always watch how you sit or walk.

First, take the habit of pulling the crown up, keeping the chin straight, not pressing to the neck. This will avoid curvature in the cervical region. Second, take your shoulders back, collecting shoulder blades to each other so that the chest rises, forming a rounded shape. And thirdly, the stomach and buttocks should be slightly taut and taut, this condition will allow to hold the lumbar and pelvic region.

Complex of exercises for adults

It is a mistake to believe that to improve posture, you only need to train your back. In fact, you need to strengthen and pectoral muscles, the press, and even the muscles of the legs and glutes. You can not solve the problem in only one department. For example, the thoracic area is bent, so you need to strengthen the lower, lumbar region. Otherwise, weak muscles will not be able to cope with the load and will compensate for the problem with excessive strain. Repeat the following exercises for 20 – 30 times, depending on the complexity, according to the 3 approach.

  1. The feet are parallel to each other along the width of the shoulder joints, you can slightly unfold the socks apart;
  2. It is important to strictly follow the technique: a smooth axis of the spine, do not fill the body forward, the knees retain a right angle at the bottom point;
  3. Breathe: we crouch down to the parallel of the thigh with the floor, without lowering the pelvis below the knees, the heels do not come off the floor, the main support is on them;
  4. Exhalation: rise up without a jerk, straighten the trunk.
  1. We lay down on the back, knees are bent, feet on the floor, hands are located along the trunk;
  2. Exhalation: slowly raise the pelvis, gradually tearing each vertebra from the floor. Stress comes from the buttocks. Keeping in the tone of the abdominal muscles, not allowing the trough in the lower back, raise the pelvis upward, forming an even line of the trunk and thighs. Shoulder blades should not be torn off the floor, since tension in the cervical region can not be tolerated;
  3. Inhalation: pause at the top, a slight delay at one point, holding the tone of the buttocks;
  4. Exhale: the vertebra behind the vertebra spread the spine to the floor.
  1. We take an emphasis lying, for simplicity, you can lower your knees to the floor;
  2. The arms are set wide, to stretch the pectoral muscles;
  3. Breathe: let's lower the chest to the floor;
  4. Exhalation: we squeeze out due to the tension of the pectoral muscles. Run 10 – 15 push-ups.

Diagonal twists of the trunk

  1. Lie on the floor, put your hands behind your head, tear off the scapula from the floor and hold it all the time. The chin does not press against the neck;
  2. Breathe: raise the knee of the right leg to the chest;
  3. Exhalation: we curl up to the diagonal, dragging the elbow of the left hand to the right knee;
  4. Breathe: we return to the center, not dropping the scapula on the floor;
  5. Exhalation: we perform twisting in the opposite direction. The optimal number of repetitions: 30 – 40 times.

Children are especially important to be taught to keep their backs straight, because a weak body can get serious problems. In the early and teenage years it is still possible to correct the situation if the posture is already broken. Below are simple and harmless exercises that can be repeated by children of any age and level of physical fitness. It is necessary to perform exercises from 10 to 20 times, no more than four approaches.

  1. Lying on the belly, the crown stretches forward, not throwing his head back. Hands stretched straight ahead. The muscles of the abdomen are strained so that a large deflection of the waist does not form;
  2. Breathe: we strain the abdominal muscles and the posterior surface of the trunk, tearing off the thoracic area and thighs from the floor;
  3. Exhalation: we fall to the floor for relaxation.
  1. Lying on the floor, hands along the body, the waist is pressed to the floor;
  2. Inhale: open the chest, stretching the muscles. Hold the position from 3 to 10 seconds, but do not hold your breath;
  3. Breathe: relax.
  1. Lying on the floor, hands along the trunk, shoulder blades. The loin is pressed to the floor;
  2. Breathe: "inflate" the stomach, stretching the muscles of the press;
  3. Exhalation: lifting the pelvis, we strain the gluteus muscles, we tighten the muscles of the press to the spine.
  1. Lay down on the floor, knees bent, you can fix the position of the legs;
  2. Palms on the shoulders or in front of you;
  3. Inhale – a pause;
  4. Exhale: smoothly, with each vertebra we gradually rise with the muscles of the press, straighten the spine at the top. We inhale, pulling the crown into the ceiling;
  5. Exhale: slowly return to the floor.

When choosing a chair, it is important that he fit the physiological characteristics of the body: height, length of the limbs. To protect the posture, it is important not what chair you sit on, but how you do it. In the sitting position, the knees should take a right angle, no more, no less. The shin is perpendicular to the floor, feet under the knee joint. The axis of the spine is always straight, naturally, there should be no inclination forward. With such rules, you will not experience back pain.

A set of exercises to eliminate stoop you will find in the following video:

Remember the importance of properly keeping your posture, because this can lead to such problems as: back pain, headaches. Moreover, even the internal organs of the department, in which there are violations, suffer. Violation of posture can cause their inflammation and dysfunction. The organs and muscles are interconnected, so be attentive to your health – keep your posture!

Tell me please, is it possible for me to straighten my posture, if I'm already 23 a year and I've never done exercises and never walked smoothly, always stooped and sat bent to the desk. Is it possible to solve this problem somehow or has it all started and grown together? Answer please.

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Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.


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