Exercises for the abs. Workout Features

The abdominal musculature consists of four groups of muscle tissue, each of which has its own functions and characteristics. The functions of the transversus abdoninus transversus muscle are to support the internal organs.

Slanting muscles There are two types – internal and external. The internal muscles are located diagonally between the breastbone and the pelvis, the outer muscles are above them. The main purpose of the oblique muscles is flexion and rotation of the body.

Straight muscle The abdominal region is located on top of the transverse and is called the press. The straight muscle is between the pelvic bone and the sternum. It keeps a smooth posture and allows you to make leans forward. A well developed rectus abdominis muscle, visually creates six cubes. They testify to good physical preparation.

Despite the fact that different sports exercises selectively affect the muscles of the abdominal region, the straight muscle is always stimulated the same way. The upper part of the press can not be rocked without a lower one, and vice versa.

The largest of the three flat abdominal muscles is external oblique muscle. It is most noticeable among the oblique muscular tissues of the peritoneum. Internal muscular tissues are located under the lower muscles. In their structure, they have perpendicularly reaching fibers, outwardly unremarkable.

Straight muscle of the press is a long, flat muscular tissue lining the outer wall of the abdominal region. This muscle is divided into two halves by a vertical line of tendons. This line is called the white line of the abdomen. Cubes of the press are formed due to several tendons that are located across the straight muscle, crossing perpendicularly to its fibers. Thanks to the tendons, the relief of the inflated press represents convex quadrangles.

Visually, only two groups of muscle tissues are visible: the rectus muscle of the abdominal region and oblique external muscles of the press.

The muscles of the press together with the lumbar muscular tissue form a muscular corset. Strengthening this group of muscles creates a beautiful posture, strengthens the spine. Any complex movement begins with a load on the muscle tissue of the bark. Only after this strain the muscles of other groups – the hands and feet, and the effort is transferred to the dumbbells or rod. Thus, a weak bench press or poor squat results indicate that it is necessary to strengthen the cores. Weak muscles of the body give correspondingly weak signals to other muscle groups, so their strengthening is necessary.

The classic torsion exercise loads only a fourth of the muscle tissue of the body. Each muscle develops and is inflated with only one base. The muscles of the press need basic exercises such as lifting the legs on the crossbar in the hanging position, as well as twisting on the upper block.

Characteristics of training press

Building a program for training and forming the press depends on the goals, the condition of the muscles and the presence of subcutaneous fatty tissue. A relief press can be obtained if there is a fat fold in the abdominal area. It should have an approximate thickness of 1-1,5 cm.

The main objectives of training should be reduced to:

  • reduction of subcutaneous adipose tissue

The fact that fat can be burned in certain places is an ancient fairy tale, which one should not believe. Burning fat tissue occurs throughout the body immediately, except in rare cases. At a fat fold thickness exceeding 2-3 cm, resort to the use of fat-burning drugs and aerobic loads. It is recommended to perform aerobic training between power trainings.

Hypertrophy of the muscles of the press is achieved by the same exercises that were used for reduction. The only difference is that the number of repetitions in the exercise should not exceed 20 times. The twentieth repetition should be "refusal", for this use different weight weights. Strengthen the effect of muscle hypertrophy can be with the help of pharmacological drugs. It can be testosterone booster, creatine and protein.

  • "Upper" and "lower" press can be worked separately from each other. The straight abdominal muscle always strains along the entire length, regardless of the exercise performed. In this case, the main difference lies in the degree of tension.

"Strengthen the effect of muscle hypertrophy can be with the help of pharmacological drugs. It can be testosterone booster, creatine and protein. "- do not want to read it already


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