Exercises with a Ab roller

Press with a gymnastic roller – technique of the exercise:

  1. Take the gymnastics roller with both hands and kneel on the floor.
  2. Now put the roller on the floor in front of you, taking emphasis on the hands and knees, as shown in the picture. This will be your starting position.
  3. Slowly roll the roller forward. Your body should assume an almost horizontal position. Tip: Go as low as you can without touching the floor surface with the body. Movement is performed on inspiration.
  4. After a short pause, on exhalation, slowly return to the starting position. Tip: Move slowly and keep the muscles of the press tight throughout the exercise.

Caution: Exercise is not recommended for those who have problems with the lower back or suffers vertebral hernia.

Variations: To complicate the exercise, you can perform roller movements both forward and diagonally. In this case, the oblique muscles of the abdominal press will also be involved.

who is aware of the dorsal muscles can be strengthened by a roller?

The main thing in the maximum horizontal state is to fix, and then up.

Experience 2 year, alternation: through the day push-up and roller-skating. In 4 month all the shirts in the shoulders became small.

a day is how? type: today push-ups from the floor, tomorrow roller, the day after tomorrow push-up .. roller and so on?

The simulator is just class.

Exercise is simply SUPER. And even better from the standing position.


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