Exercises with own weight: a complex of training at home

In fact, any person has a moment when he begins to burn with a desire to go in for sports. In the presence of unnecessary finances and time a person is recorded in the fitness center and trains there. But what if there is no extra money, do not have enough time, or are there medical contraindications for employment with a heavy "iron"? What should be done in this case, if the desire to start playing sports is stronger than any obstacle?

The best solution in this situation will be training with your own weight. What are they? This is a set of exercises, effectively developing muscles and strengthening joints, as well as exercises with dumbbells and other shells.

Many newcomers are very skeptical about such training, believing that "pumping muscles" is possible only in a special gym. This opinion is completely erroneous, because it's not for nothing that all great sportsmen started their training with simple exercises, where they used only their weight to learn how to effectively control every muscle of their body. Moreover, many professional athletes still practice training with their own weight.

Such training is very effective both for beginners and for people who already have some experience in sports. Due to the ease of doing most exercises, the beginner will be difficult to admit serious errors in the performance. He will be able to learn the correct technique of performance, which will help him in the future with classes with large weights.

Also, such exercises are also useful for experienced athletes who simply do not have enough time to visit the gym. It will be enough for them to pay more attention to the technique, and to increase the number of repetitions in each exercise, thereby increasing the workload of the muscles.

Like everything in our world, exercises with their own weight have both positive and negative points. Fortunately, there is much more positive:

  • does not require financial costs;
  • Do not take away the extra time that is spent on the trip to the hall and back home;
  • the risk of injury is much lower than in the "iron" training;
  • Simple exercises that are easy for even a beginner.

Are there any differences between male and female training?

Naturally, due to the differences between the male and female body structure and set of exercises is also different. First of all, the ultimate goal, which the newly-made sportsman or sportswoman wants to achieve, differs.

For a man, in most cases, the final result is presented in the form of a large amount of muscle mass and relief muscles, the so-called V-shaped figure and beautifully outlined "cubes" of abdominal muscles. It's hard to find a guy who does not want to have big biceps and broad shoulders with a muscular neck.

In women, everything is somewhat different. The purpose of their studies is not to build up a large amount of muscles, not to have a wide back and shoulders, bulky hands and a powerful neck. The girl goes in for sports, more often, to get rid of excess weight, to tighten a figure, to make muscles elastic, and a skin elastic.

Of course, both results are achieved by persistent training and proper nutrition, but the intensity and variation of exercises in places can be significantly different. For example:

  1. Women are better suited to long grueling workouts to spend a lot of calories. For men, this is not advisable, for as the fatigue begins to "burn" the muscles;
  2. Power is also very different. At any stage other than "drying", a man must consume a large amount of carbohydrates, so that energy is quickly restored, and for building muscles, protein was used;
  3. The female body processes carbohydrates into glycogen (one of the main components in the construction of muscles) is much less, therefore, strict control is necessary, depending on the purposes.

So which exercises are the most effective?

No matter how successfully the training program was selected, without a warm-up, it can be not only senseless, but also dangerous. Unheated and not stretched muscle with a sharp reduction can lead to a cramp that will not only prevent the training, but even lead to serious consequences.

Warm-up is the most necessary part of the training, without which it's contraindicated. In addition to warm-up running for 10-15 minutes, it is necessary to stretch each part of the body separately. Recommendations for warm-up can be as follows:

  • the warm-up should involve every muscle of the body, even if this muscle is not being trained today;
  • the average duration of the workout is 5-10 minutes, depending on personal feelings;
  • Each muscle needs to be stretched for 7-10 seconds;
  • do not forget to knead joints to avoid stretching.

There are a lot of sports exercises with free weight. Some of them are effective, others are not very, but there is a category of so-called "golden" exercises, leading to maximum results and having great variability:

  • push-ups from different surfaces. They will be discussed in more detail later. depending on the position of the body, the load shifts, which makes this exercise very flexible;
  • squats in various ways are also one of the basic exercises that perfectly load the entire lower body;
  • pull-ups – some of the best exercises for the arms and wide back, involve a large number of muscles.

The top three of these leaders have taken the first places for a long time. These exercises are worthy of such honor primarily due to the huge number of involved muscles in performing each. Another big plus is the ability to shift the load to the right muscle with a simple shift of hands or feet.

Now let's take a closer look at several exercises with their own weight for each muscle group. Let's start with the uppermost muscle of our body – the neck. Muscular and inflated neck in a man is associated with masculinity and stamina, so you can not avoid this part.

  • The first exercise under consideration works on the principle of overcoming resistance. It will not bring instant shocking results, but it will perfectly prepare the neck for further loads. The implementation is quite simple:

Attach your fingers to your forehead and gradually start pressing, increasing pressure. Due to the resistance that the neck has, the muscles will tense and develop.

  • The second exercise is used to train fighters. Performing it is more complicated than the previous one:
  1. You should bend over and put your head on the floor;
  2. Next, alternately bend in different directions.

At first it can be difficult, so there will be a need to help yourself with the help of hands. Further assistance should be deleted.

Shoulders – one of the most aesthetically important parts of the body of a man, so that training should be approached with special zeal. Since dumbbells are necessary for most of the most effective exercises for deltas, exercise techniques with their own weight should be given due attention so that the load does not shift to other muscle groups.

Push-ups will be a good exercise for the shoulders at home. It should be borne in mind that in the classical setting of hands, the main emphasis is on the pectoral muscles and triceps, so that a special displacement of the position of the hands is used:

  • first of all, make an emphasis lying;
  • now it is necessary to move the palms higher, so that they are at shoulder level;
  • the width should also be increased – the angle between the forearm and the floor should almost reach 90 degrees;
  • the exercise does not need to be performed quickly and in full amplitude – at the beginning and at the end, the triceps and pectoral muscles are primarily involved, respectively.

Simulation of barbell bench press overhead

Quite complex, but very effective exercise, simulating a barbell bench or dumbbells above your head. It is necessary to execute as follows:

  • it is necessary to stand on your hands, kicking against the wall. The load then occurs on the entire delta beam;
  • movement must be done inside the amplitude, i.e. do not go down to the end and fully extend your hands.

Among the many exercises for the hands, only a few do not require any shells. We will consider the most effective for all the muscles of the hands – the biceps, triceps and forearms.

These are the most common pull-ups, but:

  • palms "look" at us, and for the crossbar we keep a little narrower than the width of the shoulders;
  • during the negative phase should not be dropped completely – it will relax the biceps and relieve the strain that we are trying to achieve;
  • it is necessary to pull up to the formation of an angle of 90 degrees between the shoulder and forearm, higher is not recommended, because, again, the load from the target muscle goes away.

More clearly you can familiarize with this kind of pull-ups in the following video:

In the course again pushups are going on, this time with a narrow hand position for maximum triceps load. The forearm is the forearm, which is the role of stabilizers. Nuances to which you should pay attention:

  • The position of the elbows should be close to the body, almost touching it;
  • palms should be straight, below shoulder level. Thus, almost all the load goes to the triceps muscle;

Push-ups from the bench from behind

Almost an isolated exercise for the triceps are push-ups from the bench because of the back. Instead of a bench, any solid surface

  • standing with your back to the surface, lean on it with your hands at a distance wider than your shoulders;
  • legs set forward, so that your body makes an inclined straight. Exercise is similar to push-ups on the uneven bars, only with a footrest;
  • Fall and go up to the end to fully work the triceps.

To increase the load, you can use the foot of the legs, so that the body is completely parallel to the ground.

Large pectoral

One of the biggest muscles in the human body requires an appropriate approach and the right load. There are many exercises for this group, both with "iron" and with free weight. The most spectacular of the last:

  • the location of the arms – a little narrower than the width of the shoulders;
  • palms at shoulder level;
  • an interesting nuance is the location of the palms – straightened slightly to the sides, from yourself, to maximize the breast, and reduce the work of the triceps;
  • Down should be almost right next to the floor, but do not straighten your hands to the end.

It is believed that this is one of the most difficult exercises, but, as a consequence, is the most effective for pectoral muscles.

  • To remove the load from the triceps, but to strengthen the work of the pectorals, the body must be fed a little forward, so that the chest is not perpendicular to the ground, but is inclined to it;
  • as in the previous exercise, do not fully perform the upper part of the amplitude.

On the back is a lot of muscles, the largest of which are the widest and trapezius muscles.

The most effective exercises are rightly considered pulling up a wide grip. To do this, take a direct grip on the crossbar slightly wider than the shoulders – in this position, the greatest load is obtained by the widest and trapezius muscles.

Another analogue of pull-ups for those who are hard to perform the classic version are pull-ups on a low crossbar. The essence is as follows:

  • you lie under the crossbar, as under the bar for press;
  • further, holding on to it with a wide grip;
  • pull the body up almost to the touch with the crossbar.

This option is an excellent way to learn how to do classical pull-ups.

The favorite muscle of all novice athletes who want to get the relief press as quickly as possible. Around this muscle, a lot of myths are spinning, the most common of which – by performing many repetitions in the exercise on the abdominal press, you can quickly burn fat in this part. This is absolutely wrong belief, because fat can not burn in a certain place. Excess weight goes simultaneously from the whole body.

The best abdominal exercises are:

Despite the simplicity of the exercise, many newcomers face certain problems in performing it. Often there are such errors as:

  • lifting the body is not with the muscles of the press, but by inertia;
  • twisting occurs with a straight back, which is also incorrect.

To correctly perform the lying down, you can use one "cunning" – during the twisting, attach the thumb to the chest, and pull the index finger. If there is a decrease in the distance between the thorax and the lower abdomen, then the exercise is carried out correctly.

Exercise, popularly called "corner". Unlike the previous one, it is based on the static position of the legs at an angle of 45 degrees.

  • You can not lower or raise your legs;
  • a fixed position is required.

Any athlete wants to achieve elastic and pumped up buttocks. For them, for the most part, and will describe the following exercises. In fact, it is much easier to achieve the coveted goal than it seems. Just need to regularly include in their training exercises such as:

Squats with a wide setting of the legs

In this case, the maximum load goes to the buttocks and the inner surface of the thigh, rather than to the quadriceps. When performing, it should be lowered just below the parallel with the floor, so that the gluteal muscles can be used most.

The second great exercise with its own weight are attacks. You should do this:

  • the initial position is standing;
  • Hands can be restrained in the hips or at the seams, the back should remain as level as possible;
  • Take a step forward and descend, so that the knee almost touches the floor. You can stay for a couple of seconds in this position, then return to the starting position;
  • The foot with which the step is taken must be alternated.

Muscles of the legs are the largest muscle complex in the human body, but many men neglect leg exercises, arguing that "the legs under the clothes are not visible, and the biceps are much more important." This is a completely wrong approach, since a person with a massive upper body, while having thin and thin legs, causes only laughter, but no admiration.

To properly pump the leg muscles, you can use the following video:

The classic exercise is the most common sit-ups, with which everyone is familiar from the school bench. It perfectly works through all the muscles of the legs and is great for the beginner. When squats the main thing:

  • keep your back as flat as possible;
  • It should be lowered slightly below the parallel with the floor.

But there is a significant disadvantage – the exercise is not suitable for people with well-developed leg muscles, because the load without burdening will be too small.

The following exercise combines two types of squats – with a narrow and wide setting of the legs. The peculiarity is that:

  • the position alternates after each squat, so you are very stressed quadriceps, inner thigh and gluteal muscles at the same time.

The last exercise – lifting on socks on one leg for the development of gastrocnemius muscles. The implementation is very simple:

  • it is necessary to stand on the toe, on the surface, where the other part of the foot will hang in the air;
  • lifts must be made quickly and abruptly, lowered slowly, for two or three seconds.

Sport is a good occupation at any age. He develops both physical strength, and strength of spirit, iron will. Each time, carrying out the last approaches through force, you step over "I can not, I'm tired".

But in order for training to bring real benefits, you should remember a few simple rules:

  • pay attention to the technique of exercises, and not on the number of repetitions. You can make 10 quality repetitions that will benefit, or you can absolutely 100 meaningless;
  • training should be regular, without interruptions and postponements for the next day;
  • sequence of exercises, time of their implementation, etc. – all this must be taken into account. The best thing is to keep a notebook where you can make such notes;
  • zeal is good, but do not overload yourself too much – this will also have a negative effect on the result. The optimal number of workouts per week is 3, and the time for training is 1-1,5 hours, no more;
  • carefully watch your diet. If you want to lose weight, reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Do you want to gain weight?

Remember, any result depends only on you. A person is capable of much, much more than he thinks. It is necessary only to show effort and patience to achieve the goal. Start your thorny path to the title!

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And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

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