Express diet – the fastest diets on 3, 7 days

Modern medicine does not quite favorably treat mono-diets, which promise a quick weight loss in a few days. But many fans of a slender and smart body do not spare their health and strength, they do everything they can to achieve high results.

Top 5 common express diets for today

1. Hollywood Express Diet for 7 days

A strict and rigid food system, which is designed for a maximum of a week, allows you to lose overweight 2-3 a few days.

The diet is as follows:

For breakfast: half a grapefruit or orange and a cup of unsweetened tea.

We have lunch: tomato, stewed spinach, egg, alternating during the week. We drink black coffee without milk, cream and sugar.

Dinner is more dense: low-fat beef on the grill, cottage cheese, a salad of fruits or vegetables. Pure water.

2. Effective express diet for 3 days

The diet consists of 3-x phases, the total duration of the food system should not exceed 9 days. The result is promising – every day minus 1.

During this period, it is permitted to drink non-carbonated pure water, vegetables, young potatoes, dark long-grain rice.

Diet is prohibited for pregnant, lactating, intestinal and heart diseases.

An approximate diet is as follows:

1,2,3 days: 2,5 kg of rice without seasonings and salt. Divide equally into 5-6 servings and eat during the day, with non-carbonated water.

4,5,6 days: 1 kg of potatoes young, without salt, seasonings and spices. We wash down with water.

7,8,9 days: it is allowed to make vegetable and fruit salads filled with lemon juice, also without salt and additional seasonings. Pure water.

The diet is very strict and is not recommended for use alone, only under the supervision of a family doctor or a nutritionist.

3. Kefir Express diet lose weight in a week

The most popular and the most common among the common people, it is difficult to find a person, let alone a woman who would not sit, let alone hear about this diet.

It is very simple and quite effective. Every day gives a minimum of 900 g weight loss. Of course, it is not recommended to hold on to such a method of nutrition for a long time, first of all you should take care of your health and control the nervous system.

The diet is simple: during the day you should drink about 2 L of kefir low-fat, you can also unsweetened yogurt and a plentiful drink of clean water. On an empty stomach before breakfast, nutritionists are advised to drink warm water, as well as before bed. This helps to clear the intestine of excess lactic acid and normalize the tinned metabolism.

4. Buckwheat express diet for a week

This is one of the few weight loss systems that does not cause a prolonged sense of hunger and increased appetite. Also croup owns cleansing properties, normalizes metabolism in the body, improves the digestive system.

We steal 2 kg of buckwheat per day, divides into 5-6 servings, and regularly eat. Before going to bed, it is undesirable to eat. We drink porridge with still mineral water.

It is allowed to add a little fruit to the diet, you should completely forget about salt, spices, spicy seasonings and various bakery products. Strictly buckwheat groats on the water without salt.

The result is promising, for a week – minus 7-8 kg.

5. Protein Express Ducane Diet 7 days

The diet of Professor Dyukan is designed for those who are very long and stubbornly trying to lose those extra pounds, and they again come back with new forces. Yes, compared to the above, it is less effective, you can lose up to 1, 5 kg per week, but the result is preserved for many years. All this is due to the source of the allowed food – protein, which helps the body to quickly break down fatty fibers and remove excess fluid from the intestine.

4 stage diet means an attack of the body, when there is a continuous release of calories and fatty acids.

You do not need to starve, keep a watchful eye on the diet, do not eat fatty, fried, baked, canned, flour, sweet, sour, salty, do not overeat, be attentive to your health and always consult a doctor about the system of losing weight.

The most allowed products are:

  • meat of low-fat varieties, fish, chicken, turkey,
  • dairy products,
  • necessarily dry bran,
  • cereals with a low coefficient of carbohydrates,
  • Fresh vegetables, except potatoes, beets and legumes,
  • fruits, just not bananas, grapes and avocados.

You can drink various juices, compotes, mineral still water, kefir low-fat, fruit drinks, sugar-free and sweeteners.

Such a diet is the most positive, not strict, it is based on natural products, does not limit the amount of food consumed, relieves many extra kilograms very effectively, for many years.

Tested Express Dietary Reviews

Katerina, 34 of the year.

"I tried a lot of express diets and made a final conclusion, this is really a complicated and time-consuming work, which is based not on losing weight, but on preserving the result. I liked the buckwheat slimming system. I like cereals, I cook in various variations, I do not limit myself to other more calorie dishes. Thanks to buckwheat, I stopped gaining excess weight, stomach muscles tightened, the skin of my face brightened.

Along with this diet, I often spend unloading days on kefir, once a week, and the result is obvious! I advise you to add an orange or grapefruit to your diet, these fat-burning foods will quickly do their job! Now I'm slender, like 15 years ago, I have great health and I'm just happy! "

"I sat for three days on a Hollywood diet, I planted both liver and kidneys, not to mention the stomach. Very heavily suffered weight loss, recovered longer after such a strict and unbalanced diet. It's good that I caught myself in time and did not do more stupid things. I'm not experimenting with health anymore, and extra pounds will be an ornament for me, rather than a burden! "

Video about effective weight loss

Reviews about express diets

I was sitting on a buckwheat-express diet before the speech at the conference. Responsible measure, you know. 7 days like to howl wolf, but buckwheat since the spirit can not stand. The state of health did not deteriorate, although it could be. In general, for a week dropped 3 kg. The result is certainly impressive. But only then it all came back as quickly, with another 1 kg in a makeweight. So I advise express diet only in emergency cases, when the truth should look perfect. And just do not get carried away.

Tried and not just sit on a kefir express diet. More than seven days of eating one kefir is not advised, but I was enough for a whole week only once. Then I threw off 5 kg and this was the impetus to the beginning of proper nutrition and exercise to preserve and improve my result. Further, the unloading on kefir I arranged for a maximum of three days after the holidays, to return to the form and digestion.

I also tried to sit on a kefir diet, I wanted to lose weight and start eating properly, but nothing happened because I did not eat up all the time, but I wanted to eat more and at times because of this I ate at night

After pregnancy I recovered to 21 kilogram and I had to lose weight as soon as possible. I could not already look at myself in the mirror. I tried buckwheat and Dukan's diet. After a week buckwheat lost three kilograms, then decided to go to Dyukan, since the buckwheat had already become boring. Now the second month I'm sitting on Dukan and lost weight by 9 kilogram! But at the moment the weight has risen, I do not know what to do next. Girls, can someone tell me.

Since my childhood I was overweight. At school I was humiliated about this. But now, being in the first year, she took herself in hand and sat down on the buckwheat diet of Dukan. Girls are a miracle !! At 4 kg for the first week. Then I did not have time to weigh myself. Deprivation of weight was gone before our very eyes. But my happiness did not last long. In a month the weight got up. At first, I was upset and wanted to quit everything, but then switched to a kefir diet. And about a miracle. Weight again began to leave. Now I just alternate: a week of diet, a week of proper nutrition. It goes not only overweight, but also cleanses the skin!

Describe your diet and lifestyle, maybe I can advise you something 🙂

Hollywood diet was tested, immediately decided, because when I eat grapefruit – I do not want to eat long, it is good appetite beats. And in general the diet was pleasant, though also strict certainly (I advise to observe thoroughly), but effective, it is tested! I do not like spinach, did not eat, but coffee – green tea replaced, well, I do not drink it, only without sugar, or honey there, just gulls! As a result – 4 kg per week, she was surprised, but I'm glad of course!

Children are flowers of life, but after their birth I have 21 kilograms extra. I punched different teas and tablets somehow did not help much. And then I subtracted the kefir express diet thin for a week. I'll try again and well that I really love yogurt. I told my sister that she says that it helps for 2 weeks 8 kg kicked off, although earlier the weight was kept and did not fall. So I'll try it once to my own sister that helped me, and I should help, too, and then summer, and I go with extra pounds.

Kefir diet is my favorite! It is first profitable, because kefirchik is inexpensive, and secondly – effective. And it is not difficult for a day to drink two liters of kefir (I can do more). Kefir appetite lowers well, you do not want to eat much, but I still advise you to drink water, without it the body is hard. For a couple of days on such a diet – 2-3 kg drop, in my excellent result!

Almost two years, I was seizing the stress. And about a miracle! I met the man of your dreams. I decided and wrote to him in the social network. A couple of days later he answered. We made an appointment. I had 8 days left. I rustled on the Internet and came across an express diet. I chose protein, because I love milk. And to date I was almost sweet. With this man, we have 5 months together, it's about the wedding. And I still sometimes sit on the express diet, and the darling is surprised why I'm slimmer and slimmer

Indeed, express diet is best used if you urgently need to lose a few pounds to some event or after some event (I often after the New Year holidays and the first use, because I do not have all the cooked delicacies I can not, and then I suffer with the dialed weight). Kefir diet is the standard, but with saltless we have not developed mutual understanding – I can not eat without salt and that's it.

Children are flowers of life, but after their birth I have 21 kilograms extra. I tried different teas and pills somehow did not help much. And then I subtracted the kefir express diet thin for a week. I told my sister that she says that it helps for 2 weeks 8 kg kicked off, although earlier the weight was kept and did not fall. So I'll try it once to my own sister that helped me, and I should help, too, and then summer, and I go with extra pounds.

During my twenty-five-year life I had time to sit on a variety of diets and I know a lot about them, from the listed in the article I consider the most rational Dukan's diet, it was on it that I managed to achieve at least some results. But I could advise you to sit on it not for seven days, as written in the article, but at least a couple of months. Dyukanovsky diet helped to lose weight even to my father, who suddenly stopped climbing into old pants. In conjunction with small loads such as walking and climbing the 13 floor gives a very good result – I lost 5 kilograms, father for ten. So I advise you to score on express diets and sit down on Dyukan. By the way, you will not suffer from hunger on her!

Girls, all greetings! I sat on a kefir diet 1 a week and she helped get rid of 4 unnecessary kg. Also, I noticeably improved the state of the body in principle, became much better to feel and got rid of some problems with the intestines. The dropped kgs became motivation for sports. Periodically I repeat this diet so that the metabolism is normal, and in order not to starve to death, I also eat 500 g of fruits or vegetables a day.

I am very negative about these diets! My daughter planted her stomach. Everything to graduate at the university wanted to lose weight. Well, I could not stand it anymore and bought her model forms eighteen +. I was told about him at work. Two employees with him lost weight, only positively responded. My daughter with him took off under seven kilograms, stopped cookies, sweets sweating. Yes, and more alive, the complexion became healthier, no longer pale as before.


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