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Diets are many, which naturally makes it difficult to choose the fastest diet for weight loss. Often experts on proper nutrition recommend that their patients do not stop at a particular mono-diet, but alternate one-, two- or three-day methods. A vivid example of such a system of weight loss is the "6 petals" diet, authored by Margarita Koroleva. However, before making a final choice, you need to get a doctor's consultation. This will identify possible contraindications to the diet and avoid health problems. Of any diet, you need to go out correctly, otherwise, all the efforts spent will be meaningless.

The fastest diet is a seven-day weight loss program that requires a lot of self-control and willpower from a person. With her help, every day you can lose up to 1 kg of fat. Such a radical method of getting rid of excess weight introduces the body into a state of stress. After all, along with the fat deposits of it will leave useful substances.

If the diet is not suitable for a particular person, then, starting from the third day, you can feel a deterioration of well-being. This will certainly affect the appearance: under the eyes there will be bags, the skin will acquire an earthy tinge. Such a change in the state of health requires a refusal of the diet and a transition to the menu of the seventh day. His goal is the correct way out of the slimming program. Despair should not be, because even for such a short period of time will be able to reset 3 kg.

The principles of the fastest diet are as follows:

In the first you can not eat solid food, you just need to drink. As beverages, it is allowed to use water, tea, coffee, chicken broth, yoghurt. It is important that all products have a low percentage of fat, or they were skimmed.

The second day involves eating vegetables. They can be eaten without restrictions, giving preference to cabbage.

The third day is again drinking, it goes through the menu of the first day.

During the fourth day you need to eat fruit. Even bananas are allowed, but you can eat them before lunch.

The fifth day should be protein. The emphasis should be on foods that contain enough protein. These can be egg whites, fat-free cottage cheese and yogurt, chicken and fish.

The menu of the sixth day repeats the menu of the first day, that is, the ration consists entirely of drinks.

The seventh day has as its goal the correct way out of the diet. The menu should be as balanced as possible.

A glass of yogurt and a glass of unsweetened tea

200 ml chicken broth without salt addition

A glass of low-fat milk

Salad from tomatoes and cucumbers with dressing from any vegetable oil

Salad from Bulgarian pepper and cucumbers with a sprinkling of greens

Milk cocktail 200 ml, unsweetened tea. Before lunch, you can drink another glass of skim milk

200 ml chicken broth

Fruit salad: kiwi, orange, apple

Two eggs. Before dinner, you can eat a boiled fish fillet, 0,2 kg

Boiled chicken fillet, 150 g and boiled peas, 100 g

A glass of yogurt and a glass of unsweetened tea during the first breakfast. A glass of grapefruit juice during the second breakfast

A glass of milkshake

2 eggs, unsweetened green tea, fruit for lunch

Vegetable salad with vegetable oil

In drinking days only liquids are allowed:

Chicken broth with the addition of vegetables, but the vegetables themselves should not be eaten;

Foods allowed on vegetable days:

Permitted foods during protein days:

Eggs quail and chicken, but yolk of them must be removed;

Beans and lentils in limited quantities.

During fruit days, the following products are allowed:

Carbohydrates at 100 g

Caloric value on 100 g

Cereals and black rice:

Wild black rice

Dairy products, cheese and cottage cheese:

Yogurt fat content 2%

Ryazhenka fat content 1%

Kefir fat content 1%

Milk fat content 0%

Curd fat content 0%

Meat, poultry, egg:

Seafood and fish:

The oil from flax seeds

Sugar-free compote with dried fruits

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Products that can not be eaten during a diet:

Carbohydrates at 100 g

Caloric value on 100 g

Groats, macaroni, flour, flour products:

Dairy products, cheese, cottage cheese:

Cottage cheese with raisins

Meat, sausage, poultry, butter:

Chicken wings smoked past

Pros and cons of the fastest diet

The fastest diet has the following advantages:

The diet helps to shake the body, so it can be used to combat the effect of the plateau, when the weight, despite all the efforts, "rises."

Diet allows you to clean the body, remove excess water and harmful substances.

Diet allows you to get rid of the bad habit of eating fried, sweet, salty, spicy.

The menu is painted in great detail, so a person will not have to invent dishes to fill his own diet. Cooked dishes do not take much time, and some days it can be completely abandoned by eating already prepared food.

The fastest diet has certain disadvantages:

Diets can not be adhered to without exception. It has a fairly impressive list of contraindications, so before deciding to transform your own menu, you need to get medical advice.

On drinking days it will be difficult to cope with your own appetite.

The maximum duration of a diet is 14 days.

Practice a diet can not often 1 times in 3 months.

The first drinking day of the fastest diet is considered difficult, but it affects the end result. To ease the first day of a diet, you need to enter it correctly. To do this in about a week, you need to gradually cut back on your diet.

The use of chicken broth on drinking days is a prerequisite that must be respected. It helps to calm nerves, relieve tension. If there is a desire, then you can drink chicken broth not only in drinking, but also on other days of the fastest diet. It is also allowed not to add vegetables to broth on drinking days.

During fruit days it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of warm water. This will mute the feeling of hunger.

For the protein day, you should maximize your own menu. To do this, the diet includes not only chicken meat, but also fish, shrimp and other foods rich in protein.

Regardless of the day of the diet, it is necessary to drink enough water. You can add honey, ginger, lemon, cucumber juice to it. This will make the taste of simple water more attractive, and also saturate the body with vitamins. If the body does not experience a deficiency in the liquid, then it seeks to accelerate the metabolic processes, which will effectively burn fat.

During the vegetable day, you need to drink more water. This will allow the intestines to cope with the digestion of the abundance of plant fiber, which comes on this day in the body.

Every day you need to eat oat bran. This measure is aimed at the prevention of constipation.

Heavy sports during the diet are prohibited. Enough walking in the fresh air or swimming in the pool.

The fastest diet has a number of contraindications, among which:

Diseases of the digestive system.

Neuroses and a tendency to depression.

Excessive physical activity.

Operations on the organs of the digestive tract.

Writes Marina: The fastest diet allowed me to lose weight not only me, but also my mother. We practice it 1 times in 6 months. I have only enough for a week, and my mother can withstand 14 days. It is very convenient when there is a like-minded person who supports you and gives efficient advice. We follow each other, share recipes. For a week I manage to lose up to 7 kg of excess weight. Mom's results are more impressive – 8-10 kg for 14 days. During the diet, we do not suffer from feelings of hunger or any malaise. In general, we all really like it.

Dasha writes: I'm now on the sixth day of the fastest diet and during this time dropped exactly 6 kilo. The result I am very pleased, although I did not strictly observe the diet and allowed myself some "excesses". I advise everyone to try, because I experienced it myself.

Ekaterina writes: I really liked the fastest diet. Over a week, I managed to "curb" my appetite and to large portions now there is no return. The first day was difficult for me, but then I got involved and everything went well. Last time I managed to lose weight on 10 kg. Now the weight goes slower, probably because of the packaged juices. I decided not to use them any more, but only to drink compote from dried fruits.

The doctor-dietician Alina Kuznetsova: "It is very difficult to find a healthy diet on the Internet. Most of them are aimed at burning not fatty deposits, but muscle mass. When the diet ends, the burnt muscle tissue is replaced with fat. Therefore, after a few weeks, the weight is added in excess. This is the fastest diet. I consider it to be absurd, moreover, my opinion is shared by most dietitians. It will not benefit either the figure or health. "

Doctor Petr Krivosheev: "The fastest diet enjoys an unprecedented popularity, so I decided to study it in detail. I can say that it will be effective only for those people who suffer from severe obesity. To all the rest I highly recommend that you consult with a specialist before starting to lose weight by this technique. During the diet an obligatory condition is the reception of multivitamin complexes. Such a severe restriction in nutrition can trigger the occurrence of an ulcer, gastritis, dysbiosis, diarrhea. During the diet, the acid content in the stomach rises, so you should be extremely careful not to harm your own health. "

Rigid diets are almost useless for anyone, because a cardinal and abrupt diet change leads to serious stress and negatively affects the mood and well-being. Women always want to quickly lose excess pounds before a solemn event or before the beach season.

Many people who are overweight are asking about the possibility of losing weight without using diets. In fact, it is quite possible to lose weight without dieting. And, if you follow a competently formulated algorithm of actions, in which there are no exhausting trainings and strict restrictions in the menu, then it is possible not only.

Unloading days are not just a way to lose weight, they can be used to improve the body, to get rid of various diseases, to treat hypertension. Determined with a specific weight loss program, it is necessary to take into account personal preferences in food. So, if the rice is disgusting, then do not "sit down" on the rice diet.

Only 5 days are enough to lose weight to 5 kilograms, following the principles of express diet and not excruciating oneself with limitations. This is an excellent way for those who want to return a slender figure after a festive culinary excess or a gastronomic tour.

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