Features of nutrition with duodenitis

Duodenitis is manifested by the inflammatory process of the duodenum or its mucous membrane. The course of the disease can be acute or chronic. Depending on the area of ​​the pathological process, a widespread and limited duodenitis is isolated.

Causes of the disease can be very diverse: food poisoning, intoxication, bias in diet, alcohol abuse, etc. Pathology is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, loss of strength, pain in the epigastric region.

Treatment of duodenitis along with drug therapy implies compliance with the diet. Nutrition with duodenitis should meet certain requirements, especially during the exacerbation of the disease. It is very important for a sharp deterioration in the state to reduce the intake of foods rich in carbohydrates, while enriching the diet with protein products. It is recommended to take food in small portions and at least four times a day.

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The goal of a diet with duodenitis is to limit the intake of foods that have a negative effect on the duodenum or gastric mucosa. Patients suffering from this disease, it is very useful to drink fruit juice, rich in vitamin C. The diet should include cereal and vegetable soups, it is desirable that they were wiped and eaten with the addition of cream or milk.

It is allowed to use dishes from boiled meat or fish of low-fat varieties, preferably passed through a meat grinder. You can diversify the diet with dairy products: cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir, curdled milk, milk or butter. Eggs are recommended to cook soft-boiled. When duodenitis, the diet also includes boiled vegetables, which are best cooked with milk, and mashed boiled fruits.

Patients are advised to limit the consumption of honey, sweets, sugar and salt. White bread, biscuits and biscuits are not forbidden. Of drinks you can use any teas, especially useful are decoctions and infusions of herbs.

It is better to stick to a strict diet for a month, after which the diet can be enriched with various sausages, sausages, cereals, salads from vegetables, raw fruits and vegetables, and an omelet. During the treatment of duodenitis, it is also important to exclude foods that are strictly prohibited for this disease. These include canned goods, smoked products, coffee, mustard, pepper, ice cream, very hot and very cold dishes, garlic, onions, meat and fish of fatty varieties, strong tea, alcoholic beverages.

Observance of this diet helps to get rid of unpleasant manifestations of the disease, to ease pain, to reduce dyspeptic disorders. Proper nutrition during periods of remission of the disease will help to avoid exacerbations. Patients are recommended to completely abandon the acute spices, alcohol, and quit smoking.

Duodenitis is an inflammatory disease of the duodenum, as a result of which its mucosa is particularly damaged. In the area of ​​the duodenum the food lump is processed by digestive juices, which are produced by the pancreas. Here comes the cavitary.

Treatment of duodenitis with folk remedies can be successfully combined with traditional methods of therapy. It is important to remember that the recipes of traditional medicine will benefit the patient only on condition of an accurate diagnosis, therefore, when the first symptoms of the disease need to consult a specialist and coordinate with.

Chronic duodenitis rarely occurs in the form of an isolated disease. In most cases, patients with duodenal ulcers are accompanied by pathological changes in the gastric mucosa. Duodenitis in children is most often associated with nutritional deficiencies (violation of the regime.

Primary duodenitis in adolescents in its manifestations resembles peptic ulcer of the duodenum. The main symptom is pain in the pyloroduodenal or epigastric region, the localization of pain is shifted slightly to the right. Painful sensations have a cramping character or gradually increase, reaching.

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