Features of the protein diet Dukan.

A beautiful, taut body was always in high esteem and attracted the indifferent views of others. The world is so arranged that every extra product is not only not useful to the body, but it also spoils our figure soon. How many different methods and options girls have tried to solve the problem of weight normalization, how many studies have specialists conducted to create the most effective system and weight loss, without significant side effects and quality improvement of the body?

And here’s the result to you – the Dukan Protein Diet!

The main source of nutrition during a diet are foods that contain a high amount of protein responsible for the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.

Basic dietary rules:

  • Lots of fluids throughout the day. It can be ordinary distilled water or mineral drinks.
  • Oatmeal is raw every day, no less than THREE FOODS, with plenty of water. This helps to prevent constipation, which can cause protein products.
  • Physical stress and ordinary walks in fresh air will have a beneficial effect on the process of losing weight.
  • During the application of the Dukan diet, you need to take a complex of vitamins and microelements.
  • Limitations of the amount of protein food do not exist.

If you have exactly decided that without this diet you can not throw off nasty extra pounds, then GO. Here are four stages of carrying out unloading days by the method of Professor Pierre Dukan.


First, you need to determine exactly what weight we want to get as a result. If you need to lose less than 10 kg, then the attack time is 3 days. If the plans are large, up to 20 kg – 5 days. And when the figure is over the mark above 20 kg, you need to be patient and intensively attack the body for two weeks.

This popular food system allows you to eat how much you want products, according to the list indicated in the methodology. It can be low-fat beef, pork, fish, poultry, beef and veal tongues. The way of preparation should exclude frying and quenching with the use of fat, only steam processing or cooking.

Also, it is permissible to eat lean ham, eggs, without the yolk, skim milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, preferably home-made. Marinated cucumbers and tomatoes will be a significant addition for those who are very fond of herbal products.

Spices and flavor enhancers are allowed, but only in small quantities.

To liquids, it is necessary to carry usual pure water, herbal teas, a little coffee and a diet cola. Be sure to take 1,5-2 tablespoons of dry bran per day. This is a very important rule.

During the first days of eating according to the Dukan diet, fatigue, unusual dry mouth, insignificant fever can be observed. You need to know about this necessarily, that there would not be unpleasant moments at work, on the road, etc.

It is important to strictly comply with the conditions of this stage, it is desirable not to break down and control the diet.


The diet is supplemented with vegetables that are rich in essential microelements and vitamins.

If you need to lose up to a dozen kg, then the formula for food intake will be 1: 1, 2: 2, 3: 3. When you want to reset more, 5: 5.

The number and variety of vegetables are huge, the main thing is to adhere to the main rule of a nutritionist: say NO to potatoes and bean products. You can safely add to the dishes:

A little spice, garlic, vinegar, mustard, and also sugar substitutes in limited quantities are allowed.

Non-calorie drinks, up to 0,4 kcal per 100 ml.

At this stage, it is allowed to eat natural canned fish, skim milk, crab sticks, and vegetable oil only for frying certain products.

Remember about oat bran, 2 art. l. in a day.

Fixing results

According to the name, everyone already understands what will be discussed at the third stage. The principle of nutrition is to stabilize every lost kilogram for the previous days of the diet.

The weekly menu consists entirely of protein products, even a multi-calorie dish is allowed, but not more often than once every three days.

In the diet there are different fruits, you should carefully approach their use, you should not abuse bananas, they should be excluded from the menu altogether.

Twice a week it is allowed to consume a portion of rice, legumes, potatoes and pasta, several slices of white bread.

Do not forget about the basic rule – to eat 2-3 spoons of raw bran per day.

Our figure is already slender and tightened, the main thing now is to keep the weight and not gain extra pounds. And for this, we will be served the fourth stage.

Weight stabilization

This stage is the most loyal, does not contain strict restrictions, however, protein food should be in the first place in the diet. Also, continue to take bran and drink plenty of fluids.

QUICK MENU Dukan diet

According to the previous stages of fasting days for effective weight loss, you can approximately compose a menu of one day diet.

Protein week of the first stage Attack

  1. Omelet from three eggs (only proteins).
  2. Skimmed milk.
  3. Tea, dried flakes.
  1. Sour milk product (to choose from).
  2. Mineral water.
  1. Boiled meat and chicken with various seasonings.
  2. Herbal or green tea with a slice of lemon.
  1. Seafood steamed, you can shrimp.
  2. A glass of water.
  1. Steak their salmon on the grill.
  2. Steam lamb.
  3. A glass of low-fat kefir.

Protein-vegetable day of the second stage

  1. Squash pancakes.
  2. Omelet with green onions, tomato and bell pepper.
  3. Skim cheese.
  1. Fermented milk product.
  2. Different fruits.
  3. Dry bran.
  4. Mineral water.
  1. Grilled beef.
  2. Stewed cabbage with tomato and eggplant.
  3. Low-fat kefir.

Make a meal based on the availability of food in your refrigerator. The main thing is to adhere to the basic rules of the Dukan diet, NO to the bakery and high-calorie dishes. Care should be selected fruits and vegetables, it is desirable to create a calorie table for each day and strictly adhere to the intended indicators.

Notice. Diet is a stress for the body, with any violations of the gastrointestinal tract and worsening metabolism, you should abandon the products used. Health is above all. At the slightest contraindications (for example, intolerance of animal protein), one should not maintain this diet. You can not often sit on such a diet, no more than twice a year.

Well, if you really want to be as slim and smart as Kate Middleton, welcome to the world of dietary studies and achievements of the Frenchman Pierre Dukan.

A number of positive reviews have witnessed the many benefits of this nutrition. And in combination with physical exercises, your body will be transformed, blood circulation will improve, the psychological condition will be normal, and once you have a fine mood.


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