Fitness diet

One of the undeniable rules of effective weight loss is the need for proper and healthy nutrition in conjunction with everyday training, fitness or athletics.

In the first case, the occupation in sports gyms is good already because you can share your impressions with like-minded people, together conduct training and go to your cherished goal. In addition to psychological comfort, undoubtedly the most important pluses will be the physical effects of training on the body during the fitness diet.

Benefits of exercise with a diet

  • Strengthening and stability of muscles.
  • Accelerated metabolism and good health will allow you to achieve the desired result quite easily.
  • Exercising in the gym will give energy, you will always feel well, without feeling weak from the diet.
  • A collective visit to the gym will give confidence and allow you to conquer all the new cherished peaks.

Rules of fitness diet for weight loss

Such a diet is becoming more popular every day, the number of girls and women is increasing, and they are happy to pass this way of reincarnation from beginning to end. A person with a beautiful body is strong inside, he has his own unique note, which will help to overcome complex peaks.

Call a hungry fitness diet to burn fat is impossible, it is quite diverse, the average caloric intake is about 1800 Kcal per day. On such a diet, you do not need to give up complex carbohydrates, vegetable salads, seafood, fish, meat, fruits.

Fitness diet for weight loss for women – a real find, the main rule of nutrition – you need to give up rest on the couch after eating, replace this time for training with little physical exertion.

Features of diet in fitness classes

The method of healing the body is suitable for both men and women, people who regularly attend training should be included in the diet of proteins, which will improve the work of muscles, carbohydrates – fuel for fitness training, and fats as much as possible to exclude from the diet, as they slow down exchange processes.

In order for the figure to be slim, athletic, attractive, it is desirable to take amino acids. Since this is a protein structure that looks like a long chain, it has a very strong effect on the metabolic process. During the digestion of food, this chain is split into single amino acids, actively used by blood.

The basic rules of a fitness diet:

  1. Two hours before the training you need to eat well, such dishes as baked fish with vegetable salad, chicken fillets, whole wheat bread, rice portion, cottage cheese, apple, a small portion of oatmeal.
  2. Half an hour before a workout, drink unsweetened green tea. Water to drink every 20 minutes during classes.
  3. Food after the end of training can be eaten after 20 minutes. Ideal grape juice, vegetables, fruits, rice, chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese and cheese.
  4. The serving volume should be placed on the palm of your hand, you can not overeat.
  5. Coffee and chocolate are contraindicated in the fitness diet.

The digestive process

The digestive process is long and time consuming, during which the protein helps to satisfy hunger and strengthens the muscles while providing the process of metabolism. In this regard, the protein fitness diet is a powerful tool for burning fat in the body.

Who will benefit from this practice for weight loss?

Fitness diet is perfect for people whose lifestyle is full and active throughout the day, those who are very fond of meat, but, of course, not fried, but steamed or simply boiled in water. For athletes, this is a real find, and all because the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the body and a large amount of protein positively affects the muscle mass. So the diet is good for pregnant women or women who want to get back into shape without harm to the body.

Contraindications – who should not adhere to such a diet?

Sweet lovers will have to avoid this diet, as it gives the opposite effect.

Elderly people, as well as those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, dysbiosis, chronic pancreatitis, impaired renal function.

With hypertension, due to the strengthening of blood vessels, since amines of their meat will strengthen and harm the body.

Menu of a fitness diet for burning fat

Start the first day with a lot of boiled chicken meat, so that the feeling of hunger does not focus your attention on the abrupt change in diet. And on the second day you can already plan the following diet:

Two hard-boiled eggs without one yolk, 200 gr of skim (no more than 5%) cottage cheese.

250g fish per pair without salt. A glass of kefir with a low percentage.

250g vegetable salad. 50g low-fat cheese.

A glass of yogurt. 200 of cottage cheese.

The next days you can eat cereals with dried fruits, steamed omelette, boiled rice, bananas, baked potatoes, vegetable salad with shrimps, green apples, juice, yogurt, green tea.

Healthy diet recipes for weight loss

The diet menu can be changed according to your preferences, but the daily rate of kilocalories should not exceed 1600 Kcal. To more diversify the diet, use the following recipes:

  • Berry smoothies – whip in a blender berries, banana and milk of low fat content, use after waking.
  • Vegetable salad with chicken breast – cut salad leaves, sweet peppers, apples, sprinkle the ingredients with lemon juice, after add the chicken fried with slices, add salt, pepper and season with natural yoghurt.
  • Omelet with shrimps – beat eggs with milk, add salt to taste, add boiled shrimp, place all the ingredients in a baking tray and bake in the oven until cooked.

Such a diet when practicing fitness for weight loss will not only be useful, but also effective. In a month you can expect a minus 6-7 kg, and who wants more, you can simplify the menu a little, reduce its caloric content. But the main thing is that weight loss should be a pleasure, and not become a daily torture!

Follow the simple rules of the fitness diet and always be in a good mood!

Videos with recipes for a fitness diet

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Reviews about fitness diet

In order to properly lose weight and not harm the body, you need to have a calorie deficit: spend more than you consume. Of course, sport is very important in this case – after all, sitting at a computer is not a very energy intensive process. But the right diet will also help improve health. The most important thing is that the products are simple to prepare and homemade. I even do yogurt myself now. It turned out that it is very simple – the main thing is to buy good starter cultures. I like Bakızdrav companies because they are active enough, one sachet of leaven to three quarts of milk per hour, while most others are only for 1 liter. In addition, in such food, probiotic bacteria are many that are so important for the proper functioning of the intestine.


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