Flat stomach for a week: diet and exercise

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Make the abdomen ideally flat in just a week – a perfectly feasible task. But in order to achieve the desired results, it is mandatory to adhere to the rules of a special diet for weight loss, without forgetting at the same time and physical exertion. The most effective diets and exercises for a flat stomach will be considered in the following material.

Diets for flat stomach and thin waist

The most effective diets for a flat stomach are kefir, buckwheat and rice. These methods of nutrition for weight loss will relieve your body of toxins and “give” a slim beautiful waist. Let’s look briefly at what their essence is:

  • Kefir the diet is designed for a week. By its result, the intestinal microflora is restored and the body cleanses of harmful substances;
  • Buckwheat the diet lasts twice as much as kefir. With its help, the function of the liver and kidneys will be restored, and well-being will be greatly improved;
  • Rice the diet lasts 7 days and promotes the recovery of the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract and cleanses the blood of harmful substances.

In addition to diets, for a flat stomach, there are many ways to lose weight. Including medicines Goldline and Herbalife, details of which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.


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The diet for the flat stomach “Goldline” means taking medications with the same name. Preparations are issued in two forms:

  • Capsules for the treatment of obesity »Goldline» and «Goldline Plus», including a component such as sibutramine;
  • Goldlite Lite based on L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid. This tool is intended for people who are actively involved in physical activity.

Take drugs to get a flat stomach is necessary before or during breakfast, washing down with a glass of water:

  • with poor tolerance, 5 mggram is prescribed;
  • the standard dose is 10 mg;
  • a month after the administration, capsules are prescribed, with a dosage of 15 mg.

The substances in these preparations, in addition to effective fat burning, greatly enhance the mental and physical performance of the person, increase endurance and raise the tone. In addition, they support health, thereby increasing life expectancy.

Alpha-lipoic acid, in addition, improves the mood of a person and normalizes his emotional state.


Goods of balanced nutrition “Herbalife” are one of the most popular means for a flat stomach. The essence of the diet, based on their use, is the replacement of breakfast and lunch for a special food complex “Formula 1”. Lose weight with this technique can be on 3 – 5 kilogram, depending on your initial weight.

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Herbalife, thanks to its substances, improves the health of a person, the condition of his nails, skin and hair, reduces fatigue and improves sleep.

In order to achieve the most effective results of a flat stomach, you must strictly adhere to the basic rules:

  • to reduce the daily calorie rate by 30%;
  • drink from two liters of liquid a day;
  • use only those products that contain a large number of vitamins and minerals;
  • combine several Herbalife products, which, due to their composition, greatly enhance each other’s actions;
  • In parallel with the methods of this drug, light physical exercises are recommended, including swimming pool, aerobics and dancing.

To eat under the program «Formula 1» it is necessary as follows:

  • for breakfast, prepare a cocktail consisting of the product “Herbalife” and skim milk or kefir;
  • as a snack is recommended a glass of warm water with lemon or a cup of unsweetened green tea;
  • Tomato juice with a basil from the firm “Herbalife” and a bar of “Formula 1” will suit for lunch;
  • the second snack will be the same cocktail “Formula 1”;
  • dinner should be satisfying, so foods such as lean fish and meat, seafood, egg whites, mushrooms and vegetables are recommended for consumption.

Fast diet for flat stomach and sides

In search of the fastest and most effective diet for the flat stomach and sides, many people go through a series of non-nutritional dietary methods. We bring to your attention a method that will easily relieve you of 5 extra pounds in only 10 days.

To obtain the most effective results of weight loss, you will have to alternate protein and carbohydrate days:

  • Protein days diet means taking a glass of water on an empty stomach. As a breakfast, this diet recommends eating a boiled egg and cucumber. Next, you need to cook the chicken and divide it into all subsequent meals;
  • The daily norm of vegetables in carbohydrate days diet is one and a half kilograms. For eight meals it is recommended to divide the salad, which consists of a half kilo of cabbage, half a kilogram of carrots and lemon juice. It is necessary to grind the vegetables, then squeeze out the juice from them and season with lemon juice. The last meal is 19: 00.

For a flat stomach, together with a diet, it is recommended to resort to moderate physical exertion. For example, a light morning charge and a visit to the pool will be enough to keep yourself in good shape.

Upon completion of fast diet for a flat stomach, to use are recommended such products:

How to achieve a flat stomach and a thin waist for a week?

Achieve a flat stomach and a thin waist for a week can be through exercise and diet. Let’s consider what products will promote weight loss, and which are strictly prohibited.

So, a diet for getting a flat stomach recommends the following products for use:

  • chicken, turkey and low-fat beef;
  • low-fat fish, seafood;
  • eggs in boiled and baked form;
  • Olive, linseed, sesame and coconut oil;
  • fat-free cottage cheese, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, ryazhenka;
  • porridge: buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley;
  • brown and wild rice;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • prunes, dried apricots;
  • nuts.

Exclude same from the diet diets for a flat stomach are urgently required:

  • canned meat;
  • sausages and sausages;
  • potatoes, peas and beans;
  • pears, bananas, grapes;
  • chocolate, jam;
  • White rice;
  • flour and confectionery;
  • alcoholic and carbonated drinks, as well as juices containing sugar.

Next, we will get acquainted with the menu of an effective diet for a week, taking into account the above list of acceptable products.

Menu for the week

To obtain the desired result, daily it is necessary to eat 6 once a day, in small portions. Effective diet menu for a flat stomach for a week as follows:

  • Breakfast: 150 g oatmeal and peach;
  • Snack: berry smoothies;
  • Lunch: cabbage salad with carrots and three lean chicken cutlets;
  • Second snack: 200 ml of natural yogurt;
  • Dinner: 250 g of vegetable casserole with low-fat sour cream;
  • Before going to bed: a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
  • 150 g millet porridge with dried fruits and a glass of kefir with a low percentage of fat content;
  • 150 ml of curdled milk and a slice of whole grain bread;
  • 150 g stewed chicken and 100 g of boiled wild rice;
  • apple and a cup of unsweetened green tea;
  • 200 cottage cheese and a cup of unsweetened tea with lemon;
  • a glass of skimmed yogurt.
  • curd pancakes – 4 pcs;
  • grapefruit and a cup of green tea;
  • 100 g of corn porridge with chicken meatballs;
  • a large green apple;
  • 150 g of vegetable salad and a cup of warm chamomile tea;
  • a glass of warm milk.
  • two boiled eggs with a slice of grain bread;
  • toast with honey;
  • 200 г buckwheat porridge, a glass of kefir;
  • an Apple;
  • curd casserole – 200 g and unsweetened hot drink;
  • a glass of warm water with lemon juice.
  • 150 g broccoli, boiled egg and a slice of cereal bread;
  • grapefruit smoothies;
  • buckwheat with lean fish chops;
  • green tea;
  • a cup of herbal tea and 150 g of boiled chicken meat;
  • a glass of milk.
  • pancakes with honey and prunes;
  • 200 ml of kefir with a low percentage of fat;
  • pearl soup with greens;
  • an Apple;
  • egg casserole, whole grain bread;
  • 150 ml of warm milk.
  • 200 g skim curd with dried apricots;
  • green apple;
  • 250 g of fruit and vegetable vitamin salad;
  • a cup of unsweetened tea;
  • two boiled eggs, 150 g of boiled turkey;
  • a glass of warm water with lemon juice.

Next, consider the most useful and delicious recipes for diet to observe the diet, which can diversify the above menu.

Recipes for flat stomach

Consider the most delicious and useful dish recipes to get a flat stomach:

A delicious and healthy breakfast, which is recommended to eat three times a week while following a diet for a flat stomach:

Pancakes with banana for flat stomach

Fritters with banana

Ingredients: 50 g coarse flour, two tablespoons baking powder, a pinch of salt, three bananas, chicken egg, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, 150 ml of skim milk and three tablespoons of honey.

  • mix the salt with baking powder and flour;
  • chop the bananas in a blender;
  • pour in the resulting mixture of milk;
  • then add vanilla and egg;
  • mix the ingredients thoroughly;
  • pour into a skillet;
  • fry on both sides;
  • ready pancakes to pour honey.

Recipe, which is recommended twice a week if you follow a diet:

Sandwich with grilled vegetables for flat stomach

Sandwich with grilled vegetables

Ingredients: two eggplants, one zucchini, one tomato, a pinch of salt, a pinch of basil and one baguette.

  • cut the vegetables;
  • then add them and fry on the grill, for 2-3 minutes on each side;
  • to cut the baguette;
  • on the lower half lay the leaves of basil, then vegetables;
  • cover with the top of the baguette and cut into several pieces.

Delicious and healthy vitamin salad for a flat stomach diet:

Salad with apples and carrots for flat stomach

Salad with apples and carrots

Ingredients: two apples, a tablespoon of lemon juice, two carrots, 50 g of nuts and as many raisins, two tablespoons of honey.

  • peel apples from peel and cores and grate them;
  • pour the grated apple with lemon juice;
  • clean and grate the carrot;
  • then mix the grated ingredients with the crushed nuts;
  • fill the resulting salad with honey.

Next comes an unusual recipe that you can afford twice a week while following a diet:

Squash cupcakes for flat stomach

Squash cupcakes

Ingredients: 350 g zucchini, two chicken eggs, 75 g flour, a teaspoon of baking powder and sugar.

  • clean zucchini from the peel and grate it on a large grater;
  • mix flour with eggs, baking powder and sugar;
  • then add to the resulting mixture a grated zucchini and mix thoroughly;
  • put the dough into the cake molds;
  • cook in the oven for 25 minutes, at a temperature of 200 degrees.

The following recipe is recommended to be taken once a week while following a diet for a flat stomach:

Chicken with rice and vegetables for flat stomach

Chicken with rice and vegetables

Ingredients: 100 grams of rice, two teaspoons of sesame oil, two cloves of garlic, a pound of chicken, two liters of chicken broth, two carrots, 50 g of peas.

  • fry the garlic until golden;
  • then add chicken to it;
  • pour rice and pour broth along with chopped carrots;
  • boil;
  • cover and simmer for half an hour.

Exercises for slimming belly

In addition to diet, a flat stomach for the week you will provide the following effective exercises:

  • Twisting. Lie on your back and pull your legs as close to the buttocks. Then strain the press and slowly lift off the shoulders from the floor. To start, the exercise is recommended to repeat 10 times;
  • Rise of legs. Lie on your back and lift your legs. The ankles should be parallel to the floor. Hands should be set aside. Tighten the press and slowly raise your legs up, lingering in this position for a few seconds;
  • A bike. The lying position. The legs are raised. Place the heels close to the pelvis. Close your arms behind your head and spread your elbows to the sides;
  • Lifting the legs from the supporting position. Lie down with your belly down. Then lean on your elbows. Then you need to stand on your toes and stretch out with your lower limbs. Take turns in raising each leg 10 times;
  • Deflection with bent knees. Stand on your knees and lean your elbows on the floor. Then tear your knees from the floor, straining your muscles. Hold in this position for a few seconds and return to the original.

The above-mentioned effective exercises for obtaining a flat stomach are recommended to be combined with a diet.

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