Flaxseed Diet

Linen diet today is very popular among women and men who are overweight. And she got her popularity not only because she helps to normalize her body, but because she influences the general well-being and the condition of the body for the better.

Thanks to this diet, the work of the heart and other internal organs, as well as the psychological state, improves. Insomnia recedes, and anxiety and stress no longer return. In addition, the appearance of a person is improving, his hair begins to grow and gain strength, and the nails become strong and beautiful.

And how do you think, why? And all because flax seeds and oil made from it contain active ingredients, which have a positive effect on the functionality of each cell of the body.

Have not you changed your mind about "landing" on a linen diet? Then we now tell you how to eat while maintaining a diet.

How to use flax seeds?

In fact, there is no difference how you will use flax seeds and in what form. You can add them to your food or just eat them in the form in which they go on sale.

But the most ideal option is to replace a full dinner with flax seeds and kefir. At the same time for breakfast and lunch you can eat almost anything, well, except for high-calorie foods. This method involves slow but sure weight loss. For one month you can reset about 5 kg.

Instead of seeds, you can use flax flour. This is the same as flaxseed, only ground. You can buy such flour in any store. But it will be better if you make it yourself by grinding the seeds in a coffee grinder.

And use this flour as follows: take 4 tablespoons of flour and pour the same amount of boiling water. Then let the flour stand for 10 minutes and you will see how it is transformed into porridge. By the way, you can add a green apple rubbed on a small grater. It turns out very delicious porridge.

It can be eaten for breakfast and dinner. And other meals should include boiled meat and raw vegetables, but not in large quantities.

In addition, a linseed diet for weight loss also implies the use of linseed oil. It can be added to various dishes, used as a dressing for a salad or simply eat it on an empty stomach, washed down with a glass of warm water.

Menu linen diet for 1 day

Here is an approximate menu for one day:

  • a tablespoon of linseed oil + a glass of warm water;
  • a portion of linen cereal, cooked flour (the recipe is described above);
  • vegetable salad dressed with linseed oil;
  • vegetable soup + boiled piece of chicken without skin;
  • a glass of yogurt with flax seeds.

Plus, it's necessary to drink water between meals, and as much as possible. A day allowed to use about 1,5 liters of purified water. By the way, it is allowed to drink green tea in unlimited quantities, naturally, without salt.

Such a menu can be used for a long time, because it contains everything necessary for the body. Therefore, if you did not manage to lose all the extra pounds, then you can easily apply this diet even further, without completely worrying for your health.

Do not forget that any diet requires a doctor's advice, and linen is no exception. Complete a complete examination and make sure your body is completely healthy.


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