Fractional diet for cleansing

Many owners of lush forms dream to lose weight and at the same time not to deny themselves anything. The most suitable for these requirements is the "fractional food" diet.

Slimming on a fractional diet

Fractional food is a special food system, in which the daily ration is broken into small portions. Diet on a fractional diet involves frequent receptions of a small amount of food. The interval between meals should be 3-4 hours.

Through fractional nutrition, there is an acceleration of metabolic processes in the body and an improvement in the assimilation of nutrients. This effect is due to the fact that with prolonged abstinence from food the body begins to postpone fat reserves, and frequent meals can intensively process both incoming food and fat stores.

Variants of fractional power supply

Fractional power provides two completely different options for food:

  1. There is a need every time there is a feeling of hunger, even if the interval between meals does not exceed 15-30 minutes. You can eat anything, the menu of fractional food does not limit the diet absolutely in anything. The main condition is not to eat more food than is necessary for saturation. I wanted to eat – eat, satiate – stop eating. To be guided in this case it follows only on the sensations of one's own organism and stomach in particular. No established rules regarding the time of food and the amount of servings are taken into account.
  2. This method is suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to eat every time they want, for example, if the mode of operation does not allow. In this case, the principle of fractional nutrition consists of five to six meals a day. In this case, three meals should be dense, and the rest with small snacks. By its composition, the menu of a fractional diet does not differ from everyday nutrition, but for greater effect it is desirable to limit the consumption of flour and sweet. During the day, you must drink at least two liters of liquid.

In the second variant, weight loss will become more noticeable than in the first. The results of fractional nutrition are almost always positive, the weight is lost pretty quickly. But with severe weight loss, the skin often slips. Therefore, it is desirable to combine this method of weight loss with exercise.

Rules of the diet "fractional food"

  1. Correct choice of serving size. Do not eat more food than you need to saturate.
  2. Caloric calculation. Despite the lack of restrictions in the choice of dietary products, it is desirable that the caloric content of the daily diet does not exceed the rate necessary for weight loss.
  3. Use the "right" food for snacks. As products that suppress the feeling of hunger between basic meals it is desirable to use healthy food: fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, etc.
  4. You can not starve. Even a small feeling of hunger requires compulsory quenching. Fasting more than 3 hours is strictly prohibited.
  5. Food should be varied. Variety in food will help to avoid temptations and eat a large amount of delicious, but harmful food.
  6. Refuse from harmful products. If possible, the consumption of fats, sweets and other inadequate food should be limited or even eliminated altogether.
  7. Vegetables and fruits have a place to be. You can and should eat fruits and vegetables in between meals.
  8. Thoroughly chew food. Slow and thorough chewing each piece promotes rapid saturation and thus prevents the possibility of overeating.

Reviews of the diet on a fractional diet indicate a loss from 1 to 2 kilograms per week. You can apply this diet as many as you want. It can even be used as a permanent power supply system. Moreover, the diet of fractional nutrition has practically no contraindications.

Video about the application of fractional power

A video about whether a fractional food is useful or harmful

Reviews of the fractional diet for losing weight

Fractional power? Yes, this is mine! There was 73 with a height of 175cm. A lot of things. I decided to take myself in hand. From what I read only on a fractional diet and stopped. Harmless, or rather useful! For a little bit to eat and often. That's it often made me sick. Result in a month – 6кг. And I was drawn into this order of eating. Now I do not even notice that I limit myself in some way. Well, the gym 2 once a week helps to lose weight. Such a system works! Verified!

I have a hard time sustaining diets that require a hunger strike. Often break. Fractional diet has become for me the ideal option. She threw 7 extra pounds on it. Since the work does not allow me to eat every time I want, I ate as indicated in the second version – 5-6 once a day. Eating healthy food. For example, my snacks were fruits, unsweetened muesli, cheese, vegetable salads with natural dressings, etc. Plus, I paid 10-15 minutes a day on exercises for the abdomen and waist. The result is ready for the beach season!

Now I was involved and the fractional diet became for me a standard diet. Only water I drink less than 2 liters per day and sometimes I allow myself harmful food. The weight keeps in norm!

I was so fed during the session!) Always near by were bananas, pears, apples and some kefir. As soon as there was a feeling of hunger, at once something was eaten from fruit. I want to note that I did not add an extra kilogram of 1, although I spent a lot of time sitting, reading and outlining.

Fractional diet is good for those who work from morning till night, as I for example. I tried this diet, it was very well thought out, the main thing is to be able to listen to your organism and not to eat too much, this should not be forgotten, this is the most important aspect in the diet! I advise you to eat fruits and seafood, they saturate quickly and calories do not have large, but not for long, the truth is saturated, although I advise you also to use green tea for this diet. If everything is correct, there will not be a kilo of 5 per week, it's checked.

You are right, do not eat too much – the basis of a fractional diet! I ruled out soda, white bread, sausages, muck like chips, alcohol (drank dry wine very rarely). You are lucky that working in such a rhythm, you can eat fully. In my bank for ten hours I only once ate, then do not start up, then did not have time. But in the decree – freedom, I build the diet myself.

Against the backdrop of hormonal failure I recovered to 25 kilogram, which for me was a real catastrophe, resembling doctors, the only thing they offered me was a diet, which for me was like a sentence, because earlier I did not limit myself to food. In the Internet I found this diet and most that I liked, this diet does not need to starve, but increase the number of times you eat, plus everything must be varied food. The diet for me became a way of life, I just already forgot that my diet had already passed two months and minus 14 kilogram.

Fractional diet gives a chance to lose weight to people! After all, almost all who want to lose weight think that you do not have to eat anything, no meat, no fish, even vegetables can not be eaten, stupid !. A fractional diet is given to show that one should eat often, but not enough and thoroughly chew food, and not like all who want to lose weight can not stand up run to the refrigerator and start to swallow everything without even chewing, brrrrrr. So this diet will help you if you want to lose weight just like me

It was the fractional diet that helped me prepare for this summer season! The whole beauty is that by choosing the first method of nutrition, I ate almost everything – just more modest pieces and therefore did not feel any discomfort or lack of any products in the menu)

Yes, the weight and the truth did not leave very quickly, but I did not need a quick weight loss – I just wanted to slightly adjust the figure)

I even like it used to eat like this and already in itself now I eat so much and keep myself in a constant tone)

I myself use this diet, I always carry a couple of apples, bananas, sandwiches. All that is easy to do and easy to carry. For me, this is important, since I started actively studying in the hall. The result is really good. The body realized that he did not need fat, since he was never hungry and he simply did not need it. Muscles, I want to note, are also quite good at this kind of nutrition.

A wonderful way to lose weight! I really wanted to lose weight. I used to sit on hard diets, did not eat anything, starved, and kilograms returned a few days at a normal diet. Then I saw an article about a fractional food and decided to try it. In 2 weeks, the result! Plus a fractional diet in that it does not feel hunger, eat often, but a little. I advise!

Kind time of the day! Around a lot of different diets and each of us is suitable one or the other. But the main thing in the diet, in my opinion, is the willpower, if you started to adhere – then already hold on and do not succumb to temptations.

I spoiled my stomach with diets (the year was being restored, it was the most horrible period in my life.) I thought that now I'll always be chubby. But this spring I decided to try to eat right and, miracle, it's not at all difficult))) Fractional diet will be my constant principle in food)) I felt very easily like a fluff)))

A great diet! I sat on it, as my mother advised, after giving birth. With the restless little child and the practical absence of any regime, I needed almost a miracle))) that is the opportunity to eat fully and not limit myself to time. I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight in 2 months, and through 3 I already allowed myself to go back to the shootings))) Parameters to the beginning of the 170-60 diet, a couple of months later 170-50.

You are a great fellow!

And tell me in more detail, what exactly did you eat? Well, now continue to eat:) And then from a different diet, of course, different results. And your results are more than good.

I was so fed during the session!) Always near by were bananas, pears, apples and some kefir. As soon as there was a feeling of hunger, at once something was eaten from fruit. I want to note that I did not add an extra kilogram of 1, although I spent a lot of time sitting, reading and outlining.

a week I eat on this diet and I can say that there is a result I already minus 2 kg. For two weeks I think this is not bad, the more harmful the diet does not bring health, tired of excess weight.

For a week 2 kg is great! Sorry for the faux pas, and what is the initial weight? You are a great boy, that took themselves into hand))) I usually on sweets on the second day I break, and on this my diet ends without starting (((


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