French diet: we lose weight in 14 days

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Despite the fact that people in France are practically not obese, most of the effective diets have been developed by French dieticians. There are many varieties of nutrition programs, but we suggest you try out a classic French diet for weight loss.

This method of weight loss was developed many years ago and is still actively used by many people. This diet allows you to quickly reduce weight, while not at all starving and not undermining your health.

If you adhere to all the rules, then you can just reset 3 – 4 kg for a week, and for 14 days and all 6 kg.

The rules and menu of the French diet

The French diet has no strict limitations. It provides for eating low-fat foods. I.e:

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At the same time, potatoes, rice, lentils, various sweets, sugar and butter products are completely excluded. Fruits should be eaten fresh, after each meal you can eat one fruit, it does not matter whether it’s a grape brush or a peach. The main thing is to eat only seasonal fruits.

As the French dietitian doctors say, no matter what you eat, the main thing is how you eat. You do not need to rush during a meal, the food should be chewed slowly, this facilitates rapid saturation and better digestion. In addition, they do not recommend replenishing their portions with additives, the volume of food should be medium, and after a meal there should be a slight feeling of hunger.

Also, the French diet 14 days implies the consumption of a large amount of liquid. Approximately half an hour before a meal you need to drink one glass of water at room temperature. And if you do not have contraindications to the use of lemon juice, then you can add to it a couple drops of this sour drink. It helps to satisfy hunger, which means that you will eat less, and improve metabolic processes in the body, which leads to rapid weight loss.

Total should be 4 or 5 meals. At the same time, the latter should be easy and should not take place later than seven in the evening. Ideally, if you eat fruit salad and low-fat cottage cheese or vegetable salad and a little boiled low-fat fish.

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You can easily make yourself a menu of the French diet. It should be borne in mind, however, that fried and spicy food should be avoided. It is best to cook everything steamed or eat foods boiled or raw.

Of fruits, preference should be given to pears, apples and citrus fruits. To take a great interest in bananas and grapes it is not necessary, but it is possible to pamper itself a couple of times for the whole period of stay on a diet. As for meat, it should be eaten in moderation, that is, according to 100 – 150 g for one meal and preferably for lunch. In this case, in priority, turkey, veal and rabbit. Chicken meat is also allowed.

If you are used to drinking a glass of wine in the evenings, then you can not give up your habit and during the evening meal also sip a glass of red dry wine, which also helps improve metabolic processes in the body.

And of course, it is necessary to engage in physical exercises, which will be aimed at strengthening the muscles of problem areas.

French diet for weight loss. What can and can not be?

Today, a large number of women dream of coping with the problem of excess weight, so they perceive any commercial that promises them a slender figure, as a guide to action. However, few women think about whether such statements are supported by clinical research.

Unfortunately, often the proposed methods of weight loss are based on unverified results. What can be said about the French diet for weight loss, how much it justifies the hopes of those who wish to correct their forms!

Wine in the French diet

There is an opinion that if you drink a glass of red wine with a meal, fats will be less absorbed. Indeed, in France, wine is served for each meal, meanwhile, the national problem of obesity is not there.

But do not forget that in every country, the national cuisine, like the culture of nutrition, has its own characteristics. Undoubtedly, a small amount of good red wine will not harm the body, but it will not solve the problem of assimilation of fats.

Therefore, if you are attracted by the harmony of the French and there is a desire to follow their example, you can take note of the French diet – eat more vegetables, fruits and try to be more often in motion. It is also not out of place to adopt the French food culture – it’s good to chew on the eaten food, avoid fast food and give up semi-finished products.

Milk in the French diet

It is also mistaken for some people to attribute harmful properties to milk and generally dairy products. In order to lose weight, women try to exclude these foods from their diet.

Nutritionists insist that they do not, but recommend only to limit themselves to the consumption of fatty dairy products. Low-fat dairy products will only be useful to the whole body, they help improve metabolism.

Nutritionists prefer the French diet for 14 days as one of the best, you can consume in unlimited quantities of a lot of liquid, especially sour-milk products.

It is best to use dairy products of low fat content, and not zero, so that the body receives a certain amount of useful microelements that are so necessary for a person with dietary nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables in the French diet

The menu of the French diet is filled with vegetables and fruits. There is another misconception about fruit and vegetables, which are known to be unique sources of vitamins, trace elements and other useful substances necessary for the body.

Despite this, many women stop eating bananas, grapes, carrots, motivating their decision by the fact that they contain a lot of sugar. However, such sacrifices are completely vain.

It is common knowledge that these fruits and vegetables contain sugar, but the harm that it brings is negligible compared to the benefits to the body of fiber and carotene, which in large quantities contain these fruits.

Classical French diet reviews leave the best about yourself. And this is quite understandable, because the weight goes away quickly, and at the same time you are always in a good mood, since you do not suffer from malnutrition, as is often the case with other diets.

Conclusion and recommendations!

And finally, a few words about what really helps to achieve results in the fight against excess calories. It must be constantly remembered that food serves the body as an energy source, so categorically refusing it should not be.

Remembering some simple rules of the French diet for weight loss, it is not at all difficult to make up your diet, observing the balance. These are the rules. The protein does not accumulate in the body in the form of additional kilograms and centimeters, because it is easily digested.

Calories, the source of which are carbohydrates, are consumed in the body in the first place, so their large number can not lead to excess weight. But fats are known for their ability to “save” in the form of extra pounds. Knowing these simple things, you can make a choice for yourself, what food is most useful and lose weight without harm to health!

Reviews about the French diet

In spring, when nature wakes from hibernation and blossoms with bright colors, almost every woman remembers that it would be good to lose a few pounds. And I am among these women – not an exception. For this purpose, the French diet for weight loss suited me perfectly. Fractional food, the exclusion of fried-fat, plenty of vegetables and fruits. There are no special restrictions, but the result is excellent.

For me, the most difficult thing is to switch to 4-5 one-time food. And the French diet for 14 days is based on this. I used to eat on 2 times a day: brunch and dinner. Well, I can have a sweet coffee without anything. That’s even from the products of some easy to refuse, especially since flour and rice almost do not eat. And if something is between eating, I feel uncomfortable. Can it really replace the excess fruit with food?

The French diet for 14 days is the best diet I have tried. And this is not surprising, since the rejection of roast and fat combined with physical exercises already provides for weight loss, and the predominance of fruits and vegetables in the menu helps improve both the appearance of a person, and saturate the body with vitamins and beneficial substances, improve mood. Recently, I have been trying to keep to this diet and I feel great.

Perhaps, the French diet is the simplest diet of those on which I was sitting. Because eating often, hunger is less, and a glass of water before a meal does its job)) The only thing I would advise to be more careful with physical activities during diets, especially if you are on a diet for the first time – personally with me active physical loads in combination with this diet at the end of the first week begins a slight dizziness, but otherwise everything is fine, the result is good)

Today is the first day of the diet. banned yesterday

cut themselves after dinner, and caught myself thinking that eating at all

I do not want to – it’s just a habit to chew in front of the TV . I will

get used to, because without yesterday’s snack, my weight after breakfast was 63,8


Today is the second day of the diet. While holding, with breakfast neither

what problems there is, lunch yesterday very delicious even turned out and

Nutty, I mixed all the ingredients in a salad, here’s not chewed salted

meat is not very much, but it’s not deadly . Weighed

today after breakfast 63,7 kg. GOOD LUCK, WE WILL WIN ALERTS

Today is the third day of the diet, the weight of 63,5. Diet by composition I like, even

I’m starting to get used to the lack of salt . I really hope for a good

result. Even if I do not lose weight to the weight I need, at least I will work out

for themselves certain useful rules, such as: to eat in

certain hours, do not eat at night and still consume more liquid. MAIN GIRLS, ALWAYS GO TO A PURPOSED OBJECTIVE.

I tried so many times to diet. Constantly frustrated, well, I do not seem to have the willpower. There was a time when I thought that dieting is not about me. But no, the time has come when I began to think about my excess weight! And so my girlfriend proposed a French diet for 14 days. Almost a week of my diet has already passed. It’s easy for me to like what a fine fellow he is who invented the French diet!

Girls, tell me. I started to drink hormonal pills and started to gain weight because of them. Will the French diet help me keep the weight within? I liked that this is not a hunger strike, but you can eat a lot.

Damn, what an appetizing, this French diet! So much you can do, it’s just super! Before that I sat on buckwheat and kefir (I know, the last century), no variety, no mood and headache (apparently, sugar was not enough). Now I will try the French diet, here my favorite products are fruits, eggs, cottage cheese. Wow, hold on, my broad bone!

Girls, I want to share the results) before vacation fell into a depression you can say, go swimming, sunbathing, and I sat up on my stomach. For a couple of weeks I came to, started to look for diets, stumbled upon the French diet for 14 days, saw the composition of the necessary proleuktov and from the next day I got attached, I lasted 12 days, for this period I managed to throw 4,5 kg. If you talk about the diet itself, do not starve, eat delicious and healthy foods, get vitamins)

Well, my diet has come to an end !! I did not write anything in advance, I waited until all these 14 days were over. The result is just super, I lost weight by 4 kg. A couple more kg and I will be a beauty!

The French diet is really cool and very effective, but I only want to give you some advice. 1. Before each meal for half an hour, drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon (first I was not into this water, but now I’m used to it) 2. If you want to lose weight on the French diet, then start with the menu.

(Without a strict menu, I certainly would not have managed to lose weight! Before the diet, I sat down, opened all these rules and painted what exactly in grams I will eat for every meal.) I was emotionally helped by this list)

And further. I ate everything (bananas 3 exactly, very much). Right before bed, if very much wanted to eat, then I drank a glass of yogurt or yogurt.

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Miriam Josey
Miriam Josey is an RD and expert in healthy diets and sustainable lifestyles. She has a B.S from Cal State (Nutritional Science) and an M.S. from the University of Southern California (Nutrition, Healthspan, and Longevity). Miriam’s professional chef certificate allows her to develop rich, non-restrictive diets for weight loss.


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