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Fresh diet on vegetable salads – eat healthy

Summer time is a great time for a diet on vegetable salads. What a storehouse of vitamins and minerals is contained in their composition.

It is necessary to understand that the result will be if you take natural foods that have matured naturally. And beautiful foreign tomatoes, eggplants, sweet peppers and cucumbers will not bring the desired effect.

Advantages of a diet on vegetable salads:

  1. Saturation of the body with useful substances
  2. Normalization of the digestive system
  3. Improvement of intestinal microflora
  4. Derivation of toxins and other harmful substances
  5. Cosmetic effect.

Basic nuances with a salad diet:

  • Vegetables should not be high-calorie, for example, cabbage, aubergines, carrots, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, greens, but potatoes are strictly prohibited.
  • You can not dress salads with mayonnaise, just a spoonful of olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Portions should be small.

If you are already in anticipation of a salad boom, then you can start.

Be sure to remember about consultation with a nutritionist and a good physical condition of losing weight. It is not worth heroic if you have diseases of the intestinal tract.

There are two types of salad diet:

The first is strict, only salads and boiled eggs are allowed. According to statistics, the dietary system gives a high result, for a week – minus 9 kg.

The second is more gentle, you can enter into the diet meat broths, meat, fish, and salads go as a second course. Garnish to each serving of food. This diet gives a weaker effect, a week before 4 kg of excess weight.

What you like – choose and will begin.

Lose weight with the first option. This salad diet is strict and tough. Nutritionists advise not to stick to it more than 5-7 days, so as not to cause indigestion.

Diet diet on vegetable salads will be as follows:

Breakfast: vegetable smoothies, 2 boiled eggs

Lunch: vegetables (carrots, cucumber with low glycemic index)

Lunch: 250 g of vegetable salad with tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and herbs, water without gas.

Afternoon snack: vegetables (carrots, cucumber, sweet Bulgarian pepper)

Dinner: vegetable salad or cocktail of carrots and apples.

Before going to bed: a cup of green tea.

In the intervals between meals you can chew fresh raw carrots, apples, cucumbers, a few tomatoes.

Abundant drink is necessary, if there is an upset of the intestines, then in the morning you should eat 2 st. l. oat bran.

If it's hard for you to live without meat, then I suggest a second option.

Diet on salads with proteins

The ration is approximate, only for dinner we add meat broth, a few slices of meat, a slice of rye bread.

Breakfast: Vegetable smoothies and 2 boiled eggs

Lunch: vegetables (carrots, cucumber with low glycemic index)

Lunch: 200 g meat broth, 150 g fish, 250 g vegetable salad with tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper and herbs, water without gas.

Snack: vegetables (carrots, cucumber with a low glycemic index)

Dinner: fish pudding, vegetable salad or cocktail of carrots and apples.

Before going to bed: a cup of green tea.

A few common recipes for light salads for each day:

  1. Cleansing diet of salad panicles from cabbage, carrots and beets. The ratio of the three parts of the first ingredient and one by one the rest. Fill with lemon juice, do not salt. We eat this salad every night before going to bed, washing down with water.
  2. Smoothies with carrots and apples. We clear fruits and vegetables from the peel, grate them on a grater or in a blender. The mixture is eaten with a spoon for breakfast or in between main meals.
  3. Salad Tomatoes Cucumbers Vitamin Diet. We cut all the ingredients, a little lemon juice and greens. Excellent garnish for meat or just a delicious separate dish.
  4. An interesting salad "Brush" is made from beets, carrots, apples and lemon. This salad perfectly burns fat and normalizes the acid-base balance.
  5. Vegetable salad of celery and cucumber. We add one sweet pepper, a bunch of greens, a celery root, a cucumber and a glass of low-fat yogurt. Salad ready.
  6. Assorted with various vegetables, take carrots, cucumber, Peking cabbage, greens, celery root. All mixed and filled with olive oil, you can add a few spoons of sour cream or unsweetened yogurt.
  7. Cutting from vegetables and fruits. We choose fresh ripe fruits and vegetables, cut them. Season with lemon juice, and eat during the day in small portions. He drinks it with water.

Diet on a vegetable salad is very diverse and useful. Every day you can experiment and invent new dishes according to the ingredients that are on the table.

Remember: do not hand over and eat in small portions.

If there is a feeling of hunger, you can drink a glass of water, or eat a green apple.

Vegetable diet will help you cope with stool problems, cleanse the intestines. Normalizes digestion, water-salt balance.

Reviews about the vegetable diet from users:

Constantine and Olga.

"Our family is committed to a vegetarian lifestyle. Why it happened, I already do not remember, the main thing is that we began to eat properly and qualitatively.

Salads in the daily diet are just necessary, very useful vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage, cucumbers, bell pepper, celery, parsley, dill. If you cook them correctly, without adding mayonnaise and other harmful products, you get a real spring-summer pleasure. We are very fond of fruit salads, and combining different ingredients together you can achieve a real culinary masterpiece.

Diet on salads allows you to lose extra pounds, cleanse your face, strengthen your nails and make your hair thicker and stronger.

Our children are happy to eat salads from carrots and cabbage, and the younger one likes to add apples and peaches to the diet.

It's very useful, fast, economical and effective! "

Elena Markovna, 44 year.

"I do not represent lunch, let alone dinner without an easy and healthy vegetable salad, and what to say about their nutritional properties. Carrots saturated with keratin, cabbage vitamin D and A, lemon juice – a source of calcium and potassium. Together, this is just a treasure for our body. I have been practicing a diet for a long time on a vegetable salad, I have been spending unloading days for years 10, I feel great, the intestine works easily and freely, there is no heaviness in the stomach.

I stopped being sick with viral diseases in the winter. Outside, a culinary talent woke up, I began to make a lot of interesting and author's salads, which my family loves.

One of my favorite salads is carrot, the recipe of which I will share with you.

We take 5 medium carrots, half beets, grated on a small grater, large-sliced ​​boiled eggplant and tofu cheese. We mix everything, fill with lemon juice and olive oil. Portion is divided into 6 times and during the unloading day is consumed in small portions. Thanks to the cheese salad is more satisfying, but I do not strive to lose weight, so I eat it. And who wants to lose extra pounds, it is desirable to remove tofu from the recipe.

If you like the salad, I will be happy. Best wishes to you!"

Famous actress Ekaterina Volkova offers her own recipe for vegetable salad.

We take 2 carrots, half a head of cabbage, apple, cucumber and sweet pepper. We cut all small squares, shred cabbage, put in a small pot and pour 100 g of lemon juice with a spoon of olive oil. We mix well, give an hour to stand in the refrigerator, and then put it on a dish and sprinkle with greens on top, it's a wonderful side dish to a young potato in uniforms or a piece of meat roll.

Nutritionists are inclined to think that such vegetable unloading days are simply necessary in the life of every person, this is after all the cleansing of the body, removing toxins and toxins, improving the work of enzymatic acid, which helps dissolve proteins and carbohydrates faster in the digestive tract.

Vegetables can be eaten in any form, raw, stew, soar, preserve, make a variety of delicious dishes that can easily be absorbed by the intestines and secrete many positive vitamins and trace elements.

It is best to conduct such a diet in the season of ripening of vegetables, the less nitrates and harmful substances enter the body, the better will be the functioning of internal organs. It is advisable to make conservation for the winter or to freeze food that will be a life jacket in the cold winter.

Vegetable salad is a necessary component of successful weight loss of our body.

Video with recipes for slimming salads

Video with a slimming salad from eggplant

Reviews of diets on vegetable salads

In my life, I have only two drawbacks. This is a rare hair and excess weight. That's it with overweight I decided to fight in the first place. I searched the Internet for a long time, something suitable. He did not want to choose any chemicals for diets and opted for a diet on vegetable salads. This diet I immediately liked that it is all natural products that do not cause the body any harm.

Because of parting with the guy scored 10 extra pounds. I tried a lot of diets, I did not achieve the necessary result. On the Internet, I read about a diet on vegetable salads. First of all, I drew attention to the fact that it is necessary to include as much fresh vegetables as possible in your diet. And as you know, vegetables are not only delicious, but also useful. In the end result, for 2 weeks, 8 kg was dropped.

A strict diet on vegetable salads is not so easy to endure. But a diet of the second type, which is more sparing, can be easily maintained. Actually, every summer I try to sit on such a diet, we have all kinds of vegetables in the dacha, still it's scary to buy in the store. For example, it's better to refuse from purchased eggplants, they are very hard treated with poisonous chemicals.

Now went 2 month, as I'm sitting on this diet) I recently quit nursing and decided that it's time to lose weight. After the birth, there was a lot of weight left (and I did not put on that I could just help the diet, but . ). Diet on vegetable salads is just wonderful. I lost a month 6 kg! I did not even expect this result. myself much better) I think this is due to the saturation of the body with vitamins. As yet there is an opportunity, I advise you to try!

Diet on vegetable salads is a very cool thing in the summer season. Now what's in the store, that there are so many varieties of salads, vegetables, greens on the market that eyes run.

Sitting on such a diet – for 3 days minus 2 kilograms! In the body, this lightness is felt – everything, apparently, because of the abundance of fiber.

Now again I think to sit on it – there were a couple of drinking days, so it is necessary to return to the form again.

On my experience I can say that the diet is effective. And the results depend only on your perseverance and willpower. I sat for two weeks exclusively on various vegetable salads and smoothies (I did not even eat any boiled eggs, although this was allowed) + I also had a bar that a day no more than 2 kg of vegetables should be eaten. And for these two weeks I lost 7 kilogram. In my opinion, an excellent result!

But for the next two weeks I gave myself an indulgence – the vegetables always served as a side dish, and as a main dish I cooked a chicken and a fish. As a result, in the second two weeks I managed to lose 4 kg, but I was also pleased.

The main thing is that even a strict version of a diet on vegetable salads is not hungry. But for me and my wallet this is an exclusively seasonal option.

This is my favorite diet in the summer! You can even say the only way to lose weight perfectly. The season of vegetables, variety gives an excellent choice. I do not even eat for a day as much as indicated in the menu. Vegetable salads I gorgeously eat. But for a figure – this is happiness! Volumes quickly go away, the result is very satisfied! But a diet for an amateur, not everyone likes to eat in such quantity of vegetables!

A fresh diet on vegetable salads completely changed my eating habits. For several years I struggled with overeating, and, as a result, overweight, but only this diet helped me. It is good that you can eat up, there is no feeling of hunger. If I want to eat – I eat, but salads. It's summer right now, and you can cook a variety of salads. Since June I lost weight on 10 kg, now I feel comfortable!