Fruit Diet: a varied menu and a quick result

With the onset of spring, many women think about their appearance and sit on a diet to get rid of extra pounds. But the turmoil at work and at home, bad weather makes their own adjustments.

Therefore, ladies often break down, allow themselves to enjoy delinquent delicacies, and as a result, by the onset of summer, they do not achieve the results they expected. Do not worry, because the fight against weight can continue in the summer.

And an excellent assistant will be a fruit diet.

Fruit is usually called a system of weight loss, which is based on the consumption of fruit in large quantities.

Fruits are rich in healthy substances. Usually, nutritionists advise eating at least three fruits a day, so that the body can get the micro- and macro elements that it needs.

By increasing the consumption of fruit, a woman helps saturate the body with nutrients. In addition, the fruit consists of water at 90% and contain a lot of fiber, which at times increases the positive effect of this system of weight loss.

The undoubted advantage of fruit is that they do not need to be heat treated, as a result of which the product's benefit is reduced.

It is worthwhile to understand what valuable substances are part of the fruit.

  1. Potassium is a macronutrient that helps purify the body and removes excess fluid.

Because of his lack, a person experiences drowsiness, weakness, apathy.

A lot of potassium in pineapples, bananas, dates, black currant.

  • Calcium is necessary for the bone and circulatory system.

    The source of calcium is persimmon, raspberry, cherry, oranges, lemons, tangerines, dates, garden strawberries.

  • Magnesium increases stress resistance and improves bone tissue.

    Contained in watermelons, dates, persimmons, bananas.

  • Iron improves the immune system.

    Its deficiency leads to anemia, weakness and shortness of breath.

    Iron is rich in dog rose, apples, pears, persimmon.

  • Vitamin C is found in large quantities in citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines, lemons.

    Rich in fruits and vitamins of group B, vitamin A and C.

  • It is important to remember that you need to eat fruit correctly. Suppose, the use of apricot on an empty stomach can provoke indigestion, and a quarter of an hour after eating it will have a beneficial effect on the digestion process.

    Features of the fruit diet for weight loss learn from the video.

    A fruit diet has a number of contraindications. Diet is not recommended for people prone to allergic reactions, because it can provoke the development of diathesis.

    It is forbidden to use this system of weight loss for the elderly, women during pregnancy and lactation, children and adolescents, because the changes taking place in their body require a full-fledged diet.

    You can not lose weight on this method to diabetics and people with diseases of the digestive system, because fruits contain a large number of organic acids and sugars.

    Types, duration, effectiveness of fruit diets and the possible outcome

    Nutritionists distinguish between mono-diet and mixed methods. With mono-diets, you can not alternate fruits, you can use one particular type, for example, watermelons, bananas, pineapples, apples.

    Mixed methods suggest the use of different fruits, as well as vegetables, dairy and meat products. The best effect can be achieved with mono-diets, but because of a lack of protein, the likelihood of breakdowns increases.

    When choosing a variety of fruit diet should take into account the lifestyle and body characteristics. Those whose professional activity is accompanied by heavy physical labor should not be abused by mono-diets, since their body needs protein food.

    The diet has several subspecies:

    • fruit and vegetable;
    • fruit and protein;
    • fruit and kefir;
    • fruit and curd cheese;
    • fruit and milk.

    Nutritionists recommend sticking to a similar system of weight loss from 3 to 10 days. The possible outcome may vary depending on how seriously the woman approached the process and whether she allowed herself to deviate from the recommended menu.

    On average, dieting for 10 days allows you to reset from 7 to 10 kilograms.

    Several options for a fruit diet menu

    When making a menu for a woman's day, you need to consider that fruits rich in carbohydrates are worth eating before lunch. In the evening it is necessary to choose the oranges, tangerines, apples.

    Fruits can be consumed as usual or made from them salads or cocktails. On whatever version of the fruit diet, a woman does not stop, she should drink one glass of clean drinking water half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach.

    If the hunger returns earlier than the next meal time, you can have a snack with a small amount of dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots, raisins.

    Approximate menu of fruit and vegetable diet

    The diet lasts 3-5 days and is well balanced. It is allowed to eat fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish, cereals.

    • fruit salad, dressed with yogurt;
    • one glass of green tea.

    • 100 gr. rice with vegetables;
    • tomato or other juice.
    • fruit;
    • fresh juice.
    • baked or boiled fish;
    • vegetable salad dressed with olive oil.

    Approximate menu of the fruit and protein diet

    The diet is designed for three days. You can eat lean meat, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, eggs.

    In the intervals between meals you can eat grapefruit, orange and other fruits.

    Approximate menu of the fruit and milk diet

    Duration from 7 to 21 days. If a woman is going to adhere to this system of losing weight, then on the weekend should take a break and switch to a normal diet.

    Eating should be done every 2-3 hours and follow the following sequence:

    1. One glass of tea or coffee without sugar.
    2. Low-fat cottage cheese – 200 gr.
    3. Any fruit – 200 gr.
    4. Low-fat sour-milk drinks – 300-350 ml.
    5. Any fruit – 200 gr.

    Approximate menu of fruit and curd diets

    You can stick to the diet from 1 to 7 days. The duration depends on the overall well-being and the expected effect.

    • low-fat cottage cheese – 100 gr .;
    • fresh berries and fruits – 200 gr .;
    • green tea without sugar.

    • fruit salad.
    • low-fat cottage cheese – 100 gr .;
    • berries and fruits – 200 gr;
    • unsweetened tea.

    Approximate menu of fruit and kefir diet

    Kefir-fruit diet is calculated for 3-5 days. To her help is often resorted to, if you need to relieve the body after a long feast during the holidays.

    • kefir – 0,5 l .;
    • fresh berries and fruits – 300 gr.
    • kefir – 0,5 l .;
    • berries, fruits and vegetables – 250-300 gr.
    • vegetable salad, dressed with yogurt.
    • kefir – 0,5 l .;
    • any berries and fruits.

    Learn about the salt-free diet on our website.

    About starvation for weight loss in the article. On the benefits, harm and correctness of the conduct.

    On the menu for a week of low-carb diet here.

    Women who are blown to lose weight using a fruit diet, you must first read reviews on the Internet, because this system is not approached by all.

    I was sitting on a fruit diet. The advantage of this food is a long list of allowed products. The main drawback is that on the second day the body begins to experience severe hunger. As my doctor explained to me, the reason for this is the lack of proteins in the allowed products. In general, the results are disappointing. For 5 days I though managed to lose 5 kilogram, but they returned instantly. Less than three weeks have passed. Therefore, I do not recommend losing weight so much.

    Fruit Diet – a very effective method of getting rid of 2-3 kilograms for 3 days. It allows you to clean the intestines, as a result, the whole body feels light. The advantage is the availability of a large number of fruits in the summer and high taste qualities. Cons: Some difficulties in controlling appetite can be considered. If you follow the diet 5 days, it is desirable to add dairy products: unsweetened yogurt or kefir. When 7-day diet is included in the diet of cereals and lean meat and fish, because the long absence of protein the body tolerates poorly. However not everyone approaches such way of a delivery, necessarily consult to vrachem if have chosen for yourself growing thin on fruit.

    I lost a few pounds with the help of a fruit diet, but apparently the weight was gone at the expense of fluid loss, but not fat, as after 5 days of dieting, the dropped 5 kilograms returned back, with more than enough, already 7! Sorry for the spent effort. Although I noticed that there was a feeling of ease and added vitality. But I still think that it is much more reasonable to limit the consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and fats.

    However, a preliminary consultation of a specialist is necessary in order to exclude diseases of the digestive system, allergic reactions and diabetes, because any restriction in nutrition should be directed not only to improving external data. It should not harm health.

    If a woman is hard to maintain such a system of food for 3-10 days, you can occasionally arrange fruit-free days.

    The body will appreciate such care for its worth.

    How not to overdo with the fruit diet can be learned from the video.

    Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets From the summer I.

    A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

    Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

    And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?


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