Fulbody training for women All-in-One

Optimize the time in the gym with the help of training in the style of fulbodi. You are guaranteed to sweat and work through all the problem areas, saving time!

Author: Tiffany Lee Gaston

We all have days when circumstances interfere with our plans. The child fell ill and did not go to school, you are overwhelmed with work and deadlines, the alarm did not ring, or you were pinned to the wall social obligations. As a caring wife and mother of three children, I do not have to be bored. Sometimes, only I will pick up the pace in training and take a confident step towards the goals I'm aiming at, as I immediately find myself under the pressure of too many projects or anything else mysteriously falling on my head. At this point, everything is falling from the hands, and I feel paralyzed by stress.

Training and self-care are far from sinful pleasures: they are dictated by common sense and absolute necessity. Physical stress is one of the most effective methods for relieving stress; unfortunately, very often in difficult periods they are sacrificed in the first place. Do not rush to throw out the white flag training, do not let everything for what you worked so hard to dissolve in the void, and try to go from the opposite. If you raise the intensity of the training and take more multi-joint movements, you will work out more muscle groups in one workout. And the problem will be solved!

Still in doubt? Here are some other benefits of adding full body workouts (fulbodies) to your fitness program.

You spend less time in the hall – and you see the same result

Fidelity 5-day split can well not fit into your current schedule, but most of us can easily find time for two or three fulbodies a week. With a share of creativity and a willingness to sweat, you can not get out of the schedule and, in between, optimize your time and workouts. Instead of waving to your goals after, try more complex, multi-joint movements to achieve more in less time. For me it sounds like a recipe for success!

It will be more interesting to train!

Are you tired of monotonous sluggish workouts? The charm of life in its diversity! Constant changes in training make the body guess and grow, and your brain is actively involved in what you are doing. Shuffle the exercises for different parts of the body and discard the shackles of a routine split breast day / day of the legs / day hands.

The activation of a multitude of muscles in one multi-joint movement leads to an increase in the metabolic response and consumption of calories. This is tantamount to accelerated fat burning, more proportional to the forms and improvement of overall well-being. In addition, if you have the opportunity to work through the same muscles several times a week, the development of strength and endurance, as well as changes in appearance, will not keep you waiting.

Without adequate rest and recovery, you will not see the results for which you go to the gym. By adding more complex movements, you will have the opportunity to work out more muscle groups at the same time and will enjoy a long rest between the days of training.

Now that you can not wait to start, it's time to take a look at the example of the circular WHITE training for the whole body, which you can squeeze into your busy schedule. You have to perform from 3 to 5 circles, you will do 12-15 repetitions in each approach in the next five exercises. Do exercises one after another with minimal rest or without any pauses. Collect all that you need, in one place, so that the transition to the next exercise took a minimum of time.

Do you want to increase the level of complexity? Try between the approaches to add jumps to the stand, a skater, jumps or jumps with a jump to raise the heart rate and increase the aerobic component of this workout. In the future this will save you from having to tread on the treadmill. So, intensive and short training All-in-one!

Nothing compares to squats! From sumo squats or with a narrow setting of the legs to the frontal, classical and paused, squats is a terrific exercise for the lower part of the body that works through all the larger muscle groups of legs. You will get the most out of the effort!

  1. While holding a pancake, weight or medallion at the chest level, take a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart.

Work: quadriceps, buttocks, hamstring, trunk muscles and shoulder biceps.

You can easily include this movement in any workout. If you are at home, use an armchair or any sufficiently low surface to burn your triceps with this exercise. Let's be frank, no one likes flabby hands!

  1. Lean on an armchair or a power bench, push the legs forward.

3. Alternate attacks with a barbell

When it comes to training the buttocks, this is my personal favorite. Attacks in walking are also good, but this is if you have the necessary free space. The beauty of the attacks is that you can change the position of the legs depending on which muscles are aimed.

Extremely wide step forward attacks the buttocks, but a short step with an angle of 90 degrees in the front leg recruits the quadriceps more. Do you want to feel the burning sensation? Do three pulsating jerks at the bottom of the movement to burn muscles in each repetition.

  1. Take the standing position with the barbell on the shoulders.

Work: quadriceps, hamstring, buttocks, trunk muscles.

Many of us forget about the power of simple movements with the mass of the body and neglect the muscles of the bark. This exercise brings together the best of both worlds and ensures that nothing is left without attention!

  1. Take the starting position for push-ups from the floor and press into the position of the bar.

Work: breasts, triceps, shoulders, muscles of the trunk.

5. Alternate attacks of curtsey with a pancake in bent hands

While the usual lunges work out large glutes, this movement is aimed at the outer and upper parts of the buttocks, or the abduction muscles. Training the buttocks at all angles makes it possible to create a very beautiful "fifth point"!

  1. In standing position, keep the pancake in front of you. Hands should be bent, as in the ascent to the biceps.

Work: biceps of the shoulder, abducens muscles, quadriceps, buttocks and muscles of the cortex.


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