Gallstones diet

Stagnation of bile in the gallbladder makes it dense. In this state, salts precipitate, creating fertile soil for the formation of stones in the bladder itself and in the bile ducts. This process is called cholelithiasis. The basis for the progression of the disease is the inflammatory process of the organ and ducts, and the culprit is the wrong food. Disturbed metabolism, the release of cholesterol, salts promote the formation of stones. As an effective treatment, along with taking medications, observe a special diet regime.

Diet conditions for bile duct disease

Reduce cholesterol, improve the outflow of bile in the body can be properly organized diet. The diet with cholelithiasis is a special diet that restricts the consumption of fats and fully provides proteins, carbohydrates, nutrients. Observe dietary nutrition in cholelithiasis is necessary, according to the rules:

  • Necessarily decreases the amount of consumed food at one time, increases the number of food intake to 5 – 6.
  • Exception from the menu of smoked meat, sebaceous meat, fried, egg yolk. Contained in the product, cholesterol in close composition with pancreatic pigment is able to crystallize, gradually turning into stone.
  • Replace the excluded products with others, which include vitamins and trace elements.
  • Increase the amount of magnesium in the body at the expense of products. Magnesium is responsible for the removal of cholesterol, relieves spasms, releasing the ducts for the escape of bile.
  • Eliminate constipation by taking products to stimulate intestinal motility. It is mandatory to include in the menu fiber, which is found in vegetables, prunes, beets (every day).
  • The inclusion of calcium in food for a patient who treats cholelithiasis is a prerequisite. With the help of calcium, which is part of the permitted sour-milk products, there is a struggle with the subsidence of cholesterol and the appearance of stones.
  • A positive effect is provided by mineral water. Control of fluid intake. In day with diseases of the bile ducts, it is necessary to drink 2 liters of liquid. Clean fluid will clean the ducts, make liquid bile, lowering its thickening. A positive effect is provided by mineral water. To drink a mineral liquid with bile problems is only with the permission of the attending physician. Herbal decoctions can replace part of the fluid consumed. Corn stigmas, chicory leaves, parsley root, strawberry leaves have anti-inflammatory, choleretic, soothing properties and are used as adjunctive therapy.
  • The presence of protein, omega is necessary in the products used by the patient. For this, the menu includes low-fat meat, sea fish, egg whites, vegetable oil.
  • Strictly forbidden: alcohol, spicy seasonings, carbonated drinks, preserves, fruits, berries with increased acid, coffee, chocolate, tea, broths, flour products.

Diet with stones in the gallbladder may be different. It all depends on the stage of the disease: the period of remission or exacerbation.

The diet for cholelithiasis is based on the inclusion in the menu of products that contain:

  • Pectin – the basis of intestinal microflora, combines toxins and removes from the body. It is characterized by anti-inflammatory and enveloping processes.
  • Amino acids, which stimulate the exchange of cholesterol, lipids, removing fatty acids from the liver.
  • Fiber, magnesium, calcium.

Low-fat meat (veal, beef, chicken, rabbit) is acceptable in the ration of the patient.

List of acceptable products:

  • rye, bran bread yesterday, biscuits;
  • porridge (oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, semolina) are prepared on the water. For sweet soups, you can add milk;
  • boiled pasta;
  • lean meat (veal, beef, chicken, rabbit);
  • low-fat fish;
  • seafood (seaweed, shrimp);
  • Nuts, dates, sunflower seeds or pumpkins;
  • unrefined vegetable oil;
  • butter is added only to cooked foods;
  • first dishes without broth (soup, borsch, milk dishes);
  • products containing pectin (carrots, beets, pumpkin);
  • garlic (displays cholesterol);
  • vegetables containing starch (potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers);
  • milk, dairy products, low-fat cottage cheese, cheese (limited amount);
  • bananas, baked apples, dried fruits;
  • marmalade, pastille, jelly;
  • compote, kissel, brew from hips, diluted juice, corn stigmas for broth.
  • You can not include in the cooking process foods that stimulate increased production of bile, fats that load the liver and cholesterol.
  • Oxalic acid (sorrel, tomato), nitrogenous substances provoke the deposition of salts, the formation of stones. Products with their contents can not be added to cooking recipes.

Prohibited products in case of illness.

Which products are prohibited, we learn from the following list:

  • freshly baked bread, buns, cakes;
  • dairy products of high fat content;
  • eggs (only by permission of the doctor);
  • bouillon;
  • fatty meat, fat;
  • pearl barley, millet and barley porridge;
  • cabbage, tomatoes, sorrel, spinach, onion, radish, rhubarb;
  • any mushrooms are prohibited;
  • smoked products, canned food, offal, sausage;
  • spices. Let’s dwell on the root of ginger, which has medicinal properties. Together with the removal of slag ginger promotes the movement of stones, which is dangerous for patients with cholelithiasis;
  • hard spicy cheeses;
  • fast – food;
  • Tea coffee;
  • raw fruits and berries.

Why it is necessary to follow a diet, the consequences of a violation

A properly designed diet can prevent the formation of stones in the bile. Patients who adhere to the prescribed diet, reduce the risk of further development of the disease, reduce symptoms during exacerbation.

Diet with stones in the gallbladder leads to the normal content of cholesterol in the blood, helps to get rid of problems with evacuation.

Recipes made from light foods unload the stomach, gallbladder, pancreas and allow them to work in a restful mode, getting rid of excess fats, increasing the intestinal microflora.

The variety of healthy foods increases immunity, as a result, a good mood and a sound sleep. Ignoring recommendations in the diet leads to exacerbations of the disease, frequent colic. Prolonged blockage of the ducts leads to swelling of the organ, accompanied by severe colic. The duration of the process can lead to cirrhosis of the liver.

The constant stay of the organ in the inflamed condition is complicated by additional diseases. Dangerous complications include bladder cancer, pancreatitis in chronic or acute form. Formed stones in the gallbladder can migrate, forming intestinal obstruction. The described complications are dangerous for the life of the patient, so gallstone therapy includes an important condition – diet.

Sample menu for cholelithiasis for a day

Diet with gallstones is observed not only during the treatment of the disease, but also for several years after treatment. Food, used according to the allowed list and regime, promotes the rapid restoration of normal bile secretion, prevents the formation of new stones.

Approximate diet of the patient:

  • Breakfast 1 – milk soup (porridge) 150 gr, steam omelet from egg whites (no more than 2 proteins) 100 gr, compote with dried fruits 200 ml.
  • Breakfast 2 – steamed cutlets from low-fat meat 125 gr, porridge from buckwheat, ground to a homogeneous consistency, with the addition of olive oil 150 gr, bran bread, compote of dried fruits.
  • Lunch – rice cream soup on vegetable broth 0,5 portions, boiled chicken 120 gr, grated porridge of buckwheat 150 gr, jelly.
  • Dinner – boiled potatoes 150 gr, boiled lean fish 80 gr, kefir.

The fat content can be increased due to vegetable oil. Patient’s diet under the menu:

  • First breakfast 8: 00-9: 00. Vinaigrette with low-fat sour cream, dried fruit compote, cottage cheese (can be replaced by a banana or dates), bread and butter.
  • Second breakfast 12: 00-13: 00. Boiled chicken, garnish with rice porridge, washed down with diluted juice.
  • Lunch 16: 00 – 17: 00. Vegetable soup without broth, you can add sour cream. The second dish will be boiled fish with potatoes and boiled vegetables. Compote of sweet fruit on sweet.
  • Dinner 19: 00 -20: 00. Delicious curd casserole from low-calorie cottage cheese. Fruit jelly.
  • Late dinner, no later than 22: 00. Kefir, crackers.

Take care to reduce the daily intake of salt, and in the intervals between meals it is necessary to drink pure or mineral water. The special diet recommended by the doctor must be observed.

Do not feel sorry for yourself, small indulgences lead to the resumption of symptoms, and relapse is stronger and more painful than a primary disease. We decided to add something to the diet – always consult a doctor. Remember, the changes are made under the careful supervision of a specialist.


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