General recommendations for weight loss

Author of the article:

Natalia Kruglova – a practicing dietician, a member of the National Association of Dietitians and nutritiologists.

Leading doctor-nutritionist at the St. Petersburg Hospital. St. Mary Magdalene.

If you decide to reduce weight, but do not know where to start, here are the general recommendations that will help you in your case:

  1. Diet. Learn to eat often, but in small portions. It is optimal if meals will be in 2,5-3,5 hours. Thus, you will not experience a "wild" famine, accordingly, and there will be no overeating after that.
  2. Water regime. With enough water, the weight loss process is more comfortable, effective and safe for the body. The optimal amount of fluid per day can be calculated by the formula 30ml * kg body weight. That is, a person weighing 60kg needs 1800ml of fluid. It is important that no less than 50% of the volume is in non-carbonated pure water, the rest of the volume can be filled with a weak green or herbal tea, an unconcentrated mors or water with the addition of juice.
  3. Fruits and vegetables. Their nutrition should be at least 500g daily. If there is more, this is only a plus. With caution to bananas, persimmon, grapes and melon – they are no more than 3-4 once a week, since they are rich in simple carbohydrates. Potatoes are acceptable in boiled form, there is it costs no more than 2 once a week, and in the morning, try not to eat for dinner.
  4. Protein products. Daily in your diet should be vyskobelkovye products – meat, poultry, fish, seafood. Try to give preference to low-fat varieties – beef, white poultry.
  5. A way of preparation of dishes. Not unimportant nuance, because sometimes extra calories appear during cooking. To healthy cooking methods include cooking, steaming, stewing, baking, grilling. In general, everything that does not require additional use of oil.
  6. Correct dinner. For many, the "stumbling block" is just the evening meal. In the afternoon we are too busy to take time for food, but in the evening, when you can relax, we eat often too much. In fact, in the evening, we need much less energy than in the daytime, so dinner should be much more modest. The simplest variant is vegetables and low-fat protein. For example, a vegetable salad and a slice of steamed fish or stewed vegetables with chicken fillets.
  7. We remove the excess. But the products worth noting are snacks (chips, crackers, crackers), traditional fast food, sweet soda, sauces based on mayonnaise, sausages and semi-finished products, white flour products – muffins, sweets – all products that have in their composition sugar.
  8. Physical activity. Even a small increase in physical activity will speed up the consumption of calories, and, accordingly, help in the fight against excess weight. Choose something for yourself, it can be a visit to a fitness club or just a walk in the nearest park, the main thing is that these classes bring pleasure and be in joy.

For me, the most difficult thing was to give up a piece of fried meat. Now I try to bake or cook on the grill. In the evening especially I want to eat and vegetables with fruits I do not save, from them my appetite becomes only stronger. Fish or chicken helps.

To lose weight in the first place you need to drink enough water, because often we crave for hunger. And do not completely abandon your favorite products, it is fraught with failure.

For myself, I accepted the rule – sweet fruit I eat before lunch, and then unsweetened or vegetables. I bought a steamer and a multivark and cook for my own pleasure.

I managed to lose weight by taking the 30 plus model. I advise, an effective remedy for those who can not lose weight on diets. The drug helps to control your appetite and feel yourself toned.


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