German Volumetric Training

It is said that German Volumetric Training (NOT), or the principle of 10 sets of 10 repetitions, has become popular due to Rolf Fezer, the coach of the German national weightlifting team. The training program was used during the off-season and pursued two main goals:

  1. Contributed to the recruitment of muscle mass by weightlifters.

It is rumored that the German Volumetric Training proved to be such an effective program for the collection of muscle mass that German collections often went into the next weight category in just 12 weeks.

In 1996, Muscle Media 2000 published an article dedicated to German Bulk Trainings, written by the Canadian force training specialist Charles Polikvin.

Jacques Demers, a member of the Canada national weightlifting team, believes that it was thanks to the German Volumetric Training that he was able to pump truly fantastic leg muscles. The star of female bodybuilding Bev Francis also claims that at the dawn of her career she actively used the German Volumetric Training.

German Bulk Training: General Information

Charles Polikvin wrote that "you will get the maximum return if you use supersets from exercises for muscle antagonists. We focus your attention on his words, since in most sources on the Internet the principle of simultaneous elaboration of antagonistic muscles is ignored, and it all boils down to simple 10×10 sets for one muscle group.

The basic principles of the German Volumetric Training:

  1. Choosing Effective Exercises. Choose exercises that give the most impact. Do not be tempted by simple movements in the simulator and low-intensity basic exercises. You can strain all the forces and squeeze the most out of the most complex and steepest compound movements, because for one muscle group you only need one exercise, to which you will make 10 approaches from 10 repetitions.

Also during the German Volumetric Training it is recommended to adhere to an aggressive nutrition strategy. What is the point of using a high-intensity training program if you are not trying to maximize muscle growth and recovery?

"To say that with this training program you will quickly gain muscle mass, this is not to say anything. The addition of 2,5 to 3 kg for 6 weeks is a common thing even for experienced lifters "- Charles Polikvin.

German Volumetric Training: recommended split

Below is the recommended 5-day split of the German Volumetric Training:

  • Day 1 – pectoral muscles and back muscles

The cycle repeats every 5 days. This training program places increased demands on the recovery process, and therefore athletes in straight people should think about working with each target group only once a week. An example of the 7-day training cycle is given at the end of this article.

Now let's talk about the two phases, into which the training program, built according to the principles of the NOT, is divided.

We adhere to 5-day split during 6 training cycles.

Day 1: pectoral muscles and back muscles

The second phase lasts 3 weeks. At this point, for 10 sets of 6 repetitions, you must take the weight with which you can normally perform 12 repetitions in the approach.

Day 1: pectoral muscles and back muscles

Here is an example of an alternative version of the German Volumetric Training.

Continues 4 weeks and is built on the principle of 10×10.

The split looks like this:

  • Day 1 – pectoral muscles and upper back

Day 1: pectoral muscles and upper back

This is an 2-week recovery period. In the second phase, you work with the same weight that you used in the last workout of the first phase, but reduce the load from 10×10 to 5 sets from 10 repetitions. All the rest remains unchanged.

And 6 cycles this means 6 weeks?

5 weeks with 60% load, and 3 and 2 weeks? unclear…

Neither of which is written about the refusal. Is it allowed at all?

About the refusal is written, read carefully

2 question – is it possible to vary the bench press on an incline bench for example instead of bench press on a straight bench after a week and whether it is possible to perform in one workout alternately – bench press, and then 10 time press on inclined 10 time.

I correctly understand that the alternative version of the NOT follows the two first phases described in the beginning of the training, or they are not related to each other. And what if all the described training regimes have been passed to a new circle with a lot of weight, or immediately to an alternative one?

Not properly! Alternative version of the NOT is to forgive the Alternative for free time. T. e who is easier to "get attached" to the days (Mon. Tue, Thu Fri.), And sub. and сск. Relax. And the first options are blunt every 6 day. Shorter thinking .

please tell me whether the first phase can be repeated for the beginning in 5 approaches? and 3 times a week Monday is Wednesday Friday?

It is possible, of course, only this will not be a German volumetric training, but something else

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