Ginger and lemon slimming

Can I lose weight with ginger or lemon? Of course you can, especially if you apply these two wonderful products in a complex with each other. Let's talk at once that ginger with a lemon for weight loss will help, if you have only a couple of extra pounds. With too much excess weight, it is also necessary to adhere to a variety of diets, and play sports.

Useful properties of ginger

  • Ginger is an excellent tonic, which makes it possible for a person to withstand serious physical exertion. This can be required in sports.
  • The active substances in the root of the ginger cause the blood to circulate more strongly. Intensified circulation of blood, in turn, "launches" metabolic processes, which contributes to the burning of fats.
  • Ginger allows you to quickly saturate even a small amount of food. With the use of ginger, gastric juice is produced in larger quantities than usual – this in turn ensures the full assimilation of a particular dish.

Useful properties of lemon

  • In a bright fragrant fruit are the most useful and necessary vitamins for the human body: C, B, A, E. Lemons are rich in macro- and microelements: magnesium, sodium, sulfur, potassium, chlorine, calcium, phosphorus, copper, molybdenum, boron, manganese , iron. The combination of all these substances allow us to talk about lemons as one of the most important products for maintaining health.
  • Lemons contain few calories (33 – in general, 29 – in the purified), which is great for losing weight.
  • In the lemon is a lot of fiber, which "sweeps" of the body of all unnecessary slag – just like a salad called "Brush".

Ginger lemon slimming – drink recipes

Classic drink "Ginger lemon for weight loss"

For this drink, you will need 2 cm of peeled ginger root and 1 medium lemon. Also, prepare 1 liter of water and proceed.

  1. Ginger slice thin slices.
  2. Cut the lemon in half. From one part squeeze the juice, and cut the second in circles.
  3. Sliced ​​ginger put in a liter jar and pour it with lemon juice.
  4. While the ginger absorbs the juice, boil the water.
  5. Pour the ginger with boiling water and add lemon wedges to the jar.
  6. Insist a drink 10-15 minutes, and then strain through a strainer.

Drink the whole drink throughout the day, regardless of the meal.

Slimming tea "Lemon, ginger and mint"

This tea is good to drink cool when you want in the summer heat or after exercise to quench your thirst. And to cook it is incredibly simple.

  1. Grate the flesh of the ginger and take it in the amount of 6 tsp.
  2. From the lemon squeeze the juice – you need 8 tsp.
  3. Rinse and dry with a mint leaves 8.
  4. Fold the ingredients in a large teapot and fill with 1,5 l boiling water.
  5. Insist tea no more than 15-20 minutes, and then strain.
  6. Pour the tea into the jug and allow it to cool completely.

After training in the gym, when a lot of calories were spent, it is allowed to put 1 tea in the tea. liquid honey on an 1 beverage glass.

Water "Lemon Ginger" for weight loss

When it comes to water with ginger and lemon, it means "Sassi Water". Her name was on behalf of the nutritionist Sindia Sass. It is attributed to the authorship of this unusual drink. In addition to fresh lemon and ginger, it includes another cucumber and again mint. The difference from previous drinks is that it is prepared on cold water.

  1. Rub on a shallow grater of 1,5 cm of ginger root.
  2. In a mortar, mash 10 leaves of mint.
  3. 1 cucumber and 1 lemon slice thin slices – take them medium-sized.
  4. Put everything in a two-liter container and pour it to the top with cold, not boiled water.
  5. Put the jug in the refrigerator for the night (from 10 to 12 hours).

Drink 2 liters of the drink for 24 hours and prepare its new portion every day.

Ginger with lemon for immunity is also very good. Affects the presence in both products of a large number of vitamins and trace elements that support the body during weight loss.


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