Green diet for weight loss – a green color in the fight for a slender figure!

If global weight loss is not an end in itself, and the figure requires only a small correction, the best option is a green diet. With the help of a green diet, you can cleanse the body of harmful accumulations and lose a few extra pounds.

The essence of the green diet

The principle of adherence to the green diet is the use of products only green. Such products are usually rich in fiber and almost contain no calories. Fiber helps to cleanse the body of toxins and remains of undigested food.

Losing weight on a green diet is due to the low caloric content of food. At the same time, there is no feeling of hunger, as the stomach is filled in full. The green color of vegetables and fruits is determined by the content of the chlorophyll pigment, which is able to improve metabolism and strengthen immunity.

Green vegetables are so good that they digest more calories than they enter the body, and therefore energy will be formed from the reserves of the body, which will contribute to a highly effective weight loss.

All green fruits and vegetables are considered to be the permitted products of the green diet. All of these besides low calorie contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins. According to nutritionists, green vegetables and fruits are absorbed by the body almost in full. In addition, they contain tartronic acid. The "magic" property of this acid is a sharp slowing down of the process of lipogenesis, that is, the conversion of carbohydrates into fats.

When the body is saturated with products containing tartronic acid, fats are practically not accumulated by the body. During the green diet should completely abandon the salt and spices, sugar and various condiments.

You should consume vegetables without any treatment, in raw form, using quenching if necessary, but salted or canned foods are prohibited. During the green diet, various herbs will be useful, which will have a positive effect on the digestive processes.

From the scientific point of view, the effectiveness of green diet is explained by the ability of green color to suppress appetite. As shown by a variety of psychological studies, the food bright shades and shiny from butter, glaze or sauce dishes stimulate appetite. While calm tones and green in particular, do not contribute to an increase in appetite.

Green diet menu

The preference for green foods in a green diet does not require fanatic use. In addition to vitamins and minerals, the body needs fats and proteins. The daily menu should contain enough quality proteins (eggs, fish, dairy products, lean meat), fats not less than the norm, about 30-50 g per day and the maximum amount of green vegetables and fruits.

Here is an approximate diet per day with a green diet:

  • for breakfast it is recommended to drink a cup of green tea, eat one hundred grams of cottage cheese or low-fat cheese, a few green apples or kiwi;
  • for a second breakfast salad of fresh green vegetables, you can add a drop of olive oil, use salt at a minimum;
  • for lunch a salad of green vegetables in combination with a small amount of boiled fish or chicken breast;
  • for a snack – a salad of fresh vegetables or fruits, season with a small amount of low-fat cottage cheese;
  • for dinner – a dish of stewed zucchini, and finish the meal with fruit.

Existing contraindications with a green diet

To use a green diet for weight loss is forbidden in pregnancy, with breastfeeding, with existing chronic diseases of the digestive tract, heart failure, etc.

Nutritionists are not advised to use a green diet in the presence of intolerance foods with high fiber content, are also encouraged before starting such therapy for weight loss consult with an expert.

Reviews of the green diet for weight loss testify to the possibility of soft disposal of several kilograms, improving the skin condition and significant recovery of the body.

Conclusion and recommendations of specialists!

The green diet for weight loss has a certain psychological effect: green calms, tones up in a positive way, is associated with health and well-being, gives moral strength, helps to sustain the diet to the end.

Video about green smoothies for cleansing and losing weight

Video with a slimming salad

Reviews of a green diet for weight loss

In fact, I am skeptical of all diets. But when, literally in a month, I turned from a miniature beauty into something, weighing 70 kg, began to fly to various sites in search of a quick solution to the problem. And here I found her. "Green diet." The name I liked, because all the products of red color I have an allergy, but here their complete exception. Start eating strictly adhering to the recommended menu. Of course, before that I read all the contraindications. There was no famine at all! And all the more delicious and useful. This is in my opinion the only diet that suited me and liked. A month later I can sum up: -the skin has become almost perfect! Neither greasy shine nor rashes. Nothing.

– the mood is at its height. No pain in the stomach and intestines.

– and most importantly . Less than 11 kg! It's just a miracle.

In general, my word about this diet – use and become beauties!

I have already tried so many diets, and always in search of something new. In general, now I'm on a green diet for a week, I feel vivacity and lightness, no feeling of hunger. And I'm extremely amused by choosing a menu of green diet, because you can peep something interesting, now there is so much greenery around. And for a week I dropped two kilos, an excellent result, even if it's just the excess water out of me came out.

this diet is just super, if there is no task to lose weight on 20-30 kg, then this is exactly what you need after a cold winter before the beach season, and if you combine a "green diet" with little physical exertion, such as sit-ups, you will lose weight and the body will be tone. This is a wonderful detox, because green foods contain few calories and are rich in fiber, which will clean the body of various harmful accumulations. I recommend everyone to try the "green diet", in summer it is very easy and simple!

I bought a lot on the menu of green diet. I liked very much that all products are natural, and not some chemistry as in other diets. Here I am on this diet for the fourth month. The result is very pleasing – 4,7 kg and the weight does not stop to fall a little.

Girls, the benefits of a green diet is undeniable! You eat right, tasty, and most importantly without compromising your health. Thanks to her, not only the extra pounds left, but also the skin, hair, and mood improved 🙂 The diet menu is varied enough that it can satisfy every taste. In general, I advise everyone, everyone, everyone! PS if only you do not have contraindications.

During a diet, it's always hard to give up previously loved, but harmful dishes. When I started a green diet, I was ready for difficulties. But, strangely enough, literally a week later I was perfectly drawn! Apparently, some harmful slags were removed from the body. So it did not even draw on harmful food. And kilograms began to leave my body intensively, despite the fact that I also used boiled meat with eggs!

I was never complete, I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted and remained slim. Therefore, when after hormonal treatment I was "blown up" – this was a catastrophe. I tried different diets, but the result was not enough, and irritation to myself, and inferiority complexes grew. The green diet interested me in its unusualness, accessibility (including materially). And you know, it works. And to observe it is simple and very tasty. While my result is 5 kg for 3 of the week, I'm very satisfied!

The benefits of a green diet are indeed proven by all doctors. I myself exclusively eat vegetable food, including products from the diet menu. I can support the figure even after delivery. My weight is 58 kg.


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