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Gymnastics for weight loss from Tibetan monks

The human body has 12 energy centers, they are called vortices. Rotation of these vortices at high speed provides vital force to all the basic human systems, then it remains completely healthy and harmonious.

But over time, the strength of the rotation of some streams slows down, they become weak or completely blocked.

To avoid such a turn of events, the Tibetan monks performed the set of exercises described below.

What kind of gymnastics, what does it help

This is a complex consisting of 5 exercises, which must be done every morning, ideally even every evening.

This miracle – the procedure will take no more than 15-20 minutes of your time. You do not have to put a lot of physical effort into the implementation of this complex.

The essence of Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss – to activate all stagnant or improperly functioning energy zones of the body with the help of certain movements.

Exercises of Tibetan monks help a person maintain a balance of harmony in his body, which contributes to the prolongation of youth, the preservation of excellent health and the necessary vitality.

When all the chakras begin to work in their natural and correct mode, the balance of the energy system comes back to normal and the human body automatically seeks to get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary to normalize harmony in all of its systems.

On the gymnastics of Tibetan monks "Eye of Revival" you can learn from the video.

The benefits of Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss

For a long time the monks kept this practice of health in the strictest secrecy.

Spending a little time and as much effort, you can significantly increase your physical strength, flexibility and mental concentration.

Exercises allow you to instantly feel relaxation, a burst of energy, healing.

Regular performance of Tibetan gymnastics improves the digestive and respiratory system, promotes overall well-being, relieves nervous and muscle tension. It is also very useful for the cardiovascular system.

This practice stabilizes the hormonal background, which facilitates the flow of various natural processes such as: PMS or menopause and gives an influx of sexual energy.

In addition to general weight loss, there are still beneficial effects of gymnastics of Tibetan monks on the body:

  • Elimination of the double chin.
  • Enrichment of the whole body with oxygen.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Conservation of bone mass.
  • Purification of the lymphatic system.
  • Increased muscle tone.
  • Improved posture.
  • Elimination of the abdomen.
  • Pumping the press.
  • Cleansing the body of toxins.

Also, gymnastics helps balance the work of the left and right cerebral hemispheres, which helps to start thinking better and fruitfully to combine creative and logical thinking.

Rules and recommendations for beginners

If you follow all the rules recommended by experts gymnastics, it will be absolutely harmless to your health, or rather, on the contrary, it is very useful.

  1. It is necessary to do exercises regularly.
  2. Dressing is convenient, so as not to restrain your movements.
  3. Do exercise before breakfast in the morning.
  4. Start each move on 1-3 times and increase the number of repetitions every day.
  5. During the procedure, monitor your breathing.
  6. Do not engage in a state of stress or breakdown.
  7. You also do not need to exercise by force.
  8. Spend at least 15 minutes of training.
  9. Ideally, you need to start your first classes during the growing moon.
  10. Be completely relaxed during exercise.

When performing such gymnastics, the main factor contributing to losing weight is proper breathing.

Complex exercises of Tibetan gymnastics

The training system consists of 5 exercises.

This exercise allows you to accelerate the speed of the vortex and set a stable tempo.

Standing straight, spread out the arms on both sides and pull it at the shoulder level horizontally. Start spinning in a circle until you feel dizzy.

Most importantly, move from left to right, i.e. in the clockwise direction.

Almost everyone after 10 turns starts to feel dizzy, it's better to start the first time doing the first 3 turnover.

If, after completing the first exercise, you really want to relax, lie down or sit down for a while, until dizziness goes away. Listen carefully to your body, it always gives you clues.

The maximum number of circles should not exceed twenty-one times, but if you strongly want to make a larger amount of time, do not deny yourself.

Of great importance in this exercise is the coordination of breathing with movements.

Lie on your back, on the carpet. Hands stretch along the trunk, while pressing your hands together with the connected fingers tightly to the rug.

Raise your head, pressing your chin to your chest. Do not tear the pelvis off the floor, lift your legs up, keep them straight.

Raise them vertically or even further, if you can. The most important thing is not to bend your legs in your lap.

After you lower the whole body to the floor, let the muscles relax and repeat all over again.

Before performing the exercises, make a deep exhalation so that there is no air left in the lungs. While lifting your feet, take a breath, while exiting, exhale.

If you rest between repetitions, keep your breathing in about the same rhythm and at this time.

This exercise of Tibetan gymnastics for weight loss requires a clear alignment of the rhythm of breathing with movements.

Standing on your knees, place them vertically across the width of the pelvis. Place the palms under the gluteus muscles.

The chin is pressed against the chest. Tilt your head forward and upward, sticking out your chest and arching your back.

Accept the primary position, pressing the chin to the chest. Rest, if necessary, repeat again.

Initially, take a deep breath.

Bending back – inhale, in the primary position, exhale.

In all exercises, respiration has a fundamental role, since it connects physical movements with etheric force.

Sitting on the floor, stretch your legs, placing them on the width of your shoulders. Straighten the spine, place the palms on the floor, the fingers are closed, pointing forward.

The head goes down to the chest. Tilt the head back-up and lift the body forward until it assumes a horizontal position.

In this position, strain the muscles for a couple of seconds, then relax and take the original position.

First we carry out a deep exhalation. Tilting your head and rising slightly, you inhale.

At a strain, breathing should be delayed, and by sucking in a full chest.

Do not forget during the rest do not change the rhythm of breathing.

In a short time this exercise will become the simplest and favorite of all five.

In the position of the support lying flattened. The trunk rests on the palms of the hand and the cushions of the fingers.

Knees with a pelvis should not lean against the floor. Closed fingers look forward.

The palms are slightly apart from the shoulders, as are the feet. Having tipped the head back up, go to the position, so that the body looks like an acute corner, head bowed to the side to the chest.

The legs should remain straight. Hands and body are in the same plane.

Visually the body will be folded in half in the hip joints. Go back to the primary position – the emphasis lying with the deflection and all over again.

Begin the Tibetan exercises for weight loss with a full exhalation, when folding the body in half, take the deepest breath.

Returning to the starting position, make a full exhalation.

Who should not do such exercises

In addition to rapid burning of excess weight, such exercises have many beneficial effects on the body, but there are contraindications.

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You can not perform gymnastics if:

  • you have diseases associated with the spine;
  • The thyroid gland is not functioning properly and is too large;
  • there is an increased blood pressure or diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • you have a stomach ulcer.

Consult with an expert, it is possible that your case has no contraindications to such gymnastics for weight loss.

As an exception, sometimes a pass is allowed – once a week.

Good luck to you in your endeavors!

The secret of extending the youth and longevity of Tibetan monks can be learned from the video.

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And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

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