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Gymnastics Qigong for weight loss: the basis of beauty and health

It's no secret that every woman wants to be unique and desirable. In search of perfection, very often you have to experience different diets, systems and methods for weight loss.

And at the same time I want to have an effective result – health, a beautiful and fit figure, perfect skin and a wonderful mood. To succeed, you need to make enough effort.

One of the best methods for improving your body and peace of mind is the Chinese gymnastics Qigong. The basis of this gymnastics is a series of simple but very effective exercises that are not only designed to promote health and weight loss, but also for the spiritual development of the individual.

Features and benefits of gymnastics

In translation, Qigong means the management or regulation of energy. Gymnastics consists of a series of breathing exercises that regulate the energy of the human body and direct its streams to vital organs.

Qigong has no age restrictions. Perform such a complex can be at any age, without physical fitness. Gymnastic exercises are very smooth, but all muscles are involved.

The essence of the technique is that the special breathing technique contributes to the additional intake of oxygen in the tissue. This accelerates the metabolism in the body and promotes fat burning.

At first glance, very simple exercises will help restore and rejuvenate the body, strengthen immunity, lose weight, improve body shape and find psychological harmony. Particular attention in the program is given to the vertebral department.

After all, his health plays a big role. With the right approach to the technique, the spine is significantly improved.

Qigong promotes weight loss without strict and lengthy diets, and debilitating workouts in gyms. Breathing exercises, combined with a balanced and balanced diet, can give excellent results.

With systematic and exercises, without harm to health, you can get rid of 4 kg of excess weight during the month. In this case, the body will get rid of toxins and toxins, improve well-being and increase mental and physical activity.

Qigong program: nutrition and self-massage

The Qigong slimming program includes not only performing physical exercises. It is also necessary to revise one's lifestyle and diet.

If you want to seriously engage in this technique and heal your body, it is first of all to abandon bad habits, especially with regard to smoking. It will be difficult for smokers to achieve a positive result.

Eating in Qigong is based on achieving a balance that will provide the body with all the useful substances and fill with the necessary vitality. It is necessary to exclude from the diet long-term storage products (with a lot of preservatives), and food that undergoes a strong heat treatment.

It is advisable to eat food that contains a maximum of useful ingredients and does not lose their properties during cooking.

It is worth noting that vegetables and fruits are best consumed during their season, for your region. Since the vitamins contained in them are in sufficient quantities only during seasonal and natural maturation.

Do not eat strawberries and grapes in winter. This, at best, will not do any good, and at worst – can cause poisoning.

The main components of the right diet should be vegetables and fruits, cereals, milk and sour-milk products, as well as meat. Even in Chinese techniques, there is a concept of the balance of the five main flavors: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and spicy.

The right food is considered the use of products with different tastes in equal proportions:

But they must be useful and contain useful substances. It can be: sweet berries or fruits (banana, melon, watermelon), dried fruits (dried apricots, dates, prunes), nuts, and especially honey.

  • Bitter products can act differently on the body. They give a cooling effect and can reduce the energy flow.

    But they can also act like a laxative. Chicory, black chocolate, celery, salad, broccoli – belong to products with a bitter taste.

    1. Acid Products act as an astringent. They include: almost all the fruits (lime, lemon, pineapple, currant, grapefruit, kiwi, currant and others), as well as sour-milk products, cheeses, olives.
    2. Salted. Their action in the right amount is necessary to improve the water balance in the body.

    Useful products are, in the first place, varieties of seafood: sardines, herring, shrimp, mussels, crabs and so on.

  • Sharp. Such products contribute to the enhancement of energy flows and improve the circulation process.

    To spicy are all kinds of seasonings, turnips, cabbage, onions.

  • The principle of self-massage Qigong differs from the more famous types of massage. Its system is based, first of all, on the breathing and concentration of one's own sensations occurring in the body.

    To begin the self-massage, you need to get rid of all extraneous thoughts, focus on your feelings and relax.

    Massage is performed in the pose of the pharaoh. To do this, it is necessary to sit on the floor, the legs are comfortable to bend in the knees and cross (the right leg should be on the bottom, and the left one at the top).

    Brushes of hands to connect in the lock. In this position, you need to spend a few minutes, concentrate and calm your breathing.

    Keep your back straight, make 3-4 a deep breath and exhale, and proceed with the massage.

    Each exercise is performed 36 times.

    1. Warming of the palms. The palms are firmly pressed against each other and begin to rub, increasing activity.

    You should feel a strong heat in the palms of your hands.

  • Exercises for the eyes. My eyes are closed. Warm palms touch the eyes and hold 10 seconds.

    Repeat the procedure 3 times, pre-warming your palms. Next, with your fingers, make light circular movements around the eyes in the right, then on the left side (36 times).

    Then with the back side of the palms perform massage movements from the nose to the temples (36 times).

  • Face massage. Warm palms make a gentle stroking of the face from the forehead to the chin (36 times).

    Next, make light claps all over your face and finish with massage circular motions.

  • Nape and neck. Hand connect the back, in the neck.

    Slow and smooth movements rub the back of the neck and neck. First, from top to bottom, then left to right.

    Run on 36 times.

  • Head massage. With your fingertips perform light tapping.

    It is necessary to start from the forehead, gradually passing to the crown and the occiput. Finish on the temples.

  • The thoracic area. Cross your arms over your chest, and with your palms perform circular movements until a warm and pleasant sensation appears in the thoracic area.

    Make 36 times in the right side, then as many in the left.

  • Massage of the abdomen. It is better to lie on the floor, bending your knees.

    The palms are placed on top of each other and circulate in a clockwise direction in the intestine until you feel the heat.

  • The lumbar department. Performed standing or sitting on a chair.

    Palms to close behind and do rubbing movements along the spine from top to bottom, and then to the sides.

  • Foot massage. Take a comfortable position and massage with the palm of your right foot, then left.

    Massage should be done with gentle pressure.

  • It is worth noting that the result of such a massage will only be with a systematic and regular approach.

    Perform exercises of gymnastics Qigong will help the video.

    There are many developed breathing exercises for weight loss Qigong. For beginners, you can try a simple complex.

    Everyone will be able to fulfill it. Complex takes only 15 minutes.

    Exercises are performed standing, according to 3-5 times each.

      1. Relax, place your hands in the lower abdomen and take a deep breath, while the stomach is slightly inflated. Then, with a slow exhalation, try to strongly involve the abdomen.
      2. Hands at shoulder level, slightly bent at the elbows. Taking a deep breath, spread your arms wide so that the shoulder blades are as close as possible, and the thorax opens, while the head is directed upwards.

      While exhaling, round the back, trying to reach the chin with your chin, then take the original pose.

    1. Hands spread apart, approximately at shoulder level, palms turned down, fingers slightly spread out. Take a deep breath, smoothly move the head to the left, then back and forth.

      Repeat the exercise on the right side.

    2. Place your hands in front of you, palms up. Make light strokes with your wrists against each other.

      1. Hands stretched forward. Gently bend them around, while pointing your palms up.

      The thorax should open well. Then rise to the original position.

    3. Hands slightly bend at the elbows and position in front of him, imagine that you are holding a small ball, your eyes are closed. Standing in this position, try to feel the energy that was formed between the hands.

      Next, when you inhale slowly draw your hands, and when you exhale – dilute.

    4. The next exercise is to direct the received energy to the whole body. For this it is necessary to raise your hands to the top with deep inspiration slowly through the sides.

      On exhalation smoothly lower them in front of the face.

    5. In conclusion, repeat the first exercise.

    Selecting only 15-20 minutes per day, you will dramatically improve your health and will have an excellent physical shape.

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