Harm from running. How to run correctly and not hurt yourself

Nutritionists and fitness instructors argue that running is the best assistant for those who struggle with excess weight. To be more precise, the best tool is easy jogging with an optimal load in the fresh air at the right time. You need to do everything right, so as not to get health problems instead of a tight figure.

It is best to run in the evenings: this run is most effective, as the maximum calories are burnt, because the body has already been prepared for the day by the usual loads and heated. Especially beneficial for you will be abstinence from eating after jogging. Lie down to sleep, feeling lightly hungry, and you will reach two goals at once: on the morning of the next day you will notice how much more your tummy will be tightened, and besides, a strong desire to have breakfast will be a signal for you that the body is reconstructed into a measured and healthy schedule. If you continue to observe this routine, then gradually get rid of morning lack of appetite and bouts of hunger before bed.

In the evening, you do not face overheating from the sun. Active physical activity has the ability to significantly increase the pulse and pressure. Running under the sun instead of good can do more harm, especially if you are prone to hypertension. Evening loads can be replaced by the morning run, but only if it is more convenient for you. In no case should you force yourself to run through the power, if you have not quite woken up yet. Running should be fun, then only it will be effective and healthy. Thus, taking into account the peaks of activity, morning jogs will more arrange "larks", and evening ones will suit "owls".

It is absolutely unacceptable to replace "street" running with "home". It happens that people are embarrassed at once to go out on street jogs and decide first to lose weight a little, trailing on the spot in front of the TV. Such employment is extremely useless, and moreover – it is harmful, as doctors say. This kind of exercise was called "lazy" running. In this case, you can not even say that you are running, because running in place does not create a forward movement. But your joints are under tremendous strain, and this is very harmful to health. Running on the spot provokes a drawing pain in the calf muscles. Incorrect weight distribution leads to microfractures of muscle tissue due to the fact that the fibers abruptly stretch and contract in uncharacteristic places. With healthy walking and running, the muscles work differently.

Especially the wrong and most harmful run is a run at which the knees rise high. Such an exercise was widely practiced by physical education teachers in the school, but according to modern fitness instructors, this type of running is the most traumatic. To the highest extent this statement is true for older people, as well as for those who have varicose manifestations or a tendency to it. It is better for people in these categories to give up such loads altogether.

In conclusion, it can be said that only full-fledged "street" running, due to its dynamism, contributes to burning the required number of calories. If you can not run at all on the street, try practicing on an exercise bike or a treadmill. A good alternative would be a rope familiar from childhood. You can also attend aerobics classes. All this will most adequately replace your active jogging.

Good evening. Is it possible to run in winter, and if so, to what temperature? Thank you

it is possible, if it is warm to dress

To minus 20 without problems. The main thing is to use modern sportswear that well retracts moisture (c / b categorically do not recommend that there is everything strictly opposite). I, for example, run in 2 fliska + on the naked body running t-shirt (the one with a mesh) to drain moisture from the body. In this case, your body will always be dry and you will not sub-cool. Strong wrapping on the contrary provokes overheating of the body when running and provokes a risk of supercooling TC. the whole body will be wet.

What would you advise the female sex about running, so as not to lose weight in the chest? I run in the morning and feel a decrease in the volume, and I can not give up jogging, but I do not appreciate breast reduction. Thank you in advance for your reply!

Breast reduction is often a consequence of losing weight. To avoid this, perform regular exercises to strengthen the pectoral muscles, for example push-ups or dumbbell presses. They will help visually to give more volume.

I love this site

Thank you for your knowledge 🙂 they help me to train hard 🙂

Yes, that's exactly how I do it. In the morning I jump on the rope, and in the evening I run 5 km and at the same time observe the diet all day. A week has passed and I already see improvements.


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