Hemorrhoids diet . What you can eat. Foods to avoid

Coping with such a delicate disease as hemorrhoids, without dieting is almost impossible. Competently composed food ration not only provides the person with all the necessary elements of nutrition, but also helps in eliminating pain manifestations and unpleasant sensations in hemorrhoids.

The diet menu on 2-3 day with exacerbation of hemorrhoids

  • Breakfast: protein omelet, tea.
  • The second breakfast: mucous rice porridge with a teaspoon of oil, water.
  • Lunch: skimmed meat broth, medium strength, 2 breadcrumbs, boiled meat of a calf or chicken, water boiled in a blender.

Afternoon snack: 1 rusk and black tea without sugar.

  • Supper: mucous rice porridge, boiled meat, passed through a meat grinder, water.
  • The diet for acute hemorrhoids differs from the diet of patients who are in remission. During the period of exacerbation, the maintenance of a slag-free diet that holds the intestines and restrains the stool is required. Thus, additional irritation of the hemorrhoids is prevented.

    Drinking at the same time should be abundant.

    Diet after the operation to remove hemorrhoids, menus

    • the first day – hunger and intensified drinking regime (2-2,5 l clean water per day);
    • 2-3 a day rubbed soups from vegetables, except for forbidden (see table);
    • 4-5 day extension of the diet due to cereals (preference is given to oats and buckwheat cooked on water) and kefir;
    • further on the menu add protein food – boiled mashed meat and fish, eggs, dairy products (wiped cottage cheese, milk);
    • from the second week for a dessert served apple noticed;
    • the diet is gradually expanded by adding the minimum portions of new products from the authorized list;
    • in the first month should refrain from vegetables containing coarse fiber, causing flatulence;
    • Inadmissible use of alcohol, coffee, cocoa, strong tea, any fried, salty, spicy, spicy, smoked, pickled and mushroom dishes.

    Diet for hemorrhoids, a menu for every day

    Based on the given food options, if desired, everyone can make a menu for a week. If you have any doubts about the possibility of using these or other products, ask your doctor or an experienced nutritionist for advice.

    • Breakfast: steam omelet from eggs and whole milk, boiled buckwheat, chamomile tea with lime honey.
    • Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese with banana puree.
    • Lunch: vegetarian soup with sour cream, salad of cucumber, tomato, bell pepper and leafy greens, dressed with olive oil, dumplings from chicken, compote of prunes.
    • Afternoon snack: homemade cookies from oat flakes with bran, a glass of bio-fermented.
    • Dinner: fillets of pollock, steamed, stewed in milk cauliflower, toast from whole grain bread, a drink from chicory.
    • Late supper: a glass of yogurt with probiotics.
    • Breakfast: steam cheese rolls with bran, slice of unleavened bread with a piece of low-fat cheese, tea mate with lemon.
    • Lunch: baked apple, a glass of carrot-plum juice.
    • Lunch: vermicelli with turkey broth, baked in mackerel foil with lemon juice and herbs, vinaigrette dressed with corn oil, apple-pear dried compote.
    • Snack: jelly from berries, half of grapefruit, a glass of natural yogurt.
    • Dinner: cabbage cabbage cabbage stuffed with pearl barley and chicken minced meat, karkade tea.
    • Late supper: a glass of drink to Narine.

    Do not self-medicate! At the first signs of trouble in the rectum, consult a therapist and proctologist for advice. Adequate therapy in the early stages of hemorrhoids and compliance with the diet can achieve persistent remission for years to come.


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