Hemorrhoids menu for every day

Hemorrhoids are, in fact, an expansion of the vessels of the rectum, characterized by bleeding from the anal opening and unpleasant sensations, as well as pain in the rectum. Hemorrhoids can occur for the following reasons: a sedentary lifestyle, chronic constipation, pregnancy, alcohol abuse, a lack of vitamins in the body, excessive attempts at bowel emptying.

The purpose is to stimulate the motor function of the intestines by including mechanical, thermal and chemical stimuli in the diet. In the meantime, this is a full-value diet with a chemical composition, including products rich in coarse plant fiber and stimulating peristalsis of the intestines. Energy value per day 2900-3600 kcal. Chemical composition: proteins – 100-120 g (50-60% of animals), fats – 100-120 g (20-30% vegetable), carbohydrates -400-500 g, sodium chloride – 12-15. The liquid is not limited. Culinary processing of products can be varied, without restrictions. Eating 4 times a day.

Recommended foods and dishes:

  1. Bread and flour products: rye bread, whole wheat flour, doctoral, “Health”, barvikhinsky.
  2. Meat and poultry: different, better wiry, with a piece; a bird with skin; dishes from offal, jelly, sausages, sausages, sausages, ham.
  3. Fish: low-fat various preparations, herring, smoked, sprats, sardines in oil, fish caviar.
  4. Eggs: hard boiled, fried eggs.
  5. Dairy products: one-day lactic acid drinks, cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese.
  6. Fats: creamy, melted, vegetable oil, lard.
  7. Cereals, pasta and legumes: pearl barley, buckwheat (yadritsa), millet, barley in the form of crumbly cereals, legumes.
  8. Vegetables: any, especially beets, cabbage, radish, cucumbers, sea kale in the form of caviar, salads, vinaigrettes with vegetable oil, in canned form.
  9. Soups: vegetable, fruit, legumes, beetroot, okroshka, borsch, soup in a cool form.
  10. Fruits, sweet dishes and sweets: fruits and berries in raw form (except for excluded), dried fruits (especially prunes), compotes, jellies, apples baked, ice cream, jam, honey, syrups.
  11. Sauces and spices are different.
  12. Drinks: vegetable and fruit juices (especially beet, carrot, apricot), kvass, weak tea and coffee, carbonated drinks in a cold form.

The following products are excluded from the diet.

  1. Cereals: rice, oatmeal, semolina, pasta, sago.
  2. Soups: mucous soups.
  3. Berries and fruits: blueberries, quince, pomegranate, dogwood, cowberry, pears, jelly, chocolate.

Diet for hemorrhoids, a menu for every day

1-th breakfast: salad of fresh cabbage and apples with sour cream (150 g), string beans with egg, fried in vegetable oil (260 g), oatmeal porridge (280 g), tea with milk (180 g).

2-th breakfast: fresh apples (100 g).

Lunch: vegetable soup with vegetable oil (400 g), boiled meat (55 g), beets stewed (180 g), lemon lemon (125 g).

Afternoon snack: prunes soaked (50 g).

Supper: Vegetable cabbage rolls with vegetable oil (200 g), raspberries from buckwheat groats with cottage cheese (200 g), tea (180 g).

At night: kefir (180 g).

For the whole day: bread rye bran (150 g), wheat bread (200 g), butter (10 g), sugar (40 g).

Diet during the exacerbation of hemorrhoids:

The acute course of the disease requires bed rest and adjustment of the diet. The slag-free diet will allow to hold the stool and thereby prevent irritation of the hemorrhoids.

During this period 2-3 day the basis of the ration is the following dishes and products – meat broth,

– mucous rice porridge, boiled on water and sprinkled with a small piece of butter,

– boiled meat, rolled through a meat grinder,

– white rusks (3-4 pcs per day),

It is very important to provide the patient with a copious drink. It includes:

– slightly sweetened tea – 4-6 glasses,

– infusion of hay (yarrow, buckthorn, coriander, licorice) – 1 glass for the night,

Diet for chronic hemorrhoids:

This diet is designed to protect the body from acute and salty foods, as well as from products that provoke constipation or diarrhea (both of which exacerbate the symptoms of the disease). It is worth remembering that hemorrhoids require individual adjustment of the diet – accurate advice can only be given by the attending physician. However, there are general requirements.

To avoid constipation, you should not excessively get carried away with protein foods of animal origin. This includes such products as: meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs.

To avoid deterioration of the state, it is necessary to exclude from the diet: muffins and sweets, salty and spicy food, alcoholic beverages.

A small number of low-alcohol beverages such as wine, cider, cocktails are allowed. In food, you can add fresh herbs (basil, dill, parsley, coriander). It is necessary to exclude laxatives, but if the constipation still happens, then include products that have a laxative effect (prunes and dried apricots).

With a tendency to frequent diarrhea it is extremely important to identify their cause and only then to adjust the diet.

With a strong gas generation, you will additionally refuse such products as: peas, beans, rye bread, white cabbage. Should be approached individually and exclude products that cause this reaction in a particular patient.

You need 120 g of lentils, 40 g flour, 60 g vegetable oil, 20 g onion, South garlic, bay leaf, salt, pepper, vinegar, 200 g milk.

Wash lentil washed in cold water for a day, then cook until ready, adding pepper, bay leaf, fry onion in vegetable oil. Then add the flour and milk to the toasted onion and mix it, boil a little.

The resulting sauce to combine with soup of lentils, having previously removed the spices and once again bring to a boil, you can add onions and garlic, rubbed with salt.

Soup from sauerkraut

You need 240 g of sauerkraut, 80 g of potatoes, 40 g fat, 40 g onion, sweet ground pepper, garlic, 40 g flour, 200 g sour cream.

Onions are fried on fat, adding flour and sweet pepper. All this is diluted with water and boiled. Cabbage and potatoes are finely chopped and sent to the soup, brought to a boil, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, add the sour cream to the ready soup.

You need 60 g of broccoli, 60 g carrots, 20 g soy, 60 g corn, 20 grams of rice and leeks, vegetable oil, lemon juice, salt.

Cabbage and carrots are cooked a little and finely chopped. Add the corn, soy, boiled rice, leeks, cut into slices. Salad dress with vegetable oil and salt.

It is necessary for 300 g white cabbage and red cabbage, 40 g onion, 30 g of vegetable oil, salt, wine vinegar, 20 g mustard.

Shred cabbage, add salt, mix. Covering the lid, leave in a dark place for several hours. Then the vegetable oil, mustard and vinegar are mixed. Onion is peeled and cut into slices. All this is mixed with cabbage. Instead of mustard, you can use dill with kefir or grated garlic.

It is necessary for 150 g of bananas, oranges, apples, pineapples, 8 st. spoons of sugar syrup, lemon juice.

Peeled fruit cut into small slices pour lemon juice and syrup, all mix and for a while stand the salad in the cold.

You need 240 g fish in tomato sauce, 40 g margarine, 40 g beans, garlic.

Remove the bones from the fish, chop the fillets. Garlic is ground with margarine and salt until the foam is formed. Beans boil and grind, mix all the ingredients. Pate is ready.

Cut the meat cuttings several times through a meat grinder. Pour water (the amount of water should exceed the amount of minced meat several times), and bring to a boil over a small fire, otherwise the meat will become stiff. After this, cover it, and leave to cook for 3 hours. For 15 minutes until ready to add greens and salt to taste (in any case do not add pepper). After cooking, usually leave to cool, and then clean in the refrigerator.

Any kind of muesli – it can be muesli with nuts, chocolate, honey, fruit. You can fill them with milk or yogurt, or kefir.

You need 500 g of potatoes, 20 g bran, 2 eggs, salt, 20 g garlic.

Peeled potatoes are rubbed on a grater, garlic, bran, beaten eggs are added. Bake in a frying pan in vegetable oil.

It is necessary 300 g veal, 20 g vegetable oil, 120 g peas, 40 g flour and salt.

Meat is cut into strips. From the oil, flour, water and salt, a sauce is prepared, which is poured into meat and stewed on low heat until cooked. After a while, add peas.

You need 200 g beef, 20 g peas, 40 g carrots, 20 g frozen green beans, 20 g flour and vegetable oil, salt.

Meat cut into cubes and fry in oil with the addition of water, salt to taste. Then add the carrots, cut into cubes, and stew. Then add the beans and peas. Dress with sauce from flour and vegetable oil. The mixture is cooked until ready.

You need 180 g of meat, 20 g of vegetable oil, 40 g onion, garlic, 1 st. spoon oat flakes, 2 eggs, 400 g cabbage, 80 g vegetable fat, salt, pepper, breadcrumbs.

Meat pass through a meat grinder, fry in vegetable oil with onion and oat flakes. Cabbage boil in salted water, knead and mix with meat. Then add garlic, pepper, salt to taste, pour the egg into the resulting mass and mix. Form the cutlets to roll in breadcrumbs and fry.

Porridge from constipation

You need 2 art. spoons of coarse crushed grain, wheat, barley, oatmeal (all the same what cereals, but it is better to still alternate), 2 st. spoons of whole flax seeds, 2 st. spoons of crushed nuts (any, just not peanuts), 2 st. spoons of finely chopped dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, figs).

All the above ingredients put in a pan, mix thoroughly, pour water and leave to stand overnight. In the morning, add any yogurt, yogurt or ordinary yogurt to the resulting cereal. Then the porridge can be served to the table. It is not recommended to drink fruit juices and eat fresh fruit, otherwise there will be fermentation and flatulence in the stomach.

If you have breakfast for breakfast, cooked according to this recipe, after 2-3 days, get rid of any constipation.

Potato pie with apples

You need 400 g of potatoes, 250 g of flour, 40 g margarine, 60 g of sugar, salt, 200 g of apples, 80 g of nuts, 20 g of raisins, cinnamon, lemon juice, powdered sugar.

After boiling the potatoes in the peel, it is peeled and grated, on the tip of the knife salt and sugar and flour are added. After mixing, the mixture is spread on a greased baking sheet (only half of the mixture is used). Top is put on the filling: apples are rubbed on a large grater, mixed with nuts and raisins, adding cinnamon and lemon juice, the mixture is laid out on the potato basis. The second part of the mixture will serve as the top layer of the pie. The cake is sprinkled with sugar powder and greased with vegetable oil. Bake in a preheated oven for X minutes.

Macaroni with nuts

You need 200 g pasta, according to 100 g walnuts and hazelnuts, vegetable oil.

Cook the pasta until cooked. Shred the nuts into large pieces. Macaroni is served with nuts and sugar syrup, adding a little vegetable oil.

According to the book by Yu. Konstantinov “We treat hemorrhoids with folk methods.”


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